July 3, 2022

Dershowitz says charges against Trump Org. CFO will be dropped

Former President Donald Trump has called other investigations a “witch hunt” before. However, is it so hard to believe after so many fruitless investigations against him?

High-profile attorney Alan Dershowitz thinks charges stemming from the latest investigation into the Trump Organization will be dropped, the Epoch Times reported. Long-time Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg for failing to pay taxes on a few fringe benefits.

New York prosecutors were lauding a victory for uncovering such a “sweeping and audacious” fraud. The charges cover overlooked taxes for relatively minor things like a company car and apartment, though some infractions brought the total liability to over $1 million in unpaid taxes. So far, this is the only crime the extensive investigation of Trump’s empire uncovered.

“You can’t get a city district attorney indicting somebody for failing to pay federal income taxes when the IRS hasn’t even gone after him,” Dershowitz told Newsmax Saturday to explain why the charges may be dismissed. “One of the charges, a major charge, is grand larceny against the United States government,” he said.

“That shows the extent to which they are prepared to stretch existing law and the Constitution to give them authority over federal taxes,” the Harvard Law professor emeritus explained. “It’s absurd.”

The indictments were unsealed Thursday, and Weisselberg could be facing 5 to 15 years behind bars. Some think the actual aim of the charges was a strategy to get him to flip on Trump.

“If he doesn’t turn, they will sentence him to prison, probably will not be a long prison term. Generally, for crimes like this relating to a relatively small amount of taxes, there’s either no prison time or a small amount in prison time,” Dershowitz said.

“That’s the goal, to try to get people like him to testify against the higher-ups,” he added. “The ultimate goal here, obviously, is Donald Trump. And the question is, will they get people to turn on him?”

While it’s true that unpaid taxes are a serious matter and that Weisselberg should be convicted if guilty, the motive behind the investigation is questionable in the first place. Trump was the big fish here, but it seems Democrats won’t abandon their witch hunt no matter who gets caught up in their dragnets — as long as he turns on Trump in the end.

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