August 12, 2022

Dozens of House Republicans vow to challenge electors

In an interview on Fox News, Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AK) said that dozens of GOP House members would sponsor and co-sponsor challenges to electoral college votes in Congress’s January 6th joint session. Brooks said:

There are dozens in the House of Representatives who have reached that conclusion, as I have; we’re going to sponsor and co-sponsor objections to the Electoral College vote returns.

According to the US Constitution, both the Senate and the House must meet to hear the Senate’s president, Vice President Mike Pence, count the electoral college votes and declare the winner of the presidential election. During the process, the Constitution allows House and Senate members to register objections. If one Senator and one House member join in objecting, the Senate and House convene to debate the objections in their own chambers.

Republican House members plan to object to the battleground states’ electoral votes, including Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada, where many election irregularities and fraud occurred.

While dozens of GOP House members may be willing to object, no GOP Senators have confirmed that they will join the effort. Brooks explained:

“The real issue is whether we have any senators who have done their homework and have studied what has transpired … that there has been massive voter fraud and election theft unlike anything we have seen in American history.

Newly elected Sens. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) and Rand Paul (R-KY) have suggested that they might join but have not committed yet. Without a Senate sponsor, the objections of the House members are impotent.

As Trump supporters are being asked to put all their effort and time into keeping the Senate in Republican hands, Senate Majority Mitch McConnell and at least 45 other Senate Republicans don’t seem willing to lift a finger to fight for the integrity of US elections. President Trump has called on them to fight like Democrats for the presidency, but so far, crickets.

Senate Republicans risk a backlash in 2022 if they don’t stand up for the president and his supporters. While the Senate GOP fails to provide leadership in this contested election, House GOP members are ready to fight for President Trump and the 73 million people or more that voted for him.

Update: Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) has confirmed that he will join House GOP members in objecting on Jan. 6th.


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ee (@guest_1095376)
1 year ago

Yeah……someone with backbone…………… if a few others could grow some backbone and quit being led around by the nose……………….

Barney Urgelowich (@guest_1095393)
Reply to  ee
1 year ago

The rest of the Republicans need to back Trump up if not you will be the ones we will be voting out

Political Observer (@guest_1095720)
Reply to  Barney Urgelowich
1 year ago

Wrote to both our Senators and our Rep. demanding they challenge the vote on Jan. 6. Both Sen’s. replied with some gobblydegook non answer. One said something about writing a new law addressing election fraud, they other was totally useless. Responded to them both. A new law is not the answer – merely locking the barn door after the cattle escaped and would need to be enforced. Told them both, neither had responded to our demand to support OUR PRESIDENT. Reminded them that FL had gone heavily for PRESIDENT Trump and if they don’t support OUR PRESIDENT on Wed., 1/6/2021, come election time, we’ll remember.

DD (@guest_1095406)
Reply to  ee
1 year ago

I’m with you ee, 1000%. Its either change the electoral vote in Congress or Revolution sometime in the next 4 years, because we are fed up with the LYING CLINTONS, THE CORRUPT FEDERAL BUREAU OF INCOMPETENCE, the CIA, CNN,MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Silicone Valley, SOROS, Hollywood, and the rest of them. And you know what will happen with Hunter, Joe Biden, the Epstein case and the Durham investigation, they will all be closed down and forgotten by the Demwitts!

Michael Johnson (@guest_1095407)
Reply to  DD
1 year ago

No. Nancy will squeeze joey to resign or have hunter investigated.
Step forward. Kamala
The 25th as a cover ??

Stephen McElroy (@guest_1095509)
Reply to  Michael Johnson
1 year ago

Yep then she will appoint Killery as the veep

Richard Lockwood (@guest_1095680)
Reply to  Stephen McElroy
1 year ago

No that is not what the witch Pelosi wants when they get rid of Biden, then Harris steps in then Pelosi does the same thing to her and then Pelosi becomes President, that is what she wants.

OrLynn kouba (@guest_1095408)
Reply to  DD
1 year ago

I agree

Joanne Hefner (@guest_1095425)
Reply to  DD
1 year ago

I totally agree!!!!!!!!

DWB (@guest_1095429)
Reply to  DD
1 year ago

DD, I agree with you and feel te Repubs need to get their heads out of their rear and support the people that elected them. Our great country is in a downward spiral to be lost to corruption if not turned around soon from democommie people in control like the clintons, pelosi, shumer, ect.

Robert W (@guest_1095420)
Reply to  ee
1 year ago

You got that right!!

Joseph C. Moore (USN Ret) (@guest_1095378)
1 year ago

Fully agree with this comment, but please, do not use the word “transpired” to mean “occurred”. These words have separate meanings. Occurred is what has happened, while transpired is what has been related by a third party. Transpired may or may not be exactly what has occurred.

