August 18, 2022

Donald Trump doubles down on rejection of $600 direct payments

After months of bipartisan bickering and stalemates on negotiating a COVID-19 relief package, Congress finally came together last week and passed a $900 billion bill.

However, President Donald Trump immediately halted the process and demanded an increase in stimulus payments to Americans and asked Congress to strip out the excess foreign pork. According to Fox News, Trump doubled down on his demands on Friday as the country watches and waits to see what he’ll do.

The president’s original demand to increase the stimulus payments from $600 to $2,000 caused an immediate rift within the ranks of the Republican party, with some agreeing and some taking a stand against including any direct payments in the bill.

Trump’s Friday tweet will likely further cause divide and debate in the GOP, as he made crystal clear that he doesn’t seem interested in signing the bill until his demands are met.

“Made many calls and had meetings at Trump International in Palm Beach, Florida. Why would politicians not want to give people $2000, rather than only $600? It wasn’t their fault, it was China. Give our people the money!” Trump tweeted.

The nearly 6,000-page bill, which was dropped on the desks of lawmakers and senators on the day of the vote, was widely criticized for the unbelievably amount of excess foreign spending included in what was supposed to be a COVID-19 relief bill.

According to CBS News, even though Democrats agree with the president that the stimulus amount should be increased, the bill was sent to the president as he spent Christmas in his Florida home.

As of this writing, the bill is still sitting in limbo with one of the most immediate and concerning consequences of triggering a U.S. government shutdown unless the president signs or Congress comes up with a new version to meet the president’s demands, both of which seem to be unlikely scenarios at this point.

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Pam Hahn (@guest_1093712)
1 year ago

That’s right President Trump get tough use the hammer I have had enough to d.c. has the money WE don’t , get as tough as Kim young far east . Lower the sledge hammer we can’t live on 600$ .

Michele Eastman (@guest_1093887)
Reply to  Pam Hahn
1 year ago

From what I have heard, this whole business is deliberate on the part of the Demoncrats! They are doing everything they can think of to make President Trump’s life miserable. I hope they know about Karma!! What goes around, comes around!!

Choctaw girl (@guest_1093713)
1 year ago

The damn demaRats knew no one could read the thing just like Obamacare crap look what that got us even TODAY thanks to the rhino McCaine

Raymond Roussel (@guest_1093714)
1 year ago

Waste of time!

George Lukens (@guest_1093715)
1 year ago

Now that’s how a Commander in Chief runs the country. Pelosi played around for months on purpose. All this time has been wasted and put way too much hardship on people who did nothing but work hard to get ahead just to have to scrape by while an idiot of a politician fiddled like she’s a Roman Empress letting the country burn to the ground.

Billie LAIR (@guest_1093717)
1 year ago

Every House Representatives and Senate Reps must be checked to see what feed back they have been receiving from these foreign countries that we have been giving our Tax payers money to help. These Foreign countries DO NOT HELP US. But the House/Senate Demo and Republicians must be getting pay back for sending them ALL THIS MONEY. They need to be put in Jail/prison for selling out America.

Betty F Leet (@guest_1093743)
Reply to  Billie LAIR
1 year ago

You are 100% right.

Terri Mikula (@guest_1093811)
Reply to  Betty F Leet
1 year ago


SGT Preston (@guest_1093817)
Reply to  Billie LAIR
1 year ago

And, don’t forget the kickbacks the democrabs and some republicans, I’m sure, are getting from the one world herd, led by George Soros.

Christina Creasy (@guest_1093960)
Reply to  Billie LAIR
1 year ago

1000% agree these Politicians are getting kickbacks why else did they try to sneak this package through. These idiot politicians should know by now that the President is not stupid. He is the only one in our Government that really cares about We the People. God Bless our great President Trump.

keith (@guest_1093718)
1 year ago

not one penny should leave this country, we / those that need it should have gotten 10000 right away, then we would not have to even think about this at all, its our money, bottom line what the f—k … why does the government think they can help others before us..RIGHT NOW I AM BEING NICE .. SOON VERYY SOON THOSE WHOM/PIG, SHUM, CLIN, OBAM AND MANY MORE WILL BE ANSWERING TO THIS, GOD BLESS AMERICA AND TRUMP… MERRY CHRISTMAS TO THE REST

Ron Tribbey (@guest_1093719)
1 year ago

TRUMP our PRESIDENT is right damm the ryno/republicand and dems for their lack luster and disregard for us Americans.

