October 2, 2022

Donald Trump is closing the gap in the polls

Democrat hopeful Joe Biden held a commanding lead over Donald Trump for several weeks, but it’s rapidly collapsing.

Biden’s once-double-digit lead has now shrunk to three points, according to two new national polls released this week. With less than three months to go until the election, this isn’t a good trend for Biden.

A Hill-HarrisX poll found that Biden takes 43 percent of the vote versus Trump’s 40 percent. Rasmussen Reports found that Biden takes 48 percent to Trump’s 45 percent.

Biden’s lead is only slightly beyond the margin of error for both polls, destroying the narrative that he’s in control of the election.

Breitbart reported:

Both the Hill-HarrisX poll and the Rasmussen Reports poll are included in the Real Clear Politics poll average, which currently shows Biden with a 6.4 percent lead when the seven most recent polls extending back to July 23 are included.

The sharp reversal of Biden’s lead may be attributed to Trump gaining ground in several key battleground states. A Restoration PAC poll released on Wednesday found that Trump is closing the gap in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

Donald Trump appears to have refocused his re-election strategy on taking definitive action instead of allowing Democrats to continue to self-destruct. After enduring criticism from all sides about his refusal to take control of both the riots and the coronavirus situation, Trump has issued a slew of executive orders aimed at restoring the peace and supporting the American economy — two of his major platform issues.


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