May 28, 2022

Dianne Feinstein’s popularity crashes, facing real chance of being removed in next election cycle

Democrats may not know it yet, but they’re headed for trouble in the 2022 midterm elections. One of their longest-serving politicians is falling out of favor in a state that should be a stronghold.

A Berkeley IGS poll released Wednesday revealed that Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s approval rating has essentially bottomed out, the Daily Caller reported. Among voters, the California Democrat has a 30% approval rating compared with the 49% who disapprove of the job she’s doing.

Feinstein fared slightly better among female voters, with 33% approving and 42% disapproving of her job performance. Still, these numbers are shockingly low for the 88-year-old lawmaker who has been in the Senate since 1992.

Considering that 49% of respondents to the poll were self-identified as “strongly liberal,” Asian, and Hispanic, Feinstein is clearly in trouble. She’s even having a hard time garnering support in the most left-leaning places like the San Francisco Bay areas and Greater Los Angeles.

Mark DiCamillo, the poll’s director, called all of this “a very significant and ominous sign for her.” However, this goes far deeper than just one lawmaker.

Democrats across the country are having a difficult time heading into 2022 — and they know it. The House of Representatives has had 30 Democratic members leave with less than a year left before the elections compared to a handful of Republicans who have done the same, according to CBS News.

That’s not surprising considering the highest-ranking Democrats in the country are having a struggling to keep their heads above water in the polling only a little more than a year after taking office. President Joe Biden’s approval rating is at 47% with a 48% disapproval rating and Vice President Kamala Harris is at 38% approval compared to a 46% disapproval.

It’s clear that the Biden administration has been such a disaster that it can’t help but filter down through the entire party. However, it’s a strong indication of impending doom when a long-tenured Democrat isn’t popular with the people of California.

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