May 20, 2022

Dr. Fauci attacked for nonsensical stance on mask-wearing after vaccination

White House infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci has been dismissed as no longer “useful” by Conservative commentator Ben Domenech after his bizarre recommendation that Americans should continue to wear masks after being vaccinated for COVID-19.

The report responded to the confrontation between Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Fauci during a Senate hearing on Thursday. Paul accused Fauci of “theater” for wearing two masks despite being vaccinated.

Fauci responded by citing risks to those who have not been vaccinated and the spread of new and future variants that could be resistant to current vaccines.

“Dr. Fauci is someone who has worked very hard for the American people,” Domenech said.

He is in many ways someone that we all should respect, but I think that the fact is that he is someone as a messenger who has outlived his usefulness to both administrations, this one and the previous one because of his inconsistencyies and because I think people see through this kind of theater that Rand Paul was criticizing.

If you have gone through this whole procedure in order to get the shots, nothing about your life is going to change under our guidelines. That’s the opposite of the message we ought to be sending. And it is the opposite of the message politicians ought to be sending.

The conflict highlights the growing frustrations with changing health information. Many Americans believed they would be able to live mask free after being vaccinated, but Fauci has now noted he does not believe this is the case.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) warn, “Though the risk of disease may be minimal to the fully vaccinated person themselves, they should be mindful of their potential risk of transmitting the virus to others.”

The nation will continue to face frustrations as health policies shift during the pandemic. But Rand is right; much of Fauci’s current activity is merely theater.

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porterv (@guest_1179894)
1 year ago

Never trust a bureaucrat!

RB (@guest_1180182)
Reply to  porterv
1 year ago

Senator Paul lives in a false reality,did he not get beat up by an elderly neighbor for his nonsense

DonRS (@guest_1181025)
Reply to  RB
1 year ago

Sen. Paul isn’t the issue. The consummate Government Medical Establishment BUREAUCRAT, who can’t get his story or facts straight, Dr. Fauchi, IS!

If the vaccine doesn’t do anything to protect the recipient or those around them, what was the purpose?
– Is there or is there not HERD IMMUNITY?
– Do the vaccines innoculate against Covid-19, or NOT?
– Is there science that justifies wearing masks – before the being inoculated, or after?
– If there is any science that supports continues wearing of masks, SHOW IT!

In other words, SUPPORT ANY DIRECTIVE with the SCIENCE indicates the value of the DIRECTIVE, rather than simply doing so because an unelected, government BUREAUCRAT SAYS TO DO SO!

The CDC, Dr. Fauchi and the rest of the gaggle of Government Medical Establishment Bureaucrats have destroyed any credibility they might once have been attributed as having!

Susan Staley (@guest_1179902)
1 year ago

Fausi lies

moon (@guest_1180043)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago

hehehehehe what an idiot fauci

Susan Staley (@guest_1179905)
1 year ago

President Reagan said beware of this. “ I’m from the government, I’m here to help” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Melly. (@guest_1180045)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago

Oh, YES… I remember that. EVERYONE should. That should be plastered everywhere.
I also think that P’s attack on Iowa’s legitimate election should be plastered everywhere so everyone can see the House at work.

Susan Staley (@guest_1179909)
1 year ago

Pelosi’s life is a failed life. Now she’s 80 so she wants to go out destroying America. Great goal huh.

robert adams (@guest_1179929)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago

Pelosi wants to be president. Biden is on his way out. That puts Harris in the drivers seat and Pelosi has two impeachment she practiced with. Game on!

grinnie (@guest_1179939)
Reply to  robert adams
1 year ago

Robert, and you can bet that THAT impeachment will get done a LOT faster than the one they pulled/planned for Pres. Trump!

Stephen Russell (@guest_1179925)
1 year ago

Has been useless day 1 on then Trumps Task Force to date
Never uses data to explain numbers etc.
No science, ALL politics day 1
& he guides policy
& moves goalposts on masks & lockdowns
Fire HIM
Too wishy washy

robert adams (@guest_1179933)
1 year ago

Fauci is only lying to keep the Democrats in power. The Democrats will do ANYTHING. They are treating the people like mushrooms -keep them in the dark and feed them sh**.