Tom (@guest_1093724)
1 year ago

SHUT DOWN the stinking Government they are good for NOTHING ANYWAY. All they seem able to do is waste the taxpayers money. Keep the Government shut down until the next election WITHOUT PAY. Then lets see what they can manage to do. The House and the Senate seem Hell bent on giving this Country away to other Countries. If they have been there more than 5 years they all need to be FIRED. This is our Country and we have no taste to be Communist China or Cuba. Wake up and smell the coffee you will be responsible for the aftermath of this election and the SHREDDING of our Constitution.

Orrie (@guest_1093734)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

I agree! SHUT IT DOWN NOW!!!

Karen D McArdle (@guest_1093744)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

Agree – shut it down. No money to other countries. No more money for Congress Pay Increases or benefits. In fact, they should be cut drastically. They have turned being a member of congress into a joke. And Mitch ? I am getting e-mails about him telling Senators to stay away from the Electoral flip Issue and at the same time getting his emails asking for money for the Georgia Runoff. Hey Mitch – SUPPORT OUR PRESIDENT OR SHUT THE HELL UP.
Mr. President – you keep on “Trumpin'”. We love you, have your back and are finally proud to have a president with the courage to put these weak-kneed greedy, useless politicians in their place.

Deb Mull (@guest_1095504)
Reply to  Karen D McArdle
1 year ago

Boy do we agree with you!!! Shut down the stinking government!! No pay for Congress – no increases and NO BENEFITS!!! It’s time our government got what we get!!! And, Mitch, don’t plan on being re-elected since you don’t stand with our President! We The People will not vote for you!!!

Nannytk (@guest_1093727)
1 year ago

Looks like the Republicans are kissing the Democrats a$$es already. The biggest a$$ kisser is McConnell. What a bunch of traitors. They have not shown any support for Trump for quite a while because he’s not one of “them”. People and their kids are starving, getting kicked out of their homes, businesses closing while the “elite” get their paychecks. Pelosi and Schumer are the biggest haters of Trump. He wants to help the ones that need help and they are denying it for pork projects that can wait.

LONE WOLF (@guest_1093797)
Reply to  Nannytk
1 year ago

I totally agree with you! We need to take away all the “FAT” that the politicians have given themselves. This is not a government “by and for the people”, it’s a government by and for itself! We also need to put a stop to people buying their way into office, like we’re seeing in Georgia. Political Candidates sponsored by George Soros may go into office, bought and paid for by Soros and when they leave office (if they ever do) they leave office filthy rich! I wonder just how they accomplish that?

Orrie (@guest_1093733)
1 year ago

Shame on you Republicans in Congress! You’re collecting your salaries every week and you are balking at giving people out of work some of the taxes we hand over every year!!!

Susan Meyer (@guest_1093760)
Reply to  Orrie
1 year ago

Orrie – Trump is ready to give you $2000 not $600, so what in the world are you talking about? It’s not the Republicans, it is the Democrats. They own the House and and are just short two of owning the Senate. So, if President Trump wants to give you $2000 and Congress only wants to give you $600, which do you pick??? Answer please.

LONE WOLF (@guest_1093787)
Reply to  Orrie
1 year ago

Hello Orrie. It’s not the Republicans that are delaying the payments to the people, it’s the Democrats that have been dragging their feet and, when they finally did something, they added things to the relief package that have nothing to do with the pandemic. Trump is trying to get $2,000 instead of $600, while the Democrats want to send millions and millions to foreign countries and/or unnecessary things here in the US. Trump, once again, is demanding that Americans come first and instead of taking care of the people, the Democrats are using the relief package as a political weapon!

scot_belle (@guest_1093735)
1 year ago

IF…this Bill is formally stamped as VETO by President Trump, then the Senate can run a quick vote to over-turn it. However, if President Trump chooses to NOT sign or VETO this Bill, that’s what’s known as a “soft veto”, and in January…the present ‘pork filled Bill’….will just expire. If President Trump is aiming at, “soft veto”, God Bless him!!
Senate can do nothing about the “soft veto” and that will keep ALL the pork…from being sent out.

Then, there’s the “gratuity basis”, which if ALL that pork isn’t sent out….it will also be kept out of the pockets of Congress. American Citizens need that stimulus, and sadly….all we an do is watch to see just how “desperate” Congress become over their “gratuity millions”.

Mary Ann Frohnhoefer (@guest_1093746)
1 year ago

Pres. Trump is right! Americans first, not a wall in Jordan and other ridiculous items. Unemployed American workers first!

Christiann (@guest_1093752)
1 year ago

It’s so obvious that the communist demoncrats care more about foreign countries than they care about the American people be it demoncrat voters or normal people!!!

