June 19, 2021

Donald Trump responds to SCOTUS decision allowing political ‘witch hunt’ to continue

Former President Donald Trump is no stranger to the Democrats’ constant attempts to embroil him in scandal or controversy.

According to Breitbart, their long-awaited fantasy of getting ahold of Trump’s tax returns came closer to reality on Monday after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled against Trump’s request that a lower court’s previous order allowing prosecutors to obtain his tax returns be stayed, and Trump slammed the high court for allowing the Democrats’ “witch hunt” to continue. 

The former president, who nominated an unprecedented three SCOTUS justices to the high court during his first and only term in the White House, issued a scathing response after the bombshell ruling that will allow New York prosecutors to obtain his tax returns and other financial data.

“The Supreme Court never should have let this ‘fishing expedition’ happen, but they did,” Trump wrote. “This is something which has never happened to a President before, it is all Democrat-inspired in a totally Democrat location, New York City and State, completely controlled and dominated by a heavily reported enemy of mine, Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Trump also warned that the tactical selection of prosecutors and attorneys general who are more likely to be more aggressive toward someone in the opposite political party is a threat to American democracy.

“The new phenomenon of ‘headhunting’ prosecutors and AGs — who try to take down their political opponents using the law as a weapon — is a threat to the very foundation of our liberty,” Trump wrote.

The battle over Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr.’s attempts to obtain Trump’s financials has been brewing over the past year, mostly with regard to payments Trump allegedly made in the past to women who claimed they had affairs with Trump and to adult film actress Stormy Daniels.

According to The Hill, Trump lost a number of lower court battles in that time frame, paving the way for the Supreme Court’s final response.

Notably, the SCOTUS ruling failed to include information on dissents or any additional remarks on the case.

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98 Responses

  1. I know I am not the only one disappointed in SCOTUS. Following the LEFT all the way. Constitution & law means nothing to them now.

      1. I think they all need God and stop trying to find falt in everyone else and look in the mirror and see how they sta k up to being perfect. Because know one is perfect they surly can’t walk on water. Get to doing your jobs at protecting and defending America. Instead of destroying hit and then you will and can feel aLot safer god bless and have a nice day.

    1. Chief Justice Roberts was overheard saying “I will see to it that Trump never gets a second term”. So that pretty much tells you why Trump can’t win a court case .

      1. If this is true, Roberts should have to recuse himself from entire case. He has a pre-determined guilty attached to every thing dealing with Trump. Better yet, he should just step down PERIOD!

      2. Roberts should be censored. He is definitely not being unbiased and should not participate in any cases that Trump is involved in.

    2. Yes sir. And while they are at it, let’s see the clinton’s and obama’s. Maybe even obama’s college records and how he was able to get into his so called colleges. How a politician can sell what we have to China and to sell Russia our uranium. So much corruption. Where will it all end. I’m 75 years old and would like to see the truth come out before I die. God Bless America. AMEN!

      1. There are MANY of us still waiting to see Obama’s legitimate birth certificate! Never did,, did we, and now we’re paying the price! Don’t try to tell me Obama, the Muslim terrorist, isn’t pulling the strings as this nation is diminished to a third world mess! We all know Bidden is Obama’s puppet and you know very well what Harris is to him! Why aren’t we going after Obama for:
        1.Fast and Furious; Obama and Biden provided machine guns to Mexican cartels
        2. Chris Stevens and Shawn Smith, Two of our nation’s best were left to be slaughtered
        (Clinton, “At this point, what does it matter”?) and you wonder why she’s so concerned about Trump?
        3. Under the cover of darkness Obama flew $150 BILLION!!! on wooden palettes in CASH to Iran, what? OUR BIGGEST THREAT AT THAT TIME!
        . . .and they wnt to see Trump’s tax returns!!!

        1. Roberta, God Bless you and all your family!!!
          You just said it like it is !!!
          I’d been trying to as well, but this POS website is been cancelling my comments constantly!!!
          We must demand to see all the tax returns for the last 10 yrs of all the so called “ officials “, and yes, we want to see all 0 b a m a ‘s records ( birth certificate, school etc )
          And we want to see also how they all explain going into government positions with only few bucks in the bank and after
          20-30-47 years , becoming millionaires!!!!
          We want all that to be seen !!!!

