September 30, 2022

Donald Trump is “the change”

The left, the Democrats, and the mainstream media are celebrating. They are celebrating the fact that Joe Biden was able to deliver a speech without committing any gaffes or losing his train of thought. That is the only thing to celebrate about a speech filled with hackneyed terms and coded language the Democrats use every four years to gain or stay in power in every elected office in the land, especially the presidency.

Overall, Joe said that a vote for him is a vote for “decency” which is code for “if you put me in office, Democrat officials will call off the dogs of anarchy, Antifa and BLM, that are destroying American cities like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Chicago, and Atlanta (all Democrat-controlled under the guise of “peaceful” protests.)

Biden did not address the unrest in America in explicit terms because as far as Democrats are concerned there are only “peaceful protests” against “police brutality” and historic “inequity” going on in those cities. Biden obliquely referred to it, calling it” the most compelling call for racial justice since the ’60s.”

Biden’s and the Democrats’ message is that President Trump is the divider of the country and that things will return to normal if only Biden gets elected.

But the reality is that Democrats created the racial unrest and demeaned the president and the country. The Democrats diminished not only the presidency, but the constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court in the US and internationally because they don’t like President Trump. They refused a peaceful transfer of power in our democratic republic, they declared war on America until they could regain the White House and Congress. Indeed, Hillary Clinton encouraged the Democrat party to be uncivil back in 2018.

You cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for. I believe if we are fortunate enough to take back the House and or the Senate, that’s when civility can start again.

Even though the Democrats regained the House, the war of incivility continued, and now we must elect Biden to return to “decency.”

But Biden cannot guarantee that we can return to civility. He cannot guarantee that the forces the Democrats have unleashed on the country can ever be contained. The militant arm of the Democrat party (BLM, Antifa)  doesn’t just see Trump as a problem to solve, they see America as a problem to solve. They see every Trump supporter as an enemy. Why would the Democrats change the methods that have worked so well to terrorize the country to advance the “transformation” of America? The Democrats and Joe Biden cannot be trusted to end the violence and unite the country.

Donald Trump is the one that can bring change, the one that can bring back decency to our country.


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