July 31, 2021

Donald Trump finally goes off on Dr. Fauci, White House Task Force

National Institutes of Health director and epidemiologist Dr. Anthony Fauci has been behind much of the US’s policymaking decisions in regard to COVID-19, and his opinions were treated as infallible for months — even by Donald Trump.

However, as the US works its way through the pandemic, Donald Trump is no longer willing to defer to Fauci. Trump just told Fox News on Thursday that Fauci has made “a lot of mistakes” over the last several months.

Trump and Fauci spoke glowingly of each other through March and April, but Trump has finally revealed the truth about Fauci’s policy direction throughout the pandemic.

Trump revealed that Fauci had opposed Trump’s decision to enact travel bans on those coming to the US from China and Europe as the pandemic spread, pointing out that Fauci later admitted that the decision — even though it wasn’t recommended by “the experts” — ended up saving thousands of lives.

“They’ve been wrong about a lot of things, including face masks,” Trump said, referring to the experts on the White House task force headed up by Fauci. “Maybe they’re wrong, maybe not, but a lot of them said, ‘Don’t wear a mask, don’t wear a mask,’ and now they’re saying, ‘Wear a mask.’ So a lot of mistakes were made.”

Now that coronavirus infections are surging in many states, tensions between Fauci and Trump have resurfaced. Fauci attacked Trump in an interview published on Friday, saying that he’s “trying to figure out where the president got that number,” referring to Trump’s assertion earlier this month that “99 percent” of COVID-19 cases are “harmless.”

Fauci continued: “What I think happened is that someone told him that the general mortality is about 1 percent. And he interpreted, therefore, that 99 percent is not a problem, when that’s obviously not the case.”

Fauci revealed that he has not met with Trump in person since early June.

Do you agree with Trump about Dr. Fauci? Scroll down to the comment section to let us know what you think!

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373 Responses

  1. It seems like Fancy is a good old boy from the Swamp. I didn’t like him from the behinning. He is a hypocrite and working on behalf of the dems. He ha admitted he loves Hillary and if you were not sure if his hypocrisy in the beginning, surely you are now! How sad we had to shut our country own because he works for the dems and most of us have got dems for so-called governors! What a bunch of silly added near sighted creatures. Your hopes of having everything your way and ruling out country will come to naught and you won’t be able to say we the democrats, defeated the pandemic and opened up your country for you. You are not going to win put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  2. I agree with the President. Fauci is not only a liar but a traitor as well. He gave the Chinese money for that virus that is now spreading around the world. Fauci should have to pay for his treachery as well as his Chinese friends.

    1. This virus is no worse or better than flu viruses of past years. People, go outside, sunshine will kill pathogens, have your children play outdoors, and please, ditch these face diapers.
      This Fauci bs will go down in history as the worst scam ever. I disliked and distrusted this fool when he kept repeating “vaccines, ventilators, vaccines, ventilators” as a mantra over and over. He can be seen with Gates (now there is a stand-up bully) Piglosi…yeah, that should tell you that he is a demonrat.

  3. I trusted Fauci the first two weeks or so,because no data was in. Once The data began arriving, I didn’t believe him and Birks any more. Then it was revealed how he had given money to China’s Virology Lab, had worked with Birks fir 29 years but neither had seen patients in that time, how he hoped ( with Bill Gates) to develop a vaccine to sell to 7 billion people worldwide and how he and Birks had only used ONE model to process data and never tried any other, I think they are disgusting individuals,greedy, arrogant, and supportive of Keftist causes and issues. I hope they are personae non gratae after their
    despicable handling of this pandemic.

  4. Fauci has been suspect from the beginning! First he said it was no worse than the flu, then that masks would not be a preventative to contracting the virus, then said the lie that it originated in a Wuhan wet market, when he knew it came from the lab he helped fund! He is a liar, backstabbed, in it for HIS moment of undeserved fame, not to mention promoting shutting down the country! He needs to be investigated for his part in this, and gone from the virus task force, along with Birx. Get some real scientists who will tell the truth! We are so sick of his pontificating as an “ expert”, lying and double dealing! Time for him to go!

