May 23, 2022

Details of Chris Cuomo’s sexual assault printed in The New York Times

A recent report from The New York Times offered previously unrevealed details about what led to CNN firing anchor Chris Cuomo, according to Fox News

Cuomo was suspended by CNN due to allegations from the New York Attorney General that he was involved in protecting his brother, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, during his sexual harassment scandal. 

However, he was later terminated from the network when allegations against the former “Cuomo Prime Time” anchor began to snowball, and he was accused of sexual misconduct of his own by a former junior college while they worked at ABC News. 

Up until recently, details about Cuomo’s alleged misconduct were undisclosed, however, the Times has delivered the scandalous details of the termination from one of the nation’s most liberal television networks, including the letter from high-profile attorney Debra Katz sent to CNN detailing the accusation. 

“It relayed a story that had begun in 2011 when the woman, who was referred to as Jane Doe, was a young temporary ABC employee hoping for a full-time job,” the Times reported.

“One day, after Mr. Cuomo, an anchor, had offered her career advice, he invited her to lunch in his office, according to the letter, interviews with the woman and emails between her and Mr. Cuomo,” the publication went on.” When she arrived, there was no food. Instead, Mr. Cuomo badgered her for sex, and after she declined, he assaulted her, she said. She ran out of the room.”

The wean after attempted to “smooth things over” with a friendly email to Cuomo in hopes of working full-time for ABC and told “five friends and former colleagues” about “unwelcome sexual requests” from Cuomo but reportedly refrained from sharing the assault claim until the past year. 

According to Katz letter, Cuomo contacted the woman “seemingly out of the blue” “at the height of the #MeToo uprising” following the public humiliation of multiple media personalities such as Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, “proposed arranging a CNN segment about the company where she worked doing public relations. The woman tried to avoid any contact with Mr. Cuomo, but CNN ultimately broadcast a segment anyway.”

“After years without any substantive communication from Mr. Cuomo whatsoever, Ms. Doe suspected he was concerned about her coming forward publicly with her allegations and wanted to use the proposed segment as an opportunity to ‘test the waters’ and discourage her from going on the record about his sexual misconduct,” Katz wrote in the letter, adding that her client did not want to become “a pawn in an internecine war between Zucker, Chris Cuomo and CNN.”

Fox News Digital a blatant denial of the claims from a representative for Cuomo who said the claims “are false. He was never asked about the allegations prior to being terminated or given an opportunity to respond to the allegations.”

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