July 4, 2022

Detective testifies Rittenhouse only shot people chasing him

Kenosha Police Department Detective Ben Antaramian testified on Monday that Kyle Rittenhouse only shot people who chased him during a Black Lives Matter riot.

Rittenhouse, then 17, faces murder charges in the shooting deaths of two people and wounding a third in a case his lawyers argue is a clear case of self-defense.

Gaige Grosskreutz, the man who was shot and wounded, admitted in court that he had pulled his own gun first and pointed it at Rittenhouse.

The case has become an important one both to social justice leaders and Second Amendment supporters. President Joe Biden referred to Rittenhouse as a white supremacist during his presidential campaign, despite the lack of evidence.

Second Amendment supporters view the case as an important example of self-defense. Despite the fact that the people involved were part of a Black Lives Matter riot, the videos of the shooting scene appear to clearly show Rittenhouse under threat.

Gun control activist also have concerns regarding the then 17-year-old Rittenhouse patrolling the area with an AR-15 rifle. The AR-15 has frequently been a target for removal by those who support strongest laws against firearms.

The case continues on Tuesday, as the important legal challenge continues regarding the role of self-defense and the Second Amendment.

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