      2. Frank, Sir !!!
        A lot of us are in the same “boat” !!!
        Our country was turned into a banana republic where the laws never apply to the ones in power !
        The Constitution, patriotism, honor, don’t mean anything, and for our politicians everything is up for sale !!
        Our “ representatives “ don’t do much because the disease called “ power and control “ has spread so much, it became a
        cancer spreading and we are to the point where it’s terminal now .

        Too bad our kids and grandkids will live to know what a “ paradise “ the Komunism is !

    3. You hit the nail on the head. There is only one way to start a correction, and that is to re-call and impeach Chief Justice Roberts and Sota Mayor for not adhering to the U.S. Constitution. It was more than obvious Roberts was in the pockets of Obama. All of the Dems have broken the law and should face life in prison!

      1. It is been shown Mr Roberts has spent some quality time with Jeffery Epstein and Bill Clinton on the island? Say no more!! He is compromised by not following the constitution!in. In my opinion the fever pitch to this quest to destroy President Trump lells me one thing! He KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT SWAMP FWELLERS THEY ARE! They FEAR HOM FOR GOOD REASON! God I pray for you to uncover this evil among us! We know who the GRANDMASTERs ARE! Bring them down with all of your fury. I too am in my 70’s. I too would like to know! I pray all the thousands to millions of veterans who fought for these snowflakes !! Did not die in vein. None of them know what it is like to fight for the truth!!

        1. I pray everyday that our Heavenly Father will intervene and bring out the truth of all the wrongs that have been committed and get us out of this “banana republic” law we are living under now. I am 84 and never thought our country would come to this deception.

      2. Sadly, none of those corrupt crooks, thugs who supposedly are our “ representatives “, will never go anywhere, no prison, no nothing !
        The Constitution doesn’t mean anything to them and now we have the “ Antifa” thugs and criminals who are terrorizing the people are killing our policeman, destroying businesses and they have a whole list of demands : open borders, defund police, us paying “ retribution “ for slavery, and meanwhile destroying our history, statues, and so on !
        Basically, being that the left is supporting them ( even financially) it looks like Antifa is part of our “ government “ …
        who is gonna go to prison??
        Probably us, pretty soon !

      3. You are spot on! The belt way society and its secrets are haunting the very fabric
        of our republic. But all will be revealed. What is done in the dark will be seen in the
        light; be patient!

    4. You are right POPS. What we have is a “SUBpreme Court not doing their JOB. Term Limits for the “SUBpreme” Court. Maybe if that happens, we will windup with a Supreme Court.

    5. Why shouldn’t John Roberts the RINO SCOTUS judge??? have to show his tax returns and financial records or Pelosi, or Clinton, he–! why isn’t everyone invloved in politics subject to the same scrunity as their favorite target and our favorite preident EVER…Don J Tump! This country is fast becoming a third world mess! I say they pay a price to see these recoerds… anyone on the political left who is requesting to see them must provide acces to their financial record first!

        1. An old saying goes ” what’s good for the goose is good for the gander’. If I was Trump I’d be demanding Biden’s taxes. Let America see exactly how much he’s been getting from these countries he’s been selling out America to

    6. I agree ! We have no justice system anymore it’s all went political! This country is in big trouble and the Supreme Court refuses to do anything about it! Our gun rights will be next!

      1. Our gun rights will definitely be next and either SCOTUS will reject taking the case or even more likely, approve the leftists’s ( the scumbags) legislation only because they are trying to protect our “ children “ (evidently , it’s not the parents’ job to protect them , nowadays, the kids belong to the government)

    7. They are being taken over by a Congress that has gone wild with power. They have forgotten they are supposed to work for the people!!!! I would like to see nancy pelosi tax returns along with her husbands and son. Where did they make their millions?

