July 4, 2022

Donald Trump names which GOP figures will be future of the party

President Donald Trump announced his final picks for the “deep bench” of forthcoming Republican talent, naming his favorite conservatives in an interview with Fox News host Lisa Boothe on Monday. 

Trump named Gov. Ron DeSantis (FL), Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Sen. Rand Paul (KY), former press secretary and current Arkansas Governor candidate Sarah Sanders and Gov. Kristi Noem (SD) as strong conservatives he supports.

“There’s a pretty deep bench,” Trump said. He added one of these individuals could even be among the vice-presidential candidate he would name if he runs for president in the 2024 election.

Trump has endorsed numerous conservatives in recent weeks. One surprise visit included attending a Sarah Sanders for Governor campaign event.

The former president did not note former Vice President Mike Pence. Trump became critical of the former vice president when he refused to oppose certifying the presidential results on Jan. 6.

During the interview, Trump also criticized Sen. Mitch McConnell for his failures to oppose liberal members in the Republican party. The former president specifically noted Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski (AK), Ben Sasse (NE) and Mitt Romney (UT).

In contrast, Trump noted Democrats have remained united in their politic strategies. “They stick together, they’re smart and they’re vicious. But they have lousy policy.”

Trump’s encouragement often leads to dollars and votes for Republican candidates. The conservative movement continues to find out who the former president supports for upcoming elections as he speaks out in media ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

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Sam (@guest_1182924)
1 year ago

You have picked a group for someone to help. I miss Jim Jorden, he is a good man.
I will always support you!!

MICHAEL (@guest_1182935)
Reply to  Sam
1 year ago

Yeah, why wasn’t Jim Gordon on that list or the Congressman from California, Nunes, thinks that’s how you spell it.. Both of them Backed Trump 100%.

Alllan W Tallant (@guest_1183732)
Reply to  Sam
1 year ago


RT (@guest_1182931)
1 year ago

You picked some very talented people who will our country great. Let’s get them all reelected or even higher positions.

Karen Le Seure (@guest_1182937)
1 year ago

I’ll bet I receive 10-20 pieces of political snail mail every day. All the the return addresses are in DC. Since I know my President is in Florida, I have disregarded all this mail because I don’t know what is real and what isn’t.

My President is the one with the knowledge of each person to know where they will do the best good, I depend on his wisdom, although I do think Jim Jordan has the integrity that we need.

J.R. (@guest_1184662)
Reply to  Karen Le Seure
1 year ago

I get mail all the time from the RNC, (Republican National Committee),
NRSC (National Republican Senate Committee),
Senator Rand Paul, Rep. Devin Nunes, Rep. Jim Jordan, Senator Rick Scott, Senator Ted Cruz, and a few other groups ALL wanting money.

I send their letters back to them with a note telling them if I do decide to contribute any money to the Republican Party,
I will be sending it to:

donaldjtrump.com OR
Save America PAC.

Both of these are APPROVED by President Trump. Any money coming in to these two groups will go to SUPPORTING REPUBLICANS who President Trump ENDORSES and SUPPORTS.

If President Trump does NOT Endorse or Support them, then neither do I and they will NOT get any money from me.

If you want to make sure any money you contribute goes directly to President Trump for his re-election campaign in 2024 and to Republicans running in 2022, make sure you send it to:

donaldjtrump.com OR

President Trump will be in charge of who gets this money and what it is spent on.

President Trump said if you want to contribute money send it to the two places he mentioned above. He said this when he spoke at the CPAC Conference this year.

Eli 7777 (@guest_1182942)
1 year ago

I wished he said Jim Jordan, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, since they have been standing strong. Kristi Noem may have wavered on the Bill allowing, Transgender in women’s sports.

Jackie Powell Powell (@guest_1189568)
Reply to  Eli 7777
1 year ago

She had a cogent reason saying it’s going to incur unsound and many litigious acts.

aurora culverhouse (@guest_1182949)
1 year ago

I’m surprised not to see Jim Jordan on the list ?? , I respect your choices President Trump, You may have a position that Mr. Jordan is best for a certain position!! Im happy that Mike Pence is not included…

Bill (@guest_1182952)
1 year ago

Tom Cotton is a better choice for fighting for the American way. And his IQ is outstanding compare to most elected officals

Patty (@guest_1182970)
1 year ago

I agree with all of them, add jorda, Gaetz and nines as well! What an awesome field that would be! Also josh Hawley.

Carole Hook (@guest_1182988)
1 year ago

I agree with President Trump’s suggestions. There’s plenty of room also for Jim J., Devin N., Kristi , Marjorie, Josh! They ALL have my vote! Great picks guys!

Dixie Lattanze (@guest_1183540)
Reply to  Carole Hook
1 year ago

I wish Trump run for e House seat from
Fla.in 2022 so he can uncover how Deep the Sump really iS.

Genie Brown (@guest_1183024)
1 year ago

I have a great deal of respect for Vernon Jones too. When he speaks, his words have content. It isn’t “political speak”. He’s paid a huge price for becoming a Republican and so his commitment is sincere. I hope he runs for Gov. of GA. Although he is needed in the Senate! Jim Jordan is one of my favorites too.

Brenda (@guest_1183165)
1 year ago

He left out Matt Gaetz and Jim Jordan. They fought for him also. I love President Trumps policies, and what he did for our country and also kept our enemies in check. I will certainly vote for him again in 2024.Then I will vote For Ron DeSantis in 2028.

Richard Polleri (@guest_1183398)
1 year ago

I’m glad to see Sarah Sanders on that list…. shes one hell of a smart women!!!!

Richard Polleri (@guest_1183399)
1 year ago

I’m glad to see Sarah Sanders on that list…. shes one hell of smart woman!!!! I think she would make a great VP

lewie (@guest_1183402)
1 year ago

sorry to see Sen Tim Scott SC not on that list. his record is clean – perhaps VP?

Jackie Powell Powell (@guest_1189571)
Reply to  lewie
1 year ago

He s waffling about amnesty!!!!

Ken Huffaker (@guest_1183407)
1 year ago

I see a lot of great suggestions, for candidates, folk’s wonder why they were not included. I’m sure the list of good people is much longer, but, just how many names can be spoken in a short interview?

Stephen Russell (@guest_1183471)
1 year ago

Add Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Sanders?
Rep Greene.
Col Allen West.

clay howard (@guest_1183500)
1 year ago

The list is long. There are a lot of very good folks out there. I can see the RNC is not very competent. An America National Party that knows how to communicate and be on the offensive would do out nation well.

Susan Staley (@guest_1183912)
1 year ago

Jim Jorden, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, Dan Crenshaw, Jake Tapper,
Matt Gretz. Josh Harley, Rand Paul, and plenty more great guys for our Government.

Arnold Beaver (@guest_1183997)
1 year ago

Sounds like A great bunch of fighters to me.Iam behind them all 100%

Jackie Powell Powell (@guest_1189578)
1 year ago

Dear Mr President:
We have no hope if we don t get rid of Dominion and like systems. These people have no character we need to be stealth! Vivid was their sinister scheme. Which shows ccp and our ilk with Lefties!
Love you!

Jackie Powell Powell (@guest_1189580)
Reply to  Jackie Powell Powell
1 year ago


Javiernop (@guest_1240906)
1 year ago



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