October 2, 2022

WATCH: Dr. Fauci flips on coronavirus outlook — Again

White House infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has urged caution about reopening for weeks due to fears of a second wave of coronavirus.

Now, Fauci is walking back those comments, saying on Wednesday that a second wave in the Fall is no longer an “inevitability.”

Fauci told CNN’s Jim Sciutto on Wednesday:

We often talk about the possibility of a second wave, or of an outbreak when you’re reopening. We don’t have to accept that as an inevitability. When people start thinking about the fall, I want people to really appreciate that it could happen, but it is not inevitable.

The controversial presidential adviser said that if the nation continues on the trajectory already set by state and local governments, “we can prevent this second wave that we’re talking about.”

Fauci’s messaging has been remarkably inconsistent in recent weeks. As many states began the reopening process in late April, Fauci warned that “It’s inevitable that the coronavirus will return next season.”

Fauci also recently modified his support for extreme and extended lockdowns, saying last week that staying closed for too long could cause “irreparable damage.”

Watch Fauci’s full remarks here:


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