Pogo Possum (@guest_1095380)
1 year ago

So many of the Senate Republicans are eating river-grass as they are becoming “RINOs”. Don’t they know that if the Electoral and GA votes don’t go Republican, they will loose all their plush committee assignments and may as well stay in the Senate dinning room playing cards as their votes won’t mean squat.
From the Gum Tree,
The Ole Possum

Kaye (@guest_1095381)
1 year ago

Thank you Senator Hawley! Why can’t the Republicans stand behind WE THE PEOPLE? Isn’t that why they are in office in the first place , to act for the will of the people? If they don’t , they will not have another term come election time for their seats!! Think about that! I am praying!! God please help us keep our country!!

mhk (@guest_1095394)
Reply to  Kaye
1 year ago

AMEN. Thank you Senator Hawley for having a pair.

BOBBY ~!~ (@guest_1095397)
Reply to  Kaye
1 year ago

Kaye, You said all this right. New Pole says AMERICANS AGREE WITH YOU, 98% Now want all Republicans to ban Together . All we have left is two options. One On JAN 6 2021 And The other last one is The INSURRECTION ACT OF 1807. President Trump’s Generals want him to Do This Last one “IF” Needed. Please Pray FOR THE USA.

Putts42 (@guest_1095484)
Reply to  BOBBY ~!~
1 year ago

Yes, start joining WE THE PEOPLE.

Eva Davis (@guest_1095383)
1 year ago

Congressmen like McConnell and others won’t fight against this fraud because they probably used the same voting machines programmed to cheat in their last election in order to win especially McConnell he was supposed to lose….

Pollty (@guest_1095384)
1 year ago

Time Republicans get some guts.I hope they also get the death of the new congressman investigated .Remember Judge Scalia?.I still Do not believe he died the way they reported it

Ros (@guest_1095385)
1 year ago

Time for the republicans to grow a spine!!! Or they will never be elected again.

MSGT JOHN CORREA (@guest_1095398)
Reply to  Ros
1 year ago

Republicans need to get on the “offensive” and put the Godless Democratic Party on the defensive!


Gary (@guest_1095386)
1 year ago

I agree, WE THE PEOPLE VOTE for SENATORS to do their job. Stand for the CONSTITUTION.

Glen (@guest_1095387)
1 year ago

Tuberville better Stan with Trump if not he can be voted out just as easy as getting elected. I voted for him but if he don’t stand against plot to steal America. Then he’s not worth voting for

James Siedzik (@guest_1095389)
Reply to  Glen
1 year ago

Mr. President,
If the GOP senate will not stand with the American people take our 74 million votes and establish a party that loves America.

Richard Easterly (@guest_1095391)
1 year ago

Now, if we can get most of those Senators who only care about their pay checks and will finally do something for the people, we can eliminate socialism from our great country. Come on “MAN” Biden belongs in a Nursing Home, way away from that “Red Phone” Hell, the “family” has stolen enough money, they really do not need any more.

Kathy (@guest_1095392)
1 year ago

Thank you Senator Hawley!!! Mitch McConnell needs to follow your lead. He is my senator, but if he doesn’t support President Trump I will not vote for him again and I know alot of others who will not vote for him again! He needs to get a back bone!!!!!!!!

John F (@guest_1095395)
1 year ago

Thank God there is finally a conservative senator that is supporting the United States constitution and the president. I am extremely disappointed with all the other “conservative” senators who are too afraid to stand up and deny the leftist democrats from stealing not only the election but our future as well

MSGT JOHN CORREA (@guest_1095396)
1 year ago

Knowing full-well that our duly elected United States President Donald J. Trump has done a great job if not superior in just four short years than any other U.S. President in American history; what makes these short-minded U.S. Representatives think that American patriots would ever vote for an idiot? Wake up you representative and senatorial wimps and open your closed eyes so that you may see and recognize fraudulent votes when they occur! As representatives of United States government; don’t ever place yourselves before God and Country!


DD (@guest_1095402)
1 year ago

We “have” to do something, if its not challenging the electoral vote in CONGRESS, then the only alternative is revolution because I do not think we can stand still with what the DEMWITTS are going to do in the next 4 years! REVOLUTION or REPUBLICANS must do what is RIGHT!!! Pick your poison, but I think the majority of Americans will support the vote to overturn the electoral college.

Syd (@guest_1095403)
1 year ago

I am afraid were fighting an up hill battle. To many spineless people running the Show in Congress and the House. I don’t really have the answer but we will have o wait o see how the Georgia vote turns out.

