June 24, 2021

Donald Trump holds first post-election rally to get out the vote for Georgia runoff

The fate of who controls the U.S. Senate rests in the hands of Georgia voters, as a special runoff between two incumbent Republicans and two heavily-supported Democratic candidates will take place on January 5 and ultimately decide in which direction America moves in the upcoming session of Congress.

According to Fox News, though President Donald Trump is still waging a number of legal battles to prove allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, he took a highly-anticipated trip to Georgia on Saturday where he held a powerful rally to lend his support to Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. 

The president held absolutely nothing back in his dire warning to Republican voters in The Peach State, telling them that Loeffler and Perdue are the last lines of defense against the Democrats’ and their fantasy of pushing radical, progressive policies through Congress in the next session, should they win.

“Very simply, you will decide whether your children will grow up in a socialist country or free country. Socialism is just the beginning for these people. They want to go into a communistic form of government,” Trump told the roaring crowd.

Trump hit Democrat challengers Jon Ossoff and Rev. Ralph Warnock hard, calling them the “two most extreme, far-left, liberal candidates in history.”

The president also didn’t hold back on his thoughts about the 2020 election, continuing to call it “rigged” while placing heavy blame on Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for not doing enough to sort out what the Trump administration believes was rampant election fraud that took place in the traditionally-red state.

“Your governor could stop it very easily, if he knew what the hell he was doing,” Trump told the crowd while accusing Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensberger of being scared of former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams.

Not surprisingly, a bulk of the mainstream media slammed the president for spewing “misinformation.” The Associated Press joined in on the criticism by pointing out that “thousands of largely maskless supporters” attended the rally.

America will have to wait roughly a month for the special Georgia runoff elections, but Trump’s appearance on Saturday was nothing less than a solid booster shot to keep Georgia Republican voters fired up and excited to do their part to save America.

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49 Responses

  1. I do believe the President is right. This election was rigged and stolen. A terrible plight for America as the World looks on. God bless America, and please make this election right!

    1. and reading this article, it became clear to me that each and every voter is representing some 50x per American citizen….they right now represent the entire country as they choose whetgher to go and vote or whether they vote for both republicans or not…..

    2. I no longer consider democrats fellow Americans. I cut most of them out of my life, a parents and other family included. They are disgusting people and I honestly can’t wait to start culling their herd.

    3. Yes…I agree…he is right. I wish the propaganda media would quit being so obvious in their description of Trump’s remarks. They always claim it is “misinformation” when it is simply the truth!! They all say it…every channel…it is sickening!! In other words, they indirectly say our President is lying!! I change the channel, mute button, or just shut the darn thing off half the time. I learn more truthful facts reading posts/online news than the mistruths of the fake media. I trust nothing on George Soros paid media and neither should you!! Just say NO and reject the half-wit news. They want us all to be their brainwashed yes men (and women). They haven’t learned that we can think for ourselves.

  2. Well, maybe not THE 2 most liberal, extreme, far-left candidates” in all of history, but certainly just 2 of the MANY very far-feft candidates! I guess Pres Trump forgot about “Boinie, “Chuckie” and “The Squad”!!!

  3. I personally think that PRESIDENT TRUMP is right in everything he had to say.I myself think the Election was rigged or Trump would have the Presidency for another 4years.

  4. We also believe the election was rigged. The dems will not stop cheating until they get what they want. NEED TO BE STOPPED AND HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS!!

    1. Every one of the dems need to be thrown in prison for what they did you don’t lie cheat and steal just so you can @$!&% up our freedom of our free country

    2. They all need to be tried as traitors to this country or nothing will ever change! Why is the fake muslim president, Hellery, Comey & the swamp still out making trouble for this country & our president? If the republicans did that, it would be the end of them ! ! !

  5. Between the far left and the Media I also believe the Election was rigged. President Trump has a very high hill to climb. Hopefully the voters will come thru for the American people.

  6. The demorats surely rigged this election. How can President Trump go to bed winnin and wake up losing? I don’t understand.

  7. Someone needs to closely monitor the upcoming runoff election. 600,000 requests for mailin ballots 2 days after the Nov 3rd election (per Stacy Abrams) now up to 800,000; there’s a foul smell already to the upcoming election in Georgia. There is no one willing to take on the responsibility for a fair election. We are sheep going to the slaughter due to the lack of leadership in Georgia.

