August 18, 2022

Donald Trump steps into search for missing oil rig crew with major donation

Former President Donald Trump can’t help America get out of the mess the current administration is making. However, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t found other ways to make America great.

Trump donated $10,000 to the United Cajun Navy to help with search efforts to find seven men lost at sea after a lift boat vessel capsized, according to KLFY-TV. The vessel went under when seas in the Gulf of Mexico turned stormy.

On April 13, the Seacor Power vessel succumbed to rough sees while on its way to Port Fourchon, Louisiana to an off-shore oil platform, NBC News reported. Of the 19 men aboard at the time, only six were rescued alive. After recovering another six bodies, the Coast Guard has ended its rescue effort, but the Cajun Navy volunteers remain steadfast.

Hannah Daspit, the wife of Dylan Daspit who is presumed dead, filed suit against Seacor Power Wednesday for $25 million. The suit alleges that the National Weather Service “was already warning of tropical storm-force winds accompanied by suddenly higher waves in the Gulf” but the vessel still “left port to deliver equipment to a nearby platform putting money over safety and the lives of the men on board.”

“The winds quickly increased in speed after the vessel left land,” the lawsuit continued. “The SEACOR Power took on water and capsized as a result of the poor weather conditions and the conscious decision made by the Defendants to allow the vessel to sail, placing the lives of 19 individuals at risk.”

The United Cajun Navy had found debris 60 miles away from the original site where the vessel went down, WVUE-DT reported. “We found a life raft and parts of the vessel itself a few days ago and we’ve been searching that area,” the organization’s president, Todd Terrell, said.

Their search teams expanded westward 90 nautical miles and have even been looking at the area swampland. The Cajun Navy has promised to keep their search planes flying for as long as they could afford fuel — and that’s where Trump comes in.

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Since the Coast Guard has called off its most intensive search, the families’ only hope for closure is the planes the Trump’s donation will keep in the air. Trump was a great president, but going back to civilian life hasn’t stopped him from doing what’s right.


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POP AMERICAN 223 (@guest_1224669)
1 year ago

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Stevo (@guest_1224723)
Reply to  POP AMERICAN 223
1 year ago

This is NOT the place to try to sell your crooked job scam !

PlumLady (@guest_1224737)
Reply to  Stevo
1 year ago

You taking about lyin Biden he wouldn’t give you the sleeves out of his vest.President Trump cares about all people.

JasonFPaiz (@guest_1225542)
Reply to  POP AMERICAN 223
1 year ago

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Stephen Russell (@guest_1224727)
1 year ago

Dems never do this give to rescue causes like this

Stevo (@guest_1224732)
1 year ago

That’s what a pro-America President would do , kudos to Trump !
Biden would have created the killer storm in the first place , if he was able to !

Lt. Rob Polans Spec & Intel Ops. Ret? Not PC. nor woke, so if I offend you, cancel my account! (@guest_1224740)
Reply to  Stevo
1 year ago

He can, at least the cia can. Ever hear of weather modification? They usually use micro-waves to make it so what they want. may have something in their archives about it. The wildfires in Ca?

Charles King (@guest_1224739)
1 year ago

He also donated his salary to deserving charities. Ask Beijing Biden if he is doing the same. After all he made millions from Ukraine and China. I would bet B.B. will not do so. Have you seen his yacht? How can thoughtful Americans elect this phony? Oh, forgot! They did not. Cheating, which the Dims are good at, did.

Doug Allam (@guest_1225016)
Reply to  Charles King
1 year ago

@ Charles King no I have not seen his yacht have you? Where can it be seen? Is it a figment of your imagination? Do really believe if you type something it makes it true? You need to go see your leader.

mspidge (@guest_1225269)
Reply to  Doug Allam
1 year ago

Sorry pal, old man bidden has a fancy yacht, or course he doesn’t know which end to get on it, but the old fool has one.

Tina Moore (@guest_1224741)
1 year ago

That’s our TRUE PRESIDENT for you. Biden would not lift a hand to help any citizen. Thank God for President Trump. He will be back in the Oval Office in 2024.

John Halter (@guest_1224753)
1 year ago

Long live the Donald!

Henry D. (@guest_1224756)
1 year ago


Magella Desniege Duhaime (@guest_1224807)
1 year ago

When Trump was in N.Y. he did a lot for that city. Looked how they treated him.

