August 19, 2022

Despite promises to defeat the virus, over 175,000 have died under Biden’s watch

Despite President Joe Biden’s promise to stop COVID-19, more than 175,000 Americans have died during his first 100 days in office.

The Johns Hopkins University report revealed that the president’s early days in office have not ended the impact of the coronavirus. Instead, nearly 100,000 Americans died from the virus during his first month in office.

The total number of COVID-19 deaths recorded across the nation now stands at 574,018 deaths. Nearly one-third of the recorded deaths have taken place under Biden’s leadership.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) excluded 1,400 invitees from Biden’s speech on Wednesday, despite most congressional members being fully vaccinated.

“We went from 1,600 people to 200 people. That is a different dynamic, but it has its own worth,” Pelosi said. “It will be its own character, it will be its own wonderful character, no not worried at all.”

Biden spoke positively of America’s comeback from the pandemic during his speech to Congress this week. He especially highlighted more than 200 million vaccination shots that have been distributed during his first 100 days in office, according to NBC.

Many states have also rolled back pandemic restrictions. Only half of the nation’s states now require a mask mandates.

Tennessee became the 25th state to end its requirement, ending it’s statewide mask mandate on Apr. 29. Gov. Bill Lee announced the state of emergency had ended in his state, despite only 25 percent of Tennessee adults having received vaccination.

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LarrySKerry (@guest_1232688)
1 year ago

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MICHAEL (@guest_1233221)
Reply to  LarrySKerry
1 year ago

And yet the media says nothing.

Bret (@guest_1233287)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

I am soooo beyond tired of hearing about #CoronaSCAM2020! I myth busted the hell out of it when it first started up supposedly here in America and found many interesting anomolies! With a mortality rate of .02% it is truly the weakest of any virus on planet Earth the common Flu Virus has a mortality rate of 3 to 6% and they never shut anything down Coronavirus was just a SCAM to steal the 2020 Election from Trump! They refuse to let up on the lie because it is the only possible way they can sell America to China, because without #CoronaSCAM2020 people would have been protesting and making sure Crackhead Joe and Kmeltoe Harris face Treason Charges for Stealing the Election and forcing the Communist Agenda onto our Free Nation!

scot_belle (@guest_1233307)
Reply to  Bret
1 year ago


MICHAEL (@guest_1233325)
Reply to  Bret
1 year ago

You are so right.

John (@guest_1234606)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

BHO is still president. J. Kerry has been his Secretary of State for fifteen years!!!!

PAPA (@guest_1233893)
Reply to  Bret
1 year ago

Donald J Trump is still my president

alicia cervera (@guest_1233907)
Reply to  PAPA
1 year ago


Steve (@guest_1235449)
Reply to  Bret
1 year ago

I tend to agree. Geriatric joe is only a prop, he couldn’t steal a chocolate bar from a grocery store.
However, it is a grand theft by the unseen and see democrats.
Traitors will be dealt with – I hope – or the free USA may be gone for good.

Lana ROse (@guest_1232780)
1 year ago

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MustangUSN04 (@guest_1233223)
Reply to  Lana ROse
1 year ago

The demonRats are going to love you. You will owe what you made with the new tax law.

Terry Bell (@guest_1233548)
Reply to  MustangUSN04
1 year ago


Vincent (@guest_1233168)
1 year ago

Burn in hell!!!!ok child molesting baby rapist!!!!

Nrr (@guest_1233171)
1 year ago

100 DAYS OF B.S.: POTUS 46 Is A Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier

Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement (@guest_1233175)
1 year ago

Biden is the biggest fool that I have ever seen in my life and I’m 72 years old. Biden thinks he is doing a good job for the people of this country. Will I have some real news for the American citizens of this country. Biden and his democratic party all need to be put completely out of any government office that they hold now. They are doing their best to destroy this country.

Brad (@guest_1233266)

Thank-you, Sir. For your service to our Great Country and your opinion and thoughts about Biden and his administration.

scot_belle (@guest_1233310)

Thank you, Sir, for your Army & Law Enforcement Service. At 71+….I have much the same thoughts,
as Joey…. has always been something of a chameleon by doing the “go along to get along” with whatever
miscreant was in CONgress……and that include hob-knobbing with high up KKK….Senator Byrd.
Yes, I remember back 50 years. As a “go along to get along”, he’s the perfect pawn for Pelosi, Schumer, and
those who are working in the background…….to absolutely destroy America. This has been on Soros’ plan,
ever since WWII, and America is the last of the Allies…..who stopped Hitler’s march across the world.
The stupid DemonicRats…think that he’s their friend, they’re just “useful idiots”. He’s not their friend and
and like the “Brown Shirts”…they will be eliminated just as quickly. This is Soros’ revenge binge!!

alicia cervera (@guest_1233910)
Reply to  scot_belle
1 year ago

Well said, amen and THANK YOU for your service to this great country!!!!!

Terry Bell (@guest_1233551)

I AGREE 100 %

John (@guest_1234617)

Joe Biden is a spokesperson for the president, not “The President “!!!!

Nrr (@guest_1233176)
1 year ago

I’m Biden are you my husband are you my wife are you my dog and who’s Kamala??? I’m writing from the old folks home! Please tell me, am I the president????

but, but, but 80,000,000 + Americans voted for these frauds. (Biden and Kamala!) Where are they??? They seemed to have vanished into thin air or did they ever exist? Why don’t you see them all over the place like when they came out for President Trump? You be the judge! Hmmmmmm!

I’m Biden, I think? And I support this message.

Peatro Giorgio (@guest_1233373)
Reply to  Nrr
1 year ago

We have 50 million morons in America. That was the True sum total of Quid Pro Quo corrupt China owned Joe Biden s votes. The other 31 million were computer generated fraudulent votes. Which Zuckerbergs helped to produce by paying criminal Demon-rats to generate.

Joz Lee (@guest_1233179)
1 year ago


Michael S Dowling (@guest_1233182)
1 year ago

Promise can not be kepted if you don’t remember what you said big guy

Sean Richman (@guest_1233186)
1 year ago

Mad dame peeloosli why don’t you get a real life,in a different country,like maybe kalifornia.

Tom Brown (@guest_1233208)
1 year ago

Stop teasing us, we were hoping the death announcement was joe or the ho…….really.

Marine Bob (@guest_1233507)
Reply to  Tom Brown
1 year ago

If only…..

sturgis (@guest_1233536)
Reply to  Tom Brown
1 year ago

Or obozo joes master, the black muslim!

Terry Bell (@guest_1233555)
Reply to  Tom Brown
1 year ago

I agree 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 %

Marine Bob (@guest_1233506)
1 year ago

The deaths are tragic, but under President Trump they averaged 50,000 per month and under this “president” the deaths averaged 58,000 per month. Now that is the way to improve the death count….

Stephen Russell (@guest_1233545)
1 year ago

So he keeps wearing the mask?
See Americas Frontline Doctors on Stanford Study Masks DONT work
Have side effects for ALL esp kids 2 yrs +

Don (@guest_1233587)
1 year ago

His “comeback” is a joke. He’s only pushing for a return to Obozo’s degradation of the country.

Annette (@guest_1233869)
1 year ago

Well China processed this virus and i bet they also processed a cure as well can not believe as smart as they are they would not do so have also heard many times that our expert DR was the one who started the work on this virus so maybe he knows also.

Brenda (@guest_1233946)
1 year ago

Those deaths are on Joe. He stated Trump should have stopped COVID immediately. My question why didn’t, Joe? What has Joe completed on office, except for EO. More people are now out of work, created a crisis at the border. Joe, you should be working for the American people. We the people is not the government, but American citizens.



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