May 25, 2022

DHS Deputy Secretary says federal agents could sue Pelosi for libel

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been called out by Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli for making “slanderous” comments about federal agents attempting to protect federal buildings. 

Cuccinelli said on Friday that Pelosi and other Democrats that referred to federal law enforcement agents as “stormtroopers” and “Nazis” could be subject to libel claims from agents targeted for simply doing their jobs.

President Trump has authorized the deployment of federal agents to several large cities that are experiencing riots. The agents have been strategically placed to lawfully protect federal buildings from criminals destroying cities such as Portland and Chicago.

Trump’s decision to crack down on attacks on federal buildings naturally caused Democrat leaders to explode in anger. Pelosi tweeted on July 17:

Unidentified stormtroopers. Unmarked cars. Kidnapping protesters and causing severe injuries in response to graffiti. These are not the actions of a democratic republic. @DHSgov’s actions in Portland undermine its mission. Trump & his stormtroopers must be stopped.

Cucinelli did not take kindly to the libelous claims about his agents, and fired back in a Fox News appearance that “When you see such libelous, slanderous comments from people who know better — Let’s not kid ourselves, the speaker of the House knows that she is using Nazi allusions to refer to correct, professional law enforcement officers.”

“If I was a CBP agent or ICE agent, or FBI agent — and if I was an FPS agent — I might sue for libel,” Cucinelli continued.

Pelosi isn’t the only one that has characterized federal agents as Nazis. House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) referred to federal agent activity as “the activity of a police state, and this president and this attorney general seem to be doing everything they possibly can to impose Gestapo activities in local communities, and that is what I have been warning about for a long time.”

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Jay (@guest_1028102)
1 year ago

The Police Unions need to ban together and Sue as an Individual as well as a Congress women. All proceeds need to go to the law enforcement officers injured in the line of duty. (Union Attorneys you can do this one Pro Bono)

Linda Cardin (@guest_1030280)
Reply to  Jay
1 year ago

Thank you My feelings exactly. These so called Government Employees such as Pelose and others think that America is their private bank account and that they can order all Americans around. NOT SO,,
We love President Donald Trump and will vote for him again. We need President Donald Trump 2020-2024

edward angell (@guest_1028106)
1 year ago

I thought hillary is the vilest, most corrupt,evil. lying-est, ugly piece of fecal matter ever, but ole nervous nancy is serious competition. Tall gallows, short rope!

Linda Cardin (@guest_1030282)
Reply to  edward angell
1 year ago

Agree 100%

westle (@guest_1028110)
1 year ago

She (Pelosi) is the devils’ gas bag.
Every word out of her mouth is a lie.

Joseph Corson (@guest_1028130)
1 year ago

That’s right, sue that immoral degenerate for every penny she STOLE? And while you are at it, charge her with TREASON! She has repeatedly committed sedicious acts and has deliberately
inflicted harm upon and against the PRESIDENT the UNITED STATES and the CONSTITUTION, whom she has sworn to protect! She is nothing more than a common CRIMINAL!

Bemused Berserker (@guest_1028156)
1 year ago

I keep hoping the old Mafia Whore will stroke out!

Dustin Ducklow (@guest_1028207)
1 year ago

How is Kidnapping people and bringing them to an undisclosed location, Breacking the arms of a peaceful protestor, beating up street medics. “just doing there job.. She is just like Trump and says whatever people are thinking. They are no different than the Chinese Communist police doing the same in Hong Kong

Linda (@guest_1032106)
Reply to  Dustin Ducklow
1 year ago

Open your eyes..

Victoria (@guest_1028208)
1 year ago

I agree 100 % the dems must be stopped and exposed to the American People ASAP! They have divided our great Country! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! PRESIDENT TRUMP IS THE BEST PRESIENT A MAN OF HIS WORD! WE SHOULD ALL THANK GOD FOR HIM!

Surge S EmpeyJr (@guest_1028230)
Reply to  Victoria
1 year ago

The demos have done everything to Donald Trump except assassination. One of these days they just might start doing their jobs and the House will get cracks in the walls.

M (@guest_1028326)
Reply to  Victoria
1 year ago

your right the democrats need to be stopped and charged with the crimes they have comitted them seem to feel they are above the law

Skip Boyer (@guest_1029747)
Reply to  M
1 year ago

Pelosi and shumer and aoc. Need to be impeached. And now is the time.these demoncrats are going to ruin our country. A deaf and blind person can know what they what they are doing to our country

Margo Zatkovich (@guest_1028336)
Reply to  Victoria
1 year ago

I totally agree with your statement! What would the US look like if Biden got in??? OMG!!!