Diana Kieduk (@guest_1224813)
1 year ago

Remember in the days of Old, concerts with leading Bands and talented singers would take up a CAUSE and donate the money to a Reputable Organization. The Liberals in Hollywood have all but forgotten how to share. Yet as we have just heard on the news and through the internet Gigantic Tech Companies have given 3 African American Women for the BL M organization MIllions of Dollars! If true, that these 3 women kept the Millions for themselves what does that tell you about not only Hollywood Elites but major Liberal Tech Companies? True American Patriots, huh?
Personally before I would ever Donate a dime I would be investigating and They would be Vetted. Truly Sad and disgusting that those $$$$$ cannot be retrieved and be given to raise our Military’s salaries and put toward faster medical help for THEM.

Diana Kieduk (@guest_1224823)
1 year ago

I Salute President Trump for not only caring about every Military Branch but his Patriotism to our United States of America. As a Business Man you Step up To the Bar and raise it.
Stepping up to a Podium just doesn’t cut it as the liberals do. Just empty words and broken promises.

gwilson (@guest_1224928)
1 year ago

All American Christians and Jewish folks need to vote every Dem across America out of office. The Dems are actually destroying our country, and the American people who voted for the Dems need to wake up and smell the roses!

Jr (@guest_1225018)
1 year ago

Lies, lies, lies.
Fake news from faaaaaar right.
He LOST get it straight in your head.

SSG US Army retired Vietnam worrier . (@guest_1225229)
Reply to  Jr
1 year ago

You are a f—ing dum a$$

mspidge Joseph (@guest_1225280)
Reply to  Jr
1 year ago

Apparently, you don’t have a head to get straight, that old fool didn’t get 81 million LEGAL votes, jr you were probably one of them that voted more than once, as far as we know YOU may not be legal.

Dee Mull (@guest_1226108)
Reply to  Jr
1 year ago

Jr …. there is abviosly something really wrong with you! I think living in your parents basement and playing computer games all day has made your mentally unstable. You should really get a real job and support yourself. If you had any brains at all and could read, possibly you would really know what’s going on in the world. Our REAL PRESIDENT, Donald J. Trump, won the election in 2020 and everyone with any form of intelligence knows that he did. Pedophile beiden and his worthless kumula didn’t win anything … they and their demonrats stole the election! This has already been proven numerous times. GOD is watching and senile pedophile biden and his worthless trailor trash kumula will soon be striken down!

jerry d. bresee (@guest_1225296)
1 year ago


Jeff (@guest_1225331)
1 year ago

Let’s thank President Trump, for caring.
We need to stand with our President Trump.

We are so close to becoming commits!!!!

Tracie Simm (@guest_1225374)
Reply to  Jeff
1 year ago

I think you mean “commies” but no….we will never be commies!

Tracie Simm (@guest_1225373)
1 year ago

That’s what real President’s do.

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1225382)
1 year ago

Let see if king biden lifts a hand to help. He is hopeless to the usa. Trump walked all over this clown everywhere they debated. Now try and find this joker. Check the new woke house basement first

JasonFPaiz (@guest_1225544)
1 year ago

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Katydid (@guest_1226007)
1 year ago

And what did Biden and the media do to help? Nothing. The media didn’t even mention that Trump donated to help. Of course they didn’t. What a bunch of hypocrites.

Benilda Bennett (@guest_1226042)
1 year ago

Thank God for sending people to help in many ways, financially, emotionally and most important prayer. We just have to be thankful that we still have people to help those who needs it. We need those kind of kind hearted people. Thank you Mr. President Trump! God bless you!

Mark Smith (@guest_1227188)
1 year ago

Sadly there are lots of sharks in the area where this boat went down. I’m pretty sure that they have erased all traces of the missing men by now.

Barbara (@guest_1227765)
1 year ago

The Demorats DID lie, cheat, and steel the election with the help of big tech and Soros. It’s already been proven in Georgia. This country is going to hell with the radical left including the President at the wheel. We the silent majority needs to speak up, quit being silent, the future of our children and grandchildren is at stake.

Barbara (@guest_1227774)
1 year ago

Btw Mark I’m sure the families of the missing men did not need to read your post. If you can’t be positive or supportive on this matter maybe keep your heartless opinions to yourself.



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