May 23, 2022

Donald Trump reveals 2024 intentions, says supporters will be “happy” with plans

Former President Donald Trump may have been voted out of office in 2020. However, his staunchest supporters have never wavered — and that could mean he’ll return.

Trump promised people would be “happy” about the 2024 presidential election when they heard about his plans, the Washington Times reported. However, Trump stopped short of making a firm announcement about his intention to seek re-election.

In an appearance on “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show” Tuesday, Trump gave a cryptic answer about his potential run for the Oval Office. “You have campaign finance laws, so you can’t talk about this stuff,” Trump told the hosts.

“So I won’t, but I think you’ll be happy,” Trump said. “I really believe you’ll be happy,” he assured them. The former president is still polling high among Republican voters.

The trio discussed possible running mates, implying that former Vice President Mike Pence was out of the question. Pence failed to go along with Trump’s scheme to block certification of the 2020 presidential election results.

Trump said there were many solid GOP politicians to choose, but pointed out that “very rarely do you see someone voting for a vice president” even though it’s a “big deal” of a job. “I have a lot of people calling me all the time because they want to be considered,” Trump told the hosts.

When the conversation turned to President Joe Biden, whom he would presumably be running against, Trump said he thought it was “too late” for him to right the ship even this early into his first term. “There has been so much damage done that I think if he turned out to be George Washington and Abraham Lincoln combined, I think the net result is so bad [that] I just don’t think he can do it,” Trump said.

There are many qualified candidates, but it feels to many voters that Trump has unfinished business left to take care of in 2024. After four years of the Biden administration, the American people may be ready for Trump all over again.

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