    8. The travesty is the failure of the Supreme Court to block abuse of power and political persecutions. My family’s trust in the Courts is completely shattered at this point. I fear what must come next since the Courts have largely abdicated their special responsibility to defend the Constitution from tyrannical over-reach & the suppression of freedom. I have never been so afraid for the future of this country as I am today.

      1. Our entire political system was turned upside down , everywhere we look is corruption, the laws don’t mean anything, the Constitution has been turned into a pretzel and the SCOTUS as well…
        We have the so called “ Antifa” infiltrated into our government and demanding that their “ policies “ be put in place, if not they will burn the”system down “
        And this crook , Garland is saying that he doesn’t think Antifa is a “domestic terrorists organization “.
        I only have one question: since our representatives don’t feel that it’s time to really stand up for us and our country, what’s there for us to do ???
        I know, just shut up and comply

    1. This is so insane. Trump is no longer in Office yet they can live unless they are attacking him everyday. I would love to see Biden tax and bank records along with that Ho of of Vice president. Trump is a private citizen. What right do they have?? Evidently the IRS has no problem with his taxes.

      1. I agree, The IRS is happy so how come a New York Hack by the Name of Cyrus Vance Jr. has a right to see anyone’s tax records? Not only do we have to be responsible to the IRS but now a political

  2. More evidence of ‘Trump Derangement Disorder’… ‘Trump Derangement Disease’… ‘Trump Derangement Disorder’…
    I wonder what uglies are hiding in scotus’ closets?

    1. HI! Trump is a new yorker and his business was good for new york, now because of dems control of New york they are ??? not doing well in N.Y. & they blame Trump?

  3. They think they will find something to go after Trump again. Personally, I think his tax return is nobody’s business. I am sure he had the best tax preparer’s to do his taxes, so if there is anything wrong, they are the ones to be held responsible.

    1. I am so disappointed in Barret and Kauvanaugh I thought we would at least have judges that supposedly should up hold the constitution.. Sometimes I think they vote on the left side simply to protect them getting a stack court. There no different than Roberts. What a shame.

    2. Chief Justice Roberts for sure. He was overheard saying, “I will see to it that Trump never gets a second term”.
      That kind of talk is not right as a supreme court leader. He has to go.

      1. He also showed up on the list of biggies that flew over to the island with the little girls and boys…his name was on the flight list….

        1. We can NOT trust anyone anymore !!!
          This has become a government full of liars, crooks, thugs , and all they care about is Power, Control and $$$$$$


    1. I couldn’t have said it better! This once powerful and known for giving everyone an opportunity to make their dream come true, is gone. I am a legal immigrant and worked hard to be proud living here. This is not America , the country of freedom and stand behind their citizens. “We the people “ no longer matter.

      1. Agree with you, Lisa !!!
        We also came as legal immigrants and are very proud as American citizens after we worked hard to fulfill our dreams .
        What’s going on now is nothing like USA we knew , it has become more and more like Cuba or even China

    2. P O S website!!!!!
      They keep on canceling my comments!!!!
      Ok !
      What I’m saying is that the K o m m I € s in DC knew that DJT was gonna win so , P € l 0 s I made sure to use all her tools ( like she promised) to stop him !!
      Of course all the other haters ( media, Hollywood, sport people, big companies, even
      SCOTUS) did everything in their power to help
      in destroying the country !!!!

      This is what’s going on !!
      Listen to an former Clinton adviser, Naomi Wolf
      saying that we are getting close to become a
      “ t 0 t a l I T a R I A n state “

      Any hope to change that ???
      I’m not sure !!!

  5. Fine, John. Then let’s have Obama’s tax returns, his college transcripts, and his status as a foreign student while in college. SCOTUS is full of cowards, except for 3 of them.

    1. If just ONE president can lock up his history, why can’t others?? Let’s have the truth!
      The American people have been ‘shafted’!

    2. I know for a fact that Obama attended Occidental College on a “Foreign Student Scholarship”. How could he have done that if he was a U.S. citizen? Either he hoodwinked Occidental College or he hoodwinked the American people by making them think he was a U.S. citizen and thus eligible to be a U.S. President!! Why did the Supreme Court not give permission for us to investigate Obama’s eligibility to be a president ????