    1. Hmm. I wonder… did 800,000 people request mail-in ballots OR did a relatively few people and a few computer experts account for the majority of them (minus of course the dead people who requested ballots). Have to tell you I have never seen anything like this election. Of course, I never lived in a country where the commies have thought they had a change to take over. Of course (again), we should have know it was coming with all the riots in our democrat controlled cities. Believe it or not, I can remember when democrats were the party of working people. Now it’s the Republicans seem to be the party for working people and the Democrats are the party of those who want to control our lives because we are just dummies who can’t control our own lives. But let’s show them and get out and vote in numbers that they will not be able to overturn with fraud.

  8. Mail-in ballots–800,000–Give me a break–smells bad better do something about it.must review closely and be sure everything is constitutional in every way..dem’s/commies will cheat/lie in every way..BE CAREFUL!

  9. The lack of follow up and prosecutions of those involved in the Clinton Email scandal, the sham dossier scandal, the fake whistleblower with second hand information that lead to the impeachment farse only emboldened those crooks to continue with their well laid
    plans to increase their power and authority over mainstream Americans at any cost. CALLING ON THOSE IN POWER WITH A SLIVER OF CONSCIENCE TO STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR AMERICA

  10. THE DEMOCRATS DID,ABSOLUTELY,RIGGED THE ELECTION! This is how much HATE they have for the best President we ever had.


  12. So all this fraud and cheating in the election gave us a weak, senile, 78 yr. old who is already owned by both China and Russia.
    What could possibly go wrong ?

    1. They should’ve called then in to monitor the much predicted Rigged 2020 Presidential election. So ^~>~€~€ up in too many ways. I’m so sick of the Dirty DemoCRAPS ALWAYS getting away with anything AND everything illegal. They’re used to it. It’s been past time for it to stop and they pay the price, in PRISON and in their deep pockets.

    2. That is what I have been saying, too. US military should be the “poll watchers” in this Georgia election, and it should be done with PAPER BALLOTS–not those Dominion machines! And there needs to be a proper chain of custody for ballots cast. NONE of this “found ballot” BS the Dems used to STEAL control of the House in 2018, and are TRYING to use to STEAL the White House AND control of the Senate! Not ONE ballot “found” days or hours after the polls have closed should be allowed to be counted. WHY do the Republicans let the damned Dems just TAKE OVER running the elections, counting the ballots, etc. and make NO EFFORT to stop their BLATANT CHEATING?

  13. We are always gonna have problems with elections in this country; until the Union FEC Commissioner is replaced by somebody with ethical standards. Until that happens we will never have another honest Election in this Country!!

    1. IF we can’t stop the conniving Demmunists from rigging and STEALING elections through voter fraud, then we no longer have elections we can depend upon to be fair. Our elections will be no better and no different than the sham elections they held in the old Soviet Union and OTHER Communist-controlled countries in the 20th Century, which the US will soon be if these power-mad Demmunists get their way. And if we cannot influence our government peacefully by VOTING, we either submit to being enslaved by power-mad Communists or foment another revolution and take it back by armed force. What other choice do we have, if we can no longer trust our votes will be fairly counted?

  14. There won’t be an America if the treasonous , avowed America-destroying communists : obama , biden , harris , pelosi , schumer criminals , et al.. get in with even more of their criminals & terrorists ! We won’t even be safe in our own homes again . Apparently these communists , with china , have already apparently taken over , as seen by the fraudulent “election” . And there will never be another pro-America “president” again ! Trump needs the military to round up all these communist enemies of America ! – to GITMO , with many maximum treason sentences EACH ! NO PLEA BARGAINS to ever let any of them loose again !

  15. The next 4 year will be hell 2024 TRUMP will win every state except maybe California people will be begging him to run again then we will return to normal. Someone needs to run against Nancy Pelosi and win then the world will rejoice. God bless America and God bless President Trump.

    1. If the conniving Globalist/Demmunists manage to STEAL the White House and control of the Senate, what makes you think there will BE an election in 2024? They were severely traumatized by losing power to Pres. Trump in 2016, and one of the FIRST things they will want to do if they get back in control is fix things where we can NEVER vote them out of power again!

  16. This is a homeland terrorist attack on the United States. Martial law, round up the traitors, INDICT, and put them in Gitmo until each case is heard…oh…that might take a while…oh well.

  17. Abrams should be in jail! She is already screwing up the run-off election with her 800,000 illegal ballots bieng sent out! Why is she allowed to get away with this? Don’t say because she is black, and would shriek “ racism” if she is challenged. That is lame hog wash, she is upset she lost, so she is helping rig every election in Georgia! Come on SOMEBODY, stop that woman!

  18. Weed the traitors out and hopefully President Trump will succeed. I pray every night that he will prevail in this election. God will punish these democrapic dung beetles for their outright lies, theft, and treason against our great Republic. I hope though, that they get their justice hear on this earth for their crimes.

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