Deborah . Leatherman (@guest_1028482)
Reply to  Margo Zatkovich
1 year ago

If pelosi had her way, We would have to ” heil pelosi “. I will not bow down to her comments against our PRESIDENT, she is a witch and should be treated to a SALEM WITCH TRIAL for what she has done to our country, I also would ad all her cronies to the list of stakes roasting on an open fire. Maybe add an OBAMANATION or four. I mean shouldn’t they pay too! It started back at the last election when they couldn’t get, hillbillies wife in the WHITEHOUSE, that one was a murderous cow that kills off anyone who was against them since bill was elected and called them friends so they could go to smile at their handiwork @ funerals. democrats @ work. please vote dumbocrates if you want to live in hell forever because, four years will be over it’ll be till someone figures a way to kill them to get rid of them then, hide and watch, If I’m lying, well I’ve just painted a 🎯 on my back!!! ya know? BUH BYE.

Tamara Lopez (@guest_1028764)
Reply to  Victoria
1 year ago

I agree the Democrats need to be stopped. If they do get in control they will messed up America even more. I am so afraid that they will gain control in our this great country will be no more! We need President Trump to continue doing a great job that he’s been doing.. we are lucky that this man chose to run our country and chooses to run again. Even even though him and his family have been unfairly persecuted by the Press. I believe the Press should be held accountable further untruth they have been spreading. I believe the riots and Mass Hysteria is their fault. We need America to be great again just like president Trump desires. America it’s time 2 rise up and support this great man!! So on November 3rd get out there and vote to protect our right and great country. God bless President Trump and his family! Amen

Victoria (@guest_1028212)
1 year ago


Peter J Duffy (@guest_1028218)
1 year ago

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has proven that she is an enemy of our Nation and should be brought up on charges with the aim that she be removed from her position.

james Garey (@guest_1028240)
Reply to  Peter J Duffy
1 year ago

She needs to be sent to prison and her friend Hillary Clinton and Clinton foundation

ml (@guest_1028327)
Reply to  Peter J Duffy
1 year ago

l feel not only brought up on charges for treason but locked away in some deep dark cell with no windows and no visitors

Betty A MurrayOo (@guest_1028334)
Reply to  ml
1 year ago

And no ice cream or wine

Lyudmila Loeva (@guest_1028233)
1 year ago

After Trump authorized the defense of federal buildings from criminals destroying cities like Portland and Chicago, Democratic leaders led by Pelosi exploded with anger because they are the direct leaders of this unrest who are leading the country into chaos.

William Sullens (@guest_1028274)
Reply to  Lyudmila Loeva
1 year ago

Amen to your comment Lyudmila. The DHS should sue Pelosi for defamation and make sure they do it in a conservative jurisdiction so they can get the money back that she funneled to her husband from the stimulus funds.

ml (@guest_1028328)
Reply to  William Sullens
1 year ago

I agree with that and not only the money she funneled to her husband from the stimulus bill but all the money that she has made over the years

Richard (@guest_1028297)
Reply to  Lyudmila Loeva
1 year ago

Pisslosi is a communist and should be tried for treason.

Sandra Bryngelson (@guest_1028340)
Reply to  Lyudmila Loeva
1 year ago

Pelosi, is a lunatic!

pamela (@guest_1028390)
Reply to  Lyudmila Loeva
1 year ago

the democrats are dangerous they are killing people because they hate trump very sad

LADD MILLER (@guest_1028412)
Reply to  Lyudmila Loeva
1 year ago

Exactly the truth. Pelosi and the other open seditionists MUST be hauled to sequestration and should be SHOT for their crimes against America and WE THE PEOPLE.

Tim (@guest_1028250)
1 year ago

Put Pelosi, Shumer, Schiff and all the other lying members of the attempted “coup d’Etat” in Leavenworth, or ask the final question: “Blindfold or no blindfold”.

jerry whobrey (@guest_1028255)
1 year ago

it.s a sad time for american citizens.We all know Pelosi,Shiff,Shummer,Biden,Romney,Obama and it’s hard to count how many more Democrat leaders in the US are being bought and paid for by George Sorce and big corperut Co. from China,and around the world.( who knows,maybe russia needs some more urainium or give Iran a couple pallet loads of cash) at the tax payers expense.It’s hard to believe One Man could cause so much hate and evil in a country like the good old USA,who has always been one of the first to help others.But between Obama,Hillary,Kerry,and Sorce it’s hard to say witch one hurt us the most.You’all decide.My money is on George Sorce + Obama his Muslim puppet.Anyway you would think they could fire.arrest,jail,get rid of spank,anything for all the perchury and lying that was done during the muller investication and impeachment trial. Also at tax payer expense. Oh! one more thing. Get out and VOTE.

Richard (@guest_1028299)
Reply to  jerry whobrey
1 year ago

OBOZO said he would give you change, guess what he did.