        1. What’s going on in our country right now is not weird at all … it’s called
          K 0 mm u nism / mar x I s m ( whichever you want to call it, it’s the same ) !!!

  6. the democant communist have finally got rid of their JIm Crow democant brothers and now they are trying to do the same with the American Republican party but it will not happen they will be the big losers after this big grab for complete power TRUMP 2024

  7. One more knock against our freedom. Tax records should be private. Shame on SCOTUS.
    Trump is no longer President. Leave him alone. What about Biden and all his wealth coming from China, Russia, Ukraine etc. Is anyone looking into that??? Ha, I’ll bet not!

  8. All of you are wrong!!
    Under the mask of the person in the White House is actually Hitler.

    Think about what he has done so far.

    1. Richard, just saying this NAME makes me sick. I had to see as a child what happened and the wall was still there. I am aware some people want to erase history. We need to read it, see it and never make the same mistakes. God have mercy on this once great nation, USA.

  9. The Supreme Court needs to be investigated. Too many times they are not doing their job. The Democrat’s must have something on many on the Supreme Court. Many of the top Democrats need to put in prison. They have committed so many crimes and get away with anything. They are not above the law. It is all one sided. If any Republican had done only one of the crimes they would be in prison. The Democrats haven’t done anything worth while in the last 5 years. They are all set out to ruin the USA. We need to stop them. Republicans need to get a back bone and put the Demos in prison so we can get our great USA back.

  10. Every single one of these politicians are corrupt. You have lifers that have had their hands in every dirty deL, you have idiots like the RINOS that aren’t doing their job supporting the people, the ones that put them into office. Then you have the upcoming freshman garbage like the squad who are even more uncouth, corrupt, ignorant and flat out stupid who are committing crimes out in the open like our dear Omar who isn’t even from this country.

    Sorry, but I frankly could have cared less if they had a total butcher at the capital if all the politicians were there. Out of all in politics there have only been a select few that have fought for the American people, Trump and Cruz with a few that try but still don’t have enough clout or backbone.This country is in a heap of trouble especially now that Grandpa and politics slut are in office. What a complete circus.

    If Trump runs again he should have Cruz as his running mate. Pence ended up in the very end to be just as much of a turn coat!

    Bring back public execututions and hangings like they did in forefathers time, there are plenty that can be lined up! They have enough on all of them to convict them! They start doing that you will have a change in the type of people running this country and in society!

  11. Under the mask is actually OBUMMER! The USA has been taken over and the American people don’t realize it or just don’t care so very sad!!

  12. I agree with President Trump’s position, tax records are his personal and private property. The swamp should not have access to this information, unless a crime has been committed. No criminal charges have been brought conviction.
    Leave the man alone. Or look into the present, and past swamp members financial indiscretions, ie obama, Clinton, kerry and those appointed members of the highest court jesters…

    1. I always wondered, what happened to all the money for Haiti? It always puzzles me, when some political figures retire or finished serving their term, how rich they became. I would like to see their tax records too.

      1. Exactly, Lisa !!!!

        Most of them have become millionaires or billionaires after working “ so hard “ for us the people 😜

        Let’s see all their tax records for the last 10 yrs ( at least) .. Pelosi, Clinton, Maxine, Bernie, Brennan, Comey, of course, Biden and his entire family of millionaires!!!!
        Who is going to demand that ?????

    1. Kenneth, never. Look at the past when the other party was in charge to lead this nation. Hard evidence was found and ?……Nothing happened.

  13. Why should our REAL President Trump follow the letter of the law when no demonrat follows it? There are always ways for the demonrats to decide they don’t wish to comply with DOJ requests, FBI requests, etc. so why would Trump need to comply. We do not think he should hand over ANYTHING to the demonrats!!!!

  14. SCOTUS should be elected by the people and can only serve two terms. They should be no better than a President. Then maybe they would be able to do a better job. A lifetime job is easily bought by crooked democrats.

    1. Defund the judges like the Democratic Party defunded the police. The supreme court’s judges are worth nothing to the average American people. Why pay them. I say protest them demand they do there job. Or resign

      1. I’m 1000% with you , Judy !!!!
        Nobody is listening to our voice !!!!!
        Is Xi our President already ( or maybe Putin?)