David (@guest_1180828)
Reply to  robert adams
1 year ago

Fauchie is a morron ,hasn’t got a clue and says whatever the left wants. He will say what ever he needs to in order to remain in the spotlight .

Susan Staley (@guest_1179937)
1 year ago

400 Bad Request

Request Header Or Cookie Too Large
nginx/1.17.8…… I have 113 of these, I send them to Judicial Watch.

Melly. (@guest_1180047)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago

Yay!! I like what you do with JW!

RT (@guest_1179942)
1 year ago

Fauci is a complete idiot, just like his boss. He has run out of excuses to why we should be locked down, mask wearing and social distancing, so he keeps coming up with new one that aren’t true at all. All the demos should be put on a deserted island, given a knive and fork and see who survives. I am fed up with all the bs.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1179943)
1 year ago

Fakey Fauci belongs in the same cage with the demonrats in Congress and the leaders of the military who are just as anti-American and in favor of turning America into a communist nation.

Susan Staley (@guest_1179950)
1 year ago

400 Bad Request

Request Header Or Cookie Too Large
nginx/1.17.8……..116 now, all sent to Judicial Watch. I print them and send by mail. Your interference with the first Amendment is not legal big tech, big jerks, big money, which means nothing.

Edwin Buck (@guest_1179996)
1 year ago

I’ve been saying right from the beginning that this man was a fraud, Eventually even the dumbest American will realize this

June Garris (@guest_1179997)
1 year ago

Fauci has stock in this pandemic and if course he is going to keep it going. He is a rich fool. People are taking this vaccine so they can do away with the mask and distancing. If we cant then why get the vaccine. You already shut the friggin country down and now letting infected illegals in and releasing them sick. All of you are rich idiot fools.

Susan Staley (@guest_1180001)
1 year ago

Fausi huh? The virus is a hoax

Susan Staley (@guest_1180002)
1 year ago

Fausi wears 42 masks. The virus is a hoax, old communist trick.
Masks don’t work.

Susan Staley (@guest_1180007)
1 year ago

With a mask you breath your own breath you think, NOPE the fibers are not small enough so your breathing everyone else’s air also that go through the small openings in the fibers in your own mask. Open air and even inside just does not cause anything. Now if you are sick with the flu, do you sleep next to your spouse. NO you try to stay away from the family. Most of the time it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. Cut it out Fausi. French kiss with someone who has the flu or COVID-19, yep, you might get it. If you have a strong immune system, you may get lucky. Come on people, think.

Melly. (@guest_1180055)
Reply to  Susan Staley
1 year ago

I REALLY LIKE this comment. I’ve never keyed-into Fauci because his statements never made sense and he changed them so often. I’d say he’s about useless, now. He’s combined wolf too many times. (Oh, BTW, I can’t see him and a French kiss 😝.)

Sharon (@guest_1180139)
1 year ago

As I scratch my head and wonder…….HMMM ….. IF I DON’T HAVE THE DISEASE….THEN HOW THE HELL CAN I TRANSMIT IT??????

Jesse (@guest_1180232)
1 year ago

Falsie Fauci will do and say anything to keep his annual $400,000+ paychecks coming. He’s the highest paid fraud in our country.

An American Citizen (@guest_1180281)
1 year ago

I haven’t done anything but claim fauci is a FOOL from day one!. No mask, no vaccine and NOT WORRIED ABOUT IT! You can’t infect someone with something YOU DON’T HAVE! Supposedly you won’t get infected if you take the magic shots that are STILL EXPERIMENTAL. If that’s the case, then OBVIOUSLY you can NOT infect ANYONE ELSE! THAT’S FACT! Unlike fauci’s FICTION.

Randy Race (@guest_1180640)
1 year ago

the wicked shall be cast into HELL and all the nations that forget GOD!

Javiernop (@guest_1246262)
1 year ago

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Javiernop (@guest_1252895)
1 year ago

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