Lucy E Maxfield (@guest_1095405)
1 year ago

The Republican Senate needs to stand by the president. President Trump has done more in the 4 years he has been in office than anyone else has in that position. Considering our president has had to fight the whole time for the phe people. Senator of the Republican party stand by the president and do the right thing by showing your support for our President Donald Trump. The people are watching and in the long run will determine whether or not you have a position in 2022.

DS (@guest_1095410)
1 year ago

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! We all know there was voter fraud, I’m so glad this man is standing up for our country and for us.

Lynn (@guest_1095411)
1 year ago

Who do you think Killed Judge Scalia…! There sure is a lot of DEAD people in Goverment…and it always seems Demos have something to do with it….That is why all those Judges are scared….! Piglosies and Hillarys Father were in the Mafia…They just give them a call and it is taken care of….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lance (@guest_1095412)
1 year ago

If the senate would wake up, they could very easily put the issue of fraud or irregularities to rest , as I recall not that long ago they did just that with impeachment fraud, so at this point since these states are refusing to allow any one to look at the election results — refuse to ratify the election / simple solution let there be an independent review / or your states votes and electoral college do not count. The claim there is nothing to see does not hold water the same way the busted pipe did not hold water.

Martin Gonzalez (@guest_1095413)
1 year ago

The article says “While dozens of GOP House members may be willing to object, no GOP Senators have confirmed that they will join the effort. Brooks explained:”

what is the matter with all our republican senatora. They better get behind our president in objection to this fraudulent election or we will vote them out when their terms expire

Roselle (@guest_1095414)
1 year ago

This is the time we know which Republican has backbone. Want our vote but have no ownership. Keep the List to vote them out.
We have witnesses, affidavits from true American & put their life on the line.
Democrats tried to
Impeached Trump with no witnesses, no signed affidavits to proof Trump colluded with Russia.

Joy (@guest_1095415)
1 year ago

I feel the Republicans will come through as they do. Read and hear the news on Pluto tv, the REAL news is there, but many more Republicans in the office are backing Trump and I think they don’t want anyone knowing what they will do till Jan 6th. I hope also in New Orleans we get another Republican in office and feeling bad for the Republican there that passed away, our prayers are with the family. God as always is guiding President Trump and we must back him as he has us for four years. President Trump 2020 through 2024. The way we can be there for him is to fight and make our voices heard. We cannot let the Democrats in.

S hirley Foretich (@guest_1095416)
1 year ago

Yes, thank God for those supporting Trump, Trump is the only one that can keep our country in the right direction, we have to stand and support him,

Teresa Kariniemi (@guest_1095421)
1 year ago

Thank you for standing up and doing the right thing and supporting our president!!

Steven Blessie (@guest_1095449)
1 year ago


Janyce Spikes-Myers (@guest_1095459)
1 year ago

Thank you mr.hawley. everyone else, keep tabs on all the Republicans that will not stand behind Trump, come 2022 vote all of their butts out of office. If they can’t stand behind we the people then we should not stand behind them.

tina (@guest_1095461)
1 year ago

Trump Won and those who choose to be a cricket better remember 2022 is just around the corner and we the people will not forget you! Everyone of you need to get behind the President NOW and expose what so many of us already KNOW happened in this joke of a Presidential election. The Supreme Court needs to uphold our constitution.

Linda L Ferguson (@guest_1095462)
1 year ago

Mr. McConnell needs to step up and do his job. He got voted in because Schumer would have gotten his job. Next time he runs he is out. From Kentucky.

Jimmy Adler (@guest_1095501)
1 year ago

Good! I love it when dems. heads explode. Maybe Biden will suffer a fatal heart attack before Jan 19th.

Patsy CAUDLE (@guest_1095512)
1 year ago

Why do we have senators if they don’t have a backbone to stand up for what is an illegal election. The democrats cheated all the way.

Janice E. Prescott (@guest_1095579)
1 year ago

I am so P’Od that the GOP has been bought out by the Dems and China. They need to step up and grow some cajones and work with our President Trump. If not them bye bye next time you come up for election. Better yet, maybe we need to start a whole new party. This really stinks with these ballless idiots.

Billy Richard Wilson (@guest_1096007)
1 year ago

Poor Joe you tried a fast one but got caught now pay the price.

Leah (@guest_1097032)
1 year ago

Thank you and God bless you Josh Hawley !
What the ‘No I.Q.’ Democrats/liberals don’t understand is…we are at the crossroads to a REVOLUTION. We conservatives have had it with liberals.

Lee (@guest_1097050)
1 year ago

Jimmy Adler,
They just used Biden to get ‘lock-em up’ Harris in there.
Biden knows it. Harris knows it.
We conservatives know it.
Beware. If we make it to another election, Democrats will say they’re voting by phone.
Are Republicans going to let that happen too ?

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