  15. The Supreme Court is a network for the democrat party to destroy Americans. The S.C. is not following the Constitution but rather what the democrat party wants. The Supreme Court is shameful haters of the Conservatives and the Constitution including the 3 Trump put in there. You are disgusting and I wish you all bad karma for the rest of your lives. You have stabbed millions of people in the back every step of the way. NOW, what will you do? Allow everything for Biden? You all are a disgrace to America.

  16. America is corrupted by the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, Gates and company… When are the Americans going to set an example and stop this mafia to show the world that they don’t want any more of this corruption and these dishonest people who make the whole world suffer for their personal interests? Certainly not those of the citizens!

  17. Why aren’t they checking the demorats financial records to see how they became millionaires on Congress pay.
    Trump needs to turn the tables on them and watch how much they panic and they will pull something out of their butts on Trump just to try and distract the investigation on themselves
    The SCOTUS, seems like they have turned on U.S. people and mostly consecutive people. I thought they
    we’re not supposed to be political. Why are they checking Trumps records now?? He not president any more

  18. The Supreme Court has been bought out and not willing to do their jobs like they are suppose to do. They have filled their bank accounts and pockets and at their age they dont care. It is time to clean the Swamp from top to bottom with people that know how to think and operate in todays world. Most of the people should have retired 25 years ago. They cant even stay awake while on the job. Some are just plain mean and rude. Them swamp is smelling totally rotten. Trump we need you bad now. MAGA. Biden is gone over the top with ignorance and dementia. Please hurry make that great move.

  19. John Roberts and the majority of the Supreme Court are just pawns for the democraps. It is obvious that they are not going to do that which is right. I is my belief that they are bought off, clearly someone’s private information should not be allowed to be run through without probable cause. Instead they will do as they are told and disregard the rights of an individual. Truly sad!!!

  20. There are MANY of us still waiting to see Obama’s legitimate birth certificate! Never did,, did we, and now we’re paying the price! Don’t try to tell me Obama, the Muslim terrorist, isn’t pulling the strings as this nation is diminished to a third world mess! We all know Bidden is Obama’s puppet and you know very well what Harris is to him! Why aren’t we going after Obama for:
    1.Fast and Furious; Obama and Biden provided machine guns to Mexican cartels
    2. Chris Stevens and Shawn Smith, Two of our nation’s best were left to be slaughtered
    (Clinton, “At this point, what does it matter”?) and you wonder why she’s so concerned about Trump?
    3. Under the cover of darkness Obama flew $150 BILLION!!! on wooden palettes in CASH to Iran, what? OUR BIGGEST THREAT AT THAT TIME!
    . . .and they wnt to see Trump’s tax returns!!!

  21. Appears to me that Clarence Thomas is the only justice with any integrity and sense of purpose. The rest are scared of democraps and that their paycheck gets taken. I admire Justice Thomas he will try to stand up for what’s right.

  22. This is NOT the supreme court of our fathers this is an extension of the democratic Kangaroo court that tried to impeach president Trump, a bunch of backstabber RINO traitors. MAGA TRUMP IN 2024.

  23. New York, California, Capital Hill Communist Party attorneys/judges hold only republican partisan feet to the fire. Let us begin with the first supposedly to serve America. Make public eight years of Clinton’s tax records and income/outgo before, during and after service; then, open the Obama’s income and outgo before/during and immediately after service, then VP Biden’s family records; lastly, allow as seems to be the witch hunt intent — only then allow, the last one to serve — President Trump’s record. Add Harris financial history for clarity. All or nothing, in order of time in office their financial dealings. Let the people vote to decide after reviewing the evidence publicly which actions prove the greater crime against the America people Let’s have complete open records on all, who serve let’s have precedents for highest offices.

  24. Our country has been sold out to the communists and , trust me, it will get much worse as they, piece by piece, get complete control. Just ask Tucker Carlson how this progresses. Our current President is owned by the Chinese Communists ! As are many other Americans !

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