Martin Syvertson (@guest_1028269)
1 year ago

What people don’t seem to understand is that the president is constitutionally bound to protect federal property and it’s attendant employee’s from the kind of destruction and violence so clearly displayed by Leftist thugs in Portland and elsewhere, and if Pelosi, Schumer and their bloody crowd would stop exacerbating that violence, and that includes the mayoral leaders and the governors of these trouble spots, by cheering them on and calling the federal agents doing their lawful duty Nazi’s etc., things could get back to normal. It’s the Democrat leadership that, as usual, is causing this horrible division within our country, and is a clear indication of what we can expect if they regain power this November.

Kurt Walker (@guest_1028315)
1 year ago

Here’s the dilemma: You’re standing in the middle of a bridge. Suddenly Obama and Biden walk up on one end and Pelosi and Schumer walk up on the other end. You have a double barrel shotgun but you only have two shells. How do you make such a choice???

Republican American living in a Communist state (Pa) (@guest_1028782)
Reply to  Kurt Walker
1 year ago

Blow up the bridge! I may go too but for the Greater Good and for God and Country!

Sam (@guest_1028317)
1 year ago

Sue her and then get her out of office!!!

Richard Milton Wise (@guest_1028428)
1 year ago

Why is it that when these politician take a oath of office to protect and serve and uphold the constitution of The United States Of America. The demorats are owned by China, George Soros and lobbyist! What about the American citizens!

Carmella Yates (@guest_1028432)
1 year ago

Those Democrats should be sued for defamation . Pelosi is a enemy of America.

Jim (@guest_1028454)
1 year ago

Federal Law Enforcement Officers are arresting and removing criminals from the scene of their crime, they are NOT kidnapping or beating up on anyone! If the local LEO were allowed to do thier job of crime fighting the Feds would not have to be there. The reason for the unmarked units is because marked units would be immediately attacked and distroyed by these mobs.

Jim (@guest_1028455)
1 year ago

If a Government Official called me a Nazi or StormTrooper for legally doing my job as a Law Enforcement Officer, darn right I would sue them, big time!

PATTY (@guest_1028463)
1 year ago


Winter Rose (@guest_1028505)
1 year ago

Demoncrats want a Marxist and Muslim Brotherhood AMERICAN GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER. Some Demoncrats are on One side Bernie is Marxist Obama is MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. And then Some Demoncrats Go Either way.. Biden stands with Bernie Marxists and Obama MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. Hillary is Marxist.. sells Uranium to make Nuclear Weapons to Russia and MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD… Tried to Overthrow Egypt’s Govt with the Help of The Muslim Brotherhood. Right Now Marxists and Muslims testing waters with Soros Funding Riots just like SOROS did when PRESIDENT TRUMP Was Elected. THEN it was Fake Russia Collusion…WHICH DEMONCRATS ARE GUILTY OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION . They ALWAYS Yell Discrimination When Their Behind Discrimination, Terrorism(Open Borders, Sanctuary States and Cities, Anything Illegal). But Before They Have Their OVERTHROW OF AMERICA THEY WANT U.S.CITIZENS GUNS TAKEN AWAY AND U.S. LAW ENFORCEMENT TAKEN AWAY. That way You Americans Will Be Helpless while The Marxists and Muslims Go To MOSQUES BASEMENTS In AMERICA where Muslim Brotherhood Has STOCKPILED Army Weapons and Artillery. Where do you think the Rioters are getting AK47s???……..

Aristophanes (@guest_1028506)
1 year ago

I cringe at “democratic republic”. She does not even know the form of government she is supposed to support and protect. Constitutional Republic, Nancy. She is trying to claim even the government as demoncrat! What a brain dead twit. Also, Nancy, since when is supporting law and order nazi or storm troopers. Sounds more like these labels could be attached to the demoncrat governors who are issuing draconian orders since this covid plandemic began.

Zepher Zipping (@guest_1028511)
1 year ago

Slander charges should be in force , democrates continue to shoot their mouths off as do the news media . Their lying ways have started racism , riot’s , looting , rape , murders , along with their stance on abortion , sanctuary cities , aiding and abetting criminals , Illegal immigration , and illegals voting , their ties to Russia , China , Iran , so just who’s side our democrates on ??? Their party is so confused on what is right and what’s wrong .

larry ossler (@guest_1028512)
1 year ago

Pelosi makes me want to throw up…she is not only a communist but a big time SICKO..We should subpoena her and charge her treason for aiding and abetting known terrorists during these violent protests111

Ron (@guest_1028602)
1 year ago

Both of these traitors need to go before a firing squad. (To google) If you got to post pictures of pooosey do AMERICA a favor put a sack over he head. She has done past ugly. this who-e is ooogly,

Doris davis (@guest_1029054)
1 year ago

The speaker of the house nancy.( i used lower case letters for i don’t respect her)..she has disrespected our PRESIDENT and the AMERICIAN people long enough…she has caused a great division among our NATION…to look at her …she is full of hate. .Everything she does .. She does for selfish reasons…nancy needs to be removed ASP..we need leaders in the CONGRESS that is for the AMERICIAN PEOPLE..PLEASE HELP REMOVE HER AND HER DEMONS….



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