April 18, 2021

Don Jr.’s girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle tests positive for coronavirus

The coronavirus just got very close to President Trump.

In shocking news, it has been reported that Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of the president’s son Don Jr., tested positive for Covid-19 before the president’s rally in South Dakota.

The New York Post reports:

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, has tested positive for coronavirus, according to The New York Times.

Guilfoyle received the result in South Dakota, ahead of President Trump’s Friday address at Mount Rushmore.

Trump Jr. tested negative, according to the report, and the couple has not been in contact with the commander in chief.

It’s a sobering reminder that the virus is still active and could still threaten the president’s inner circle.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Guilfoyle and her family, including the president’s oldest son. Let’s hope she has a quick recovery.

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46 Responses

  1. of course she is going to do well…let’s check Schumer and Pelosi and Schiff and the Commie Brennan and the Mayor of NY.

    1. She was probably put on the Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc regime that Trump is on. Hope no one else was infected. May she get well soon.

    1. Yep He should learn something from this. Perhaps he could suggest an aid for treating the virus 🙂

      1. Ross olson: He already did! And it’s been proven to help patients! Or, do you only listen to CNN? Troll!!!

        1. The way I may see things , the people that flooded into America after this country been founded , as a free nation or country , those rich and wealthy types of people of Europe , that followed with the first settlers or soon after , and a short time afterwards , those types of people formed their Government in this free country , that it still was during the time our fore fathers lived in the free world ,as it was called back then , and while our fore fathers still lived , and when one looks back to 1492 to 1776 to when Gold was discovered in 1849 , to how the Government is run today by their two party system , with both parties at each others throat’s , which may be not much difference from what has taken place in Europe And Asia , after the population grew , to all the wars that followed by those who became the rich and wealthy with their power to form their armies to conger , that has taken place for thousands of years , to where we are seeing it taking place in our own free country , by the same types of people , who want to take it over , from within by those that we are seeing and hearing of today , and all this evil crap that is taking place at this time , is part of their evil plans of taking over our lives and our country , But those types of evil crooked people are going to fail big time , And in the near future , the working people of this country and the people around the world , will rejoice when this free nation returns to the nation it founded as or for .

          1. Fairy tale … wake-up & read Bro’s Grimm … learn the Truth !!

    2. Gina why would you be so terrible and wish such bad things on anyone? Think about how you are presenting yourself.. Bless your little heart…maybe you don’t know any better.

    3. Gina, this is pure evil. Only a Socialist/Dem can be this mean but is to be expected because the left doesn’t believe in God or prayer. May God forgive you and all those like you.

    4. Gina you are Typical democrat disgusting person. You want this country to fail so I guess you want to live in a communist country if the Dems take over in Nov. good luck with that

    5. Does this really make you wonder “who” really started the virus ??? Some people have no shame at all!!!

    6. What reality, the one where Trumps quick reaction saved thousands of lives of Americans and reduce those that acquired the virus.

    7. Maybe your whole family should get the same dose of reality!! How do you like it? Actually I won’t wish that for you or your family. I don’t want to stupe to your level. But writing things like makes you a horrid person and you should be ashamed!!!

  2. I am praying she will recover……and will not hurt anyone else in their family/friends circle.

  3. Wishing someone to get sick is sickness in it’s lowest form. Go look at your self in the mirror and see what kind of scum you have become.

  4. If you look at the CDC site, they say that there are many viruses and colds that can show up on the test….

  5. Some comments on here are just hateful. I hope anyone who gets sick will recover the hate in this nation is just sickening

    1. I’m reading these reply’s on the covid19… there are so many haters in this world. That’s one reason we are living in chaos. Why not just let others think and live their lives as they wish. Try to be kinder fir the next generation of Children. Stop the haters !!!

  6. Did Kim die? Nope, just tested positive for a virus – like a cold or cancer or hangnail. Just testing positive is just what it is…if treatment is necessary it will happen. No big deal and no sense living in fear of something you can not control or avoid. Common sense people…hate only hurts YOU and unwarranted. It’s similar to your 15 year old daughter coming up pregnant…deal with it.

    1. One of the most sensible comments I have read concerning this virus. Considering the way the CDC has been counting those that had the disease with those that tested positive, how many have actually gotten the virus? AND considering that hydroxychloroquine is a good treatment that has been around for 60 plus years. WHY IS IT NOT BEING USED?

      1. It’s not being used because President Trump supports the use of it and used it himself. That’s how insane these people who hate him have become!!

    1. Some people are so nasty that would wish terrible things on another person. Remember, God is watching you and all
      Of us and we will All now before him. Wonder what you will tell him about your evil thoughts??

  7. We are now living in a country where many people have been indoctrinated by the poison from the radical left that has rendered them brain dead!

  8. I wish Kimberly the best and I am sure she will be fine. Testing positive in most cases is testing positive with the flu. People get a grip and stop the fear tactics. This is so hyped by the media and the democrats. Now that everyone and their mother are being tested of course you are going to have more incidents but it is no need for an alarm. I think the country has lost their mind. To have all of these shut downs and masks are a crime. Build your immune system, take vitamin C, Elderberry is a good source as well. Take control of your own life and destiny. Don’t depend on the government.

  9. To Kimberly, I plead the Blood of Jesus over you, for by His stripes we were healed. And to the President and family I pray Psalm 91 for the total protection. May God Bless you and keep you. 4 MORE YEARS< 2020!!!!!

  10. I believe there might be a virus, but no where near what the left have portrey. I also believe that that you need to know to whom you are leaving your test with. There have been so many test that have been sent in, that have not even been used, that they say are positive. How can that be? The real reason is they want to control us. We do not need masks. How is that every day people need them, but protesters do not. Why can we not sing when we go to church.? WHY IS THAT PEOPLE WHO TRY TO PROTECT OUR NATION AND IT’S CITIZENS GET ARRESTED IF WE TRY TO STOP THEM,but they are allowed to burn ,riot, tear down our history and shoot at people that they think they can. They want our police force taken down, but who do they want to help them if any violence hits them. The left are a sick bunch of do nothing’s that want to put us under SOCIALISM. OUR America do not Socialism. God bless our country and our citizens. Amen

  11. Like!! Really appreciate you sharing this blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing.

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