May 17, 2022

Donald Trump cancels nomination of public lands chief

White House officials confirmed on Saturday that Donald Trump will cancel his nomination of William Pendley to lead the Bureau of Land Management. 

Pendley served as acting director of the bureau for almost a year, but confirmation of his nomination was met with extreme resistance from Senate Democrats and environmental groups.

Trump nominated Pendley for official confirmation in June, saying at the time that he “worked to increase recreational opportunities on and access to our Nation’s public lands, heighten concern for the impact of wild horses and burros on public lands, and increase awareness of the Bureau’s multiple-use mission.”

However, all 47 Senate Democrats signed a letter to Trump announcing that they would oppose Pendley’s confirmation earlier this week. Rather than drag out the fight further, President Trump has withdrawn Pendley’s name from consideration.

Democrat lawmakers requested Trump to nominate a “new, qualified candidate” for the position after environmental groups blasted Pendley’s support of the government selling off federal lands and his doubts about climate change claims.

Trump has not yet issued a statement regarding his decision to withdraw the nomination. The Department of the Interior confirmed that Pendley will continue as acting director of the bureau until a replacement is confirmed.

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Chuck (@guest_1036599)
1 year ago

M.A.G.A. TRUMP 2020

a fool (@guest_1036653)
Reply to  Chuck
1 year ago

Our President has all the RIGHT to make this kind of decisions by HIMSELF~~ that is HIS JOB! WE the PEOPLE, we elected him to do that as PART of HIS JOB!

Amber (@guest_1036604)
1 year ago

TRUMP 2020 Dump the demorats

Christopher S Butler (@guest_1037087)
Reply to  Amber
1 year ago


robert (@guest_1036606)
1 year ago


Terry (@guest_1036616)
Reply to  robert
1 year ago

I agree 💯 percent

figmo (@guest_1036725)
Reply to  robert
1 year ago

The democrats position themselves, even from the minority position, to micro manage just about everything Trump does or tries to do. They dictate the rules of every proceeding and the republicans in the house and senate follow along like little dumb puppy dogs. If the republicans balk at one of their demands, they go into court and try to get a ruling that basically tells Trump how to do his job. It seems to me that they are violating the separation of powers requirement in our constitution. Also, in Mueller’s appearance before committees in the House and Senate, he was allowed by the feckless republicans to dictate what questions he would and would not answer. Frankly, it pisses me off to see our impotent republicans in the House and Senate led around like sheep by the democrats. Watch them set the rules in the up coming debates to protect and favor Biden.

florida girl (@guest_1036607)
1 year ago

vote all RED this November 2020. lets show the rioters just whose world this still is. go Trump!!!MAGA. KAG

Patricia (@guest_1036645)
Reply to  florida girl
1 year ago


Russ (@guest_1036609)
1 year ago

Hell you can put me up for the job, I would love to have a go at thouse commie democrats.

paw paw (@guest_1036611)
1 year ago


Footsmarts Reflexology (@guest_1036613)
1 year ago

Actually, PUBLIC LANDS MUST BE SAVED. AND, YES, DemocRATS [and especially that lowlife raunchy KAMEL Harris person] CANNOT BE PUT INTO OFFICE.

Terry (@guest_1036615)
1 year ago

THEY oppose EVERYTHING that President Trump tries to do. They are lead by HATE!!

figmo (@guest_1036732)
Reply to  Terry
1 year ago

It’s not just the democrats who hate our greatest president in living memory. It goes beyond Romney and that piece of scum from an uncleaned toilet, McCain, when he was alive. Trump with his street fighter smarts and his telling it like it is, made republican enemies in the 2016 debates and in his private business life. I hope in the future midterm elections we have numerous opportunities to replace these traitorous RINOS in the primaries.

Judy Patton (@guest_1036617)
1 year ago

President Trump, you are the man to pick the man for the job!
Let’s get those vast meet & greet Trump in Tupelo Ms. For sure!
We are getting rid of Mayor Jason Sheldon (Democrat)

Barbara Charis (@guest_1036620)
1 year ago

Public lands need to be held in trust for future generations. President Trump has a great many issues to handle…and probably was not aware of William Pendley’s propensity to sell off public lands to the highest bidder. I am aware that we need resources to run the nation, but those in charge of using the land; must be held responsible for making sure it is not destroyed by being left an eyesore. I saw what strip mining did to areas in Pennsylvania years ago…and it was sad. The first words of the story of Evangeline touched me…”This is the forest primeval, the murmuring pines and the hemlock..” The land is not ours; it does belong to the One who created it…and it is sacred. I am totally for President Trump and realize how hard he is working for the good of all Americans…and it is difficult for him to know everything about the people he is choosing.

James Whit (@guest_1036746)
Reply to  Barbara Charis
1 year ago

Well, I am going to try one more time! My first post was never posted.
BLM land does not belong to the BLM or the government, instead they are the stewards to such lands held for “we the people”. Does anyone remember the Bundy Ranch and how the feds moved in abused people and railroaded them. Destroyed property and killed cattle. This was a setup perpetrated by Harry Reid who wanted that area to sell to the chinese for a solar farm! Politicians and friends in Texas managed to rid the state of all except 2% of it’s land by 1908. Good job. Yes, I think the President realized what his nominee represents and is happy to move on.. Dungocraps would be very pleased if they had realized what Pendley represents.

Steve Vickers (@guest_1036624)
1 year ago

Let’s remember, Obama declared additional land on his way out . I agree we need to keep land but, we need to look at all the land protected , there is a tremendous amount of land protected. I think some needs to be sold off in 20 or 30 acre parcels for people who want to live off the grid. You must live on it or lose it

MN Hunter (@guest_1036630)
Reply to  Steve Vickers
1 year ago

That is only reasonable

Sandra Barnes (@guest_1036638)
1 year ago

A vote for the Dems is now a vote for Marxism and oppression. MAGA Trump 2020.

Connie (@guest_1036643)
1 year ago

Trump is the best we had, if the dems win it will be the end of America. Please vote for Trump to save America, the dems hate America they trying four years to get Trump out. We should be strong and beat Pelosi and all her follower

kathy (@guest_1036656)
Reply to  Connie
1 year ago

amen. god bless president trump and god bless america. we want to vote all demo rats out in november.president trump is the best president we have in 50 years.he will win in a landslide in 2020.

Nancy Group (@guest_1036821)
Reply to  Connie
1 year ago

I agree!!!!

Robert {last}cook (@guest_1036649)
1 year ago

I agree with Barbara Charis 100% an I’m 100% for Trump Harris must not get in office with Biden I s time for a lot of people to go to prison

Joanne Gentile (@guest_1036676)
1 year ago

Trump 2020! Let the Dems all slackers go home and catch Covid! MAGA2020!

Miguel Serrano (@guest_1036677)
1 year ago

Unleash The Donald Trump 2020

Debby (@guest_1036682)
1 year ago


Steve M (@guest_1036686)
1 year ago

I’m a Trump supporter all these way. But as a hunter and public land user , Pendley is no friend to public land. If he was left in charge we would loose great portions of our public lands.



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