  5. I agree with the President. Fauci has spoke of a pandemic happening in 2020 since 2017. How do you predict something like that unless you are part of the problem? The virus which originated in China I feel was not a mistake, this was done purposely to ruin our economy by China (possibly the libs were aware or Dr Fauci or Bill Gates and maybe not but I don’t think I am too far from the truth).

    1. Completely agree with you. Deliberate coordinated effort by many to tank our economy before an election and to have MSM broadcast 24/7 gloom and doom to scare people half to death. Meanwhile, other countries are already well on their way to herd immunity – the best defense since there is no vaccine. What we did was in direct opposition to what should have been done. CDC – 98+% of cases have no or mild symptoms. The death rate for this is less than seasonal flu. Of course cases are going up – more testing and allowing hordes of people to protest. But, that means the death rate is going down. Simple math. Open everything up like Iceland, S. Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Sweden and get it over with.

  6. I had a bad feeling about Fauci from the beginning when he started to walk out of meeing with reporters and did a thumbs up to them. That made me feel he was a traitor.

    1. I agree. Fauci is a leftist troll. I never trusted him and still don’t. He is on a power trip. I’ve read alot about him and his ties to leftist corrupt politicians, his money at Wuhaun, dirty deeds he has done…bad guy. Needs to go NOW!

  7. Go President Trump!! Kick their butts off your “expert medical team”. The only thing Fauci and Birx are expert at is lying, cheating, stealing and probable murder!!!
    Go Trump Go!! Go God Go!! Go America Go !!!

  8. I’ve listened to several doctors and health professionals on You Tube, almost all agree that the connections of Dr Fauci to the Gates Foundation, WHO, CDC, big pharma are very suspect. The effects of the planned demic are devastating to the world economy. Dr Fauci repeatedly says we can’t reopen until we have a vaccine. Wouldn’t you know that was also planned and he and his companions stand to make a killing on it. Not just a financial one, but the Gates Foundation believes in population control and we must reduce the world’s population by 90%. Bet your bottom dollar he and his family will not take the vaccine.

  9. Dr. Falsie is a communist and I think he needs fired immediately
    He doesn’t care about the American citizens and he is wants the President to lose. I have never trusted him and I would trust my veterinarian more.

  10. I agree with Trump we have had viruses the last 20yrs that is worse than COVID and we survived and never shut the country down this is a political move and it needs to stop get our lives businesses factory’s our churches and get in with life more people die of some other diseases than COVID open our country

  11. I think Fauci is a crook! He is for population control and is part of the Bill Gates Foundation that has killed or maimed hundred of thousands of people with vacations. Don’t believe me? Check out findings of Robert Kennedy Jr’s research. I say jail him!

  12. He said there would be a virus 3 yrs ago.then he said there will be a second serge. Interesting how he knows. The article about Koby Bryant was on the same page as covid. Back in Feb?

  13. Absolutely and now President Trump will have Dr. Richard Barretts paper in his hand to see how simple it is to fight and treat this virus. And it’s just the opposite of, you go home and wait it out. It’s, treat it early and at the source in the doctors office. No need for hospitalization.
    Praise God in heaven!!!
    This is all political and conditioning for the one world order.

  14. I have never trusted Fauci from the very beginning. He is a crook and one the wrong side of my tracK. I am on the Trump Train!

  15. Has anyone seen a Pinterest post that some of the test kits were contaminated with covid before they were used on people? Two nurses sent in an unused test and it came back positive! How does that happen? Are they seeding the tests with the virus? Something is not right! And Fauci insisting on a vaccine before the country can open, I do NOT trust him, he and Gates are up to no good on this vaccine.

    1. Someone posted a memes that Faucis wife is who Authorized these test kits! This doesnt surprise me. Nepotism was alive and well in Government..Upper Managements wives always got the gravy job..That said, if she is who is behind these test kits,Id not be surprised theyre flawed to spike up cases..

  16. Don’t believe Fauci he is friends with the devil Bill Gates who would like everyone to have a vaccine with a chip. I like the medications like hydrohcortisone & Remdesivir. Never trusted Fauci!

