May 23, 2022

DHS investigating calls for truck convoy in Americas following Canadian protests

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is investigating discussions of a truck convoy similar to the widespread protests in Canada.

The agency “is tracking reports of a potential convoy that may be planning to travel to several U.S. cities,” a DHS spokesperson said in a statement to Fox News Wednesday.

The department has “not observed specific calls for violence within the United States associated with this convoy, and (is) working closely with our federal, state and local partners to continuously assess the threat environment and keep our communities safe,” the statement added.

The Canadian truck convoy has now extended nearly two weeks, including tens of thousands of people nationwide and shutting down the capital of Ottawa.

The impact has been strong already in Canada, with some Americans fearing a similar problem if a convoy begins in our nation.

Instead, the Biden administration and Democrat states have already started to announce plans to roll back some restrictions, perhaps partly in an effort to avoid similar problems.

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