August 19, 2022

DNC cuts price of photo-op with Kamala Harris as VP’s popularity falters

In yet another jarring example of Vice President Kamala Harris’ utter failure to live up to the lofty expectations of Democrat elites, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been forced to substantially drop the price tag on a photo-op with President Joe Biden’s number-two, as Fox News reports.

Harris’ downward spiral in popularity made headlines recently when it was revealed that the DNC was forced to postpone its Women’s Leadership Forum – which the VP was slated to headline – due to lackluster ticket sales, as Breitbart noted.

The outlet cited Status Coup News in noting that the event “was rescheduled last minute for the autumn, when the event is traditionally held, after the event couldn’t sell enough tickets,” and the reporting further indicated that photo-line availability at the now-delayed event were set to run anywhere between $15,000 and $50,000.

It has since emerged that those who are still interested in having a photo taken with Harris are not completely out of luck until the fall, given that there will be another opportunity at a June fundraiser in California, and it will come at the deeply discounted rate of just $5,000, according to Tara Palmeri of Puck News.

An attempt to explain the sharp drop in price for a shot with Harris was offered by Daniel Wessel of the DNC, who said that the organization works with “hosts and fundraisers to set specific ticket prices for each event,” and that “there are a variety of ticket levels for every event as is pretty standard for finance events.”

It did not take long for critics on the Twitterverse to cast doubt on that version of events. However, with many swooping in to take full advantage of the chance to underscore just how unpopular the vice president appears to be, even among members of her own party.

As the Post noted, one Twitter user with the handle @SecritSqrl declared, “She’d have to pay me at least a hundred,” while @NoleAmerica quipped, “Wonder what they could draw if she promised not to show up?”

Underscoring the economic calamities over which Biden and Harris currently preside, Nicole Morales of the Republican National Committee joked, “Americans may not be able to afford gas or groceries anymore, but at least taking a picture with Kamala is on clearance!”

The inability of the vice president to draw sufficient attendees for a DNC event, the need to slash prices for her photo line, and recent polling showing that her unfavorable ratings consistently exceed 50% all serve as stunning reminders of the potentially inescapable corner the Democrats have backed themselves into by installing the cognitively questionable Biden in office and believing that Harris was at all capable of serving as his heir apparent.

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50 Cents for a photo op with Camel Hairs would be too much



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