  17. Dr. Fauci is leading The USA in the wrong direction right from the start. He gave the lab in Wuhan China money to create this virus. Remdesivir a medication that Fauci owns the patent on and the 3 vaccines that are being studied to prevent COVID 19 the patents are also owned by Fauci. He is in collusion with Bill Gates to make everyone get his vaccine before we can own the Country and is pushing tracking w everyone with a microchip before we can shop or leave our homes. Fauci is not to be trusted and needs to be removed from any further plans for our Country! He also lied about Hydroxychlorquine. It is effective and cheaper than the Remdesivir he is touting .

  18. I totally agree with the President and I’m sorry he had to stand and listen to the mass of information fauci gave – a lot of it wrong – but not only wrong – but fear-mongering and he’s still at that. I have not cared for him from day one – and it does turn out that he’s attached in some way to that Wuhan lab – he has worked there or something – and Gates, Soros, Fauci are all involved with that lab, as I understand it. He does not want us to get well I think…he’s enjoyed his limelight. We will not listen to him further.
    For that matter, how much of our economic condition and the draconian rules of dems have come as a result of what fauci said? I ask you.

  19. It is all about population control. Answer this question. Who are the most people who have died and where do they live? Over 60yrs and living in Senior centers. How much have we reduced Medacare and Social security costs? Dr F and those who are in this group all will be found out later. Let’s look for the REAL people. Where is A. Gore?

  20. Dr Fauci is a leftist , money-grubbng, self- aggrandizing. blowhard. He and Bill Gates contributed to the CCP lab where the Wuhan Flu (Covid 19} originated, perhaps in hopes of disrupting the world economy, exactly as this disease has done. Now he has backed and contributed to the development of Rendesivir, while discounting and sneering at Hydroxyloroquine because he can’t financially gain from it. As is usual, follow the money. The fact that millions have suffered and some died needlessly because this man cared nothing about people, just the money he could make from the possible ameliorating benefits of the new Rendesiver.

  21. Of course most intelligent people side with the president. Fauci has been a liberal mouthpiece from the get go. This pandemic is NOTHING more than a desperate and feeble attempt to discredit our president and destroy the economy he has made so strong.

  22. I think faucie is a fraud and has lied to us and I never believe he was capable of telling the truth
    I did not know he was tied to
    Bill gates and had anything to do with this remdisiver drugs
    That tells y’all all you need to
    Our president was taken in by this bastard
    God bless us again with electing trump over corrupt Joe Biden
    I don’t believe in these polls anymore God bless America again

  23. I was really and questioning when and if this Rat of Dr Fauci and Dr Redmond and the Dr. Deborah Bizx were going to be exposed. All of them need to be arrested, sent to Gitmo for life along with Bill Gates and Melinda Gates that have vacinated poor children in Africa and either KILLed them or paralzed them for life. Who do they think they are that they can rule the american people with nothing but FEAR FEAR and these stupid A#@ masks only bring on more problems with seniors that have been feared to no hope for them in the future and also a mask to cover criminals from recongiztion People WAKE UP PROTECT OUR GRANDCHILDREN AND CHILDREN GET RID OF THE SQUARE 4 I AM AN 88 YEARS SENIOR AND WANT TO WAKE UP THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD Research George Floyd you will find this was complete frame up open up that golden casket and find out who is really buried or if it is emptyl

  24. Never Have trusted fauci, Or birx, his sidekick.. part of the Problem (swamp creatures),, but then,, always heard,, “ya keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer”..

  25. Fauci needs to keep quiet and stay out of the media. First, Respect for our President should be part of professional ediquite. Something Fauci doesn’t know about. Secons, Fauci has made many mistakes and he waffels about many of his decisions, always wanting to be right. He makes suggestions that leaders follow while not using all the facts such as the very low transmission when people are outside and he does all this while not having to worry about his job bc he has guaranteed employment. He is not considering what shut downs and lock downs would mean to him if he were without employment. Guaranteed, he would come out with different recommendations bc he is NOT telling the whole truth!

  26. The whole conspiracy is now wide open because they were so greedy and deceiving, the true Americans saw right through it.
    NEVER TO BE TRUSTED AGAIN! “Falsi”, obummer, “the old guy in the basement, hitlary, billy boy and the DEMONRATS who support them! God Bless America, President Trump and our TRUE AMERICAN CITIZENS!!!! MAGA 2020!,,,,

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