August 9, 2022

Disgraced Rep. Tom Reed says he won’t seek re-election in 2022

In recent weeks, New York voters have been bombarded with headlines about sexual misconduct allegations against elected officials in their state, though the ways in which the accused parties have responded has been an enlightening study in contrasts.

According to Fox News, Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) announced on Sunday that he would not seek re-election to his seat in Congress, nor would he run for governor in 2022 amid allegations of past sexual misconduct toward a female lobbyist.

Reed’s decision followed a report in the Washington Post in which former lobbyist Nicolette Davis claimed that the congressman subjected her to inappropriate physical contact at a bar in Minnesota four years ago, according to The Hill.

In his official statement, Reed formally apologized to Reed, stating, “I hear her voice and will not dismiss her,” adding:

In reflection, my personal depiction of this event is irrelevant. Simply put, my behavior caused her pain, showed her disrespect and was unprofessional. I was wrong. I am sorry, and I take full responsibility.

Reed also indicated that the events in question happened during a period in his life when he was battling alcohol addiction, and that “in addition to apologizing to those I have impacted, including Ms. Davis, I will be seeking to help those wrestling with addition in any way I can.”

The congressman from upstate New York made it clear that he would not seek election to any political office in 2022, despite remarks in February that seemed to tease a possible challenge to embattled Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo in which Reed said:

Governor Cuomo: Your days are numbered. There’s leadership coming to Albany very soon.

Reed’s decision to retire from public life once his current term ends in January of 2023 stands in stark contrast from Cuomo’s stubborn refusal to step down amid claims of sexual misconduct that are far more detailed and voluminous than those lodged against the congressman.

Just last week, an eighth accuser stepped forward to accuse Cuomo of inappropriate behavior, adding to the mounting pressure on the governor to resign. In addition to a lengthy list of New York lawmakers who have demanded his departure, even President Joe Biden weighed in last week to declare that if claims against Cuomo are borne out by a pending investigation, not only should he step down, but that “he’ll probably end up being prosecuted, too.”

Perhaps it is high time that Cuomo reads the writing on the wall and follows Rep. Reed’s example of personal responsibility and professional accountability.

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bob onit (@guest_1181832)
1 year ago

So the country loses a vote because of his 12 step guilt

ROBERT POWELL (@guest_1181834)
1 year ago


Phyllis (@guest_1182031)
1 year ago

From the looks of the insane laws being pushed on the American people, I would have to say just about all of them.

russell remmert (@guest_1182103)
Reply to  Phyllis
1 year ago

spot on

Virginia Bailey (@guest_1182505)
1 year ago

WELL STATED!!! I think more and more or else the Dems wouldn’t have come up with the two candidates that those in the party elected. Maybe it’s not just alcohol but those other drugs people seem to use these days. Where were capable people moving up in the party? What a mess….

Robert Fott (@guest_1181836)
1 year ago

Sorry to see him say he will be gone. But, it proves Republicans have ethics and morals and do what is the right thing when confronted. Any democrats listening? I really doubt it.

Joe (@guest_1181839)
1 year ago

Cuomo won’t resign! Democrats consider it a Badge of honor for behavior like his! He could run for president! I’m sure Bill ( can’t keep his pants on ) Clinton will support him.

rb (@guest_1181846)
Reply to  Joe
1 year ago

Maybe your right Trump ran with his trail of civil suites and layouts in his past..

Tom Edwards (@guest_1181863)
Reply to  rb
1 year ago

None of Trumps has been proven to be real!

Carol A Spencer (@guest_1181918)
Reply to  rb
1 year ago

Do you have even one functioning brain cell?? Nothing – Not one single accusation against President Trump was ever proven. Do you live in a cave?

bmo (@guest_1181841)
1 year ago

story brings to mind another person with same initials TR./Tara Reed/ how has biden been able to avoid any serious scrutiny for the charges made by this lady when she served on Biden Staff? seems like every other person with much less credible charges has been forced to answer. joe biden just gets to say
“come on man” or i trust my some hunter biden, he has never done anything wrong. the idiot was taking his son on 16hour plane rides to china as VP and says they never discussed any business?!

Bob Meyers (@guest_1182029)
Reply to  bmo
1 year ago

ALWAYS consider the source. There is a big correction coming in this country and it wont be nice…..but it will be fair.

Pollty (@guest_1181843)
1 year ago

The cleansing will continue until they are all gone from.both parties

Frances Clift (@guest_1181851)
1 year ago

Love the prior comments

Chuck (@guest_1181874)
1 year ago

Inside the pentagram we call DC

James (@guest_1181878)
1 year ago

Reed was more demonrat than he was conservative. Sometimes he talked the talk but not the walk. Sounds like Karl Rove. A demonrat claiming to be a republican.

Michael S Dowling (@guest_1181885)
1 year ago

Being a drunk tends to lead to more than problems you can remember.

rick (@guest_1181888)
1 year ago

All this proves is that neither commiecrats or RINO’s are interested in really doing what they were elected to do: work for the people that elected them! Too many parties, too few morals! What a disgusting bunch of human flotsam!

Stephen Russell (@guest_1181907)
1 year ago

If hes a RINO I dont care, otherwise needed if vital to party & future.

Ken Elwood Huffaker (@guest_1181952)
1 year ago

It’s sad that it’s hard to convince people with morals and a conscience to run for political offices. They do not want to even step into the same building with the scum we’ve elected in the last 30 years except for Trump!

jomama4069 (@guest_1182060)
1 year ago

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Cecelia (@guest_1182159)
1 year ago

Well, all I can say is that it appears that NYers will lose a man that takes responsibility for his actions. That’s a rare individual in today’s world.

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