LONE WOLF (@guest_1093753)
1 year ago

I hate to say this because millions of my fellow countrymen are losing their homes and struggling just to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads but, Trump is right! The Democrats, supported by George Soros and the Communist Chinese, couldn’t care less about the plight of the American People. All they care about is power, money and destroying Donald Trump! They will do anything to sneak things past the Republicans and even some of those in their own party. If my memory serves me, they tried to sneak things through in the not so distant past, I remember someone saying, “just sign the bill, you can read it later!”. That particular bill was around 5,000 pages long. There newest attempt came in a 6,000 page bill that was delivered to Congress the same day that it was to be voted on, I guess that they’re just to thick headed to learn by their mistakes!

Nonya (@guest_1093762)
1 year ago

I think we need to go back to the way it was originally set up. They served their term without pay and then went back home to there regulars lives. No benefits no extras. Just work for the people and country, I can’t remember if it was one or two years but it was better than what we are being led thru now. We have no power we let it all go to the government like a bunch of sheep. We need to become hard core American patriots!!!

Roger Collier (@guest_1093765)
Reply to  Nonya
1 year ago

No the congress voted all this in for themselves the constitution states they are not to vote for one over the other in other words you can’t vote for just what benifits you and not everyone else. We the People have been duped a long time. God save us!

Roger Collier (@guest_1093764)
1 year ago

GOD Speed Mr. President show them what it takes to be a leader and not someone who has to pay back all that money they took under the table for their vote on this crooked bill. Do Not Sign It Ever. Shut the government down might as well they do not do any thing any way, and while you’re at it demand if they do not work they don’t get paid. Am=nd take some pay back from them for not working. We demand that the dems pay back the money they spent on that sham of an impeachment! Many things need to be worked out including this stolen election. Never give up, Never give in, Never surrender! Remember the Lord has got this!

Anni R. Howell (@guest_1093773)
1 year ago

It,s comming,they just act like the NAZIS did in Germany,slowly get all their own Bennies in a Bill. WHY they include all these Porks OUR OWN PROPLE here need desperate help. we’ve been the piggybank for others way to many years AMERIKA needs to take care of our own.These Criminals [so called Demonstraters] should be arrested and severly punished, but the so called DEMORATS slap their Hands and OH These Poor Souls are just demonstrating their Rights. Were is it written they can destroy small Bussinesses and steal and plunder, it will come the Mayority will stand up ENOUGH IS ENOUGH I grew up in Postwar Germany Destruction, HUNGER nothing to have or get, but let these SELFISH Politics continieu what they are doing and we have another BUERGERKRIEG.

Beverly Roberts (@guest_1093803)
1 year ago

You are right, Keith…..let us take care of OUR people and maybe later, we can help the rest of the world.

Beverly Roberts (@guest_1093804)
1 year ago

No further comment.

Beverly Roberts (@guest_1093807)
1 year ago

Lets take care of our own people FIRST!!!! Then, we can see who needs help!

Spurn (@guest_1093829)
1 year ago

Democrats have shut down and killed tens of thousands of businesses forever not coming back. 100,000 employees jobs gone. They want to fund foreign governments in the middle of a pandemic? Excuse me but no. Recall congressional and senate Representatives. Recall specifically Chief Justice John Roberts a traitor to the constitution. Not a damn dime shut government down. Until the American people come first screw congress cut congressional pay and benefits by 50%. A bunch of do nothing self righteous bigots.

Billy Richard Wilson (@guest_1093858)
1 year ago

Congress want to give us little but give foreign nations millions. Someone needs to tell them they work for us not all nations!

Meg (@guest_1093892)
1 year ago

President Trump is the only one who has made a difference in challenging deep state and CCP and draining the swamp. The corruption runs deep in our political system and only someone who is independently wealthy, cannot be bought by the CCP or big tech. We must Pledge our allegiance to America and support our president in every way possible to stay on the correct path and defend our freedom!

Ed K (@guest_1093990)
1 year ago

the democrats don’t care about Americans they care more about foreigners then any american!

Joseph Mitchell (@guest_1094111)
Reply to  Ed K
1 year ago

We need to stand up for he American people. What does it matter about voting if they are going to cheat. I say f_ _ k the USA.

Patricia (@guest_1094124)
1 year ago

I used to be proud to be an American now I am ashamed I will never again vote for a Democrat The American people should always come first. This country has been sending billions of our dollars to other countries for a long time. Now we need it and Congress won’t give our money back to us in our time of need. You should be ashamed of yourself. Go president Trump shut them down

kathleen herrmann (@guest_1094126)
1 year ago

Agree with my fellow Patriots , President Trump , Please sign no bill , and or very few do in our government ; shut the government down , cuff them and send them to GITMO and tried for treason. Save on the lights or something

frolep rotrem (@guest_1160672)
1 year ago

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