October 6, 2022

Director of Ohio Health Department abruptly resigns

Director of Ohio’s Department of Health, Dr. Amy Acton, who presided over the state’s coronavirus response, has chosen to resign from the position, said Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R).

Acton will reportedly continue to serve the state of Ohio as DeWine’s chief health adviser, and said simply that her reason for resigning as the state’s health director was that she “couldn’t do three jobs at once.”

Acton’s leadership during the coronavirus crisis was highly controversial, with some in the state praising her daily press briefing appearances, and others accusing her of overreaching her authority in calling for strict lockdown orders.

Breitbart reported:

Governor DeWine said that Acton’s “knowledge, compassion, and determination have set an example for all of us,” adding that the now former health director has exhibited “extraordinary bedside manner and wise counsel” during the Chinese coronavirus pandemic.

Other elected officials, however, seemed pleased to hear of Acton’s resignation on Thursday.

“I am hearing she is still on the tax payer dime but Actin’ Acton has resigned as Health Director. I say NOT good enough! 1 down, 2 to go of the Terrible Tyrannical Trio!” reacted state representative Nino Vitale (R-Urbana) on his Facebook page.

Much of the ire towards Acton arose when she attempted to force “non-essential” businesses to stay closed long after her authority to do so expired.

After large public outcry, an Ohio judge ruled in late May that Acton’s orders for the state’s gyms to stay closed for over two months were ” impermissibly arbitrary, unreasonable, and oppressive.”


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