May 23, 2022

Durham blasts attempt to get ex-Clinton lawyer’s case dismissed

Special counsel John Durham blasted former Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann’s attempt to dismiss the case against him, calling it absurd.

Sussman was indicted in 2021 regarding his role in an attempt to show former President Donald Trump was involved in a Russian bank.

“Far from finding himself in the vulnerable position of an ordinary person whose speech is likely to be chilled, the defendant — a sophisticated and well-connected lawyer — chose to bring politically-charged allegations to the FBI’s chief legal officer at the height of an election season,” Durham wrote.

“He then chose to lie about the clients who were behind those allegations. Using such rare access to the halls of power for the purposes of political deceit is hardly the type of speech that the Founders intended to protect. The Court should therefore reject defendant’s invitation to expand the scope of the First Amendment to protect such conduct,” he added.

Instead of dismissing the case, Durham continues to move forward on the indictment at the same time rumors circulate that Hillary Clinton could launch another presidential campaign for 2024.

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