June 15, 2021

Derek Chauvin requests new trial over jury intimidation concerns

The justice system in the United States ensures every accused gets a fair trial. Is that even possible for former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin?

Chauvin’s legal team is requesting a new trial due to being denied a change in venue and other issues, Breitbart reported. Chauvin was convicted of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 during an arrest.

There were many concerns about Chauvin’s ability to have a fair trial along the way. Eric Nelson, Chauvin’s attorney, began arguing for the trial to be moved out of Hennepin County where the city of Minneapolis is located before proceedings even began.

The viral video of Chauvin’s encounter with Floyd showing the former officer pinning Floyd to the ground under his knee for nearly nine minutes sparked off area riots that persisted for weeks. The jury was picked from people who may have been directly impacted by those riots and could have had knowledge of the incident.

Then there was Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) who allegedly encouraged unrest in the streets if the jury did not convict. This was while the trial was still moving forward and while the jury was not sequestered or even asked to avoid media. Nelson asserted that those kinds of remarks “were so pervasive and so prejudicial before and during this trial that it amounted to a structural defect in the proceedings.”

Nelson also charged that the State of Minnesota committed prosecutorial misconduct “including but not limited to: disparaging the Defense; improper vouching; and failing to adequately prepare its witnesses.” The state also did not compel Floyd’s suspected drug dealer, Morries Hall, to testify as Nelson believed they should have.

Those assertions are compelling enough. However, recent revelations about a member of the jury who attended one of the Black Lives Matter protests leaves room for doubt about his ability to be impartial. Brandon Mitchell appeared in a photo at a Washington, D.C. protest last summer “wearing a T-shirt with … the words, ‘GET YOUR KNEE OFF OUR NECKS’ and ‘BLM,’ for Black Lives Matter.”

It appears Chauvin may have been convicted before he ever set foot in a courtroom. Even with a new trial, it’s nearly impossible to assume Chauvin will ever get a fair shot at justice with so much stacked against him.

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64 Responses

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    1. That juror is a liar and perjured himself during voir dire. He should be prosecuted for perjury.

    2. me too it is all out of hand bottom line if most of these thugs who had encounters with law anforcement they would be alive today if they had only complied with officers of the law.

  2. Interesting the autopsy showed drug overdose cause of death.

    1. I have asked again and again; how can Chauvin be tried for murder when the ME said Floyd did not die from asphyxiation. He was not murdered. If anything he killed himself!

  3. Failing to move the trial and failure to sequester the jury were fatal errors by the trial judge.

  4. I’ve no sympathy for either Floyd or Chauvin. What Chauvin did was brutal. But did he intent to murder Floyd — that wasn’t proven. There will be another trial.

    1. If there will be another trial, and there WILL BE,,,,there will also be another attempt at a “BUSINESS BURN-OUT”!! Buildings with no usable thiings will not be harmed, the only places ruined will be stores that have product that can be stolen! Really a sad situation, and really criminal!

      1. I read where the mayor of, I think it was Minneapolis, said the reason they were looting the stores was because of the pandemic and they were hungry. I wonder how the 65″ TV tasted I saw being carried out of the stores? Did they cook it or eat it raw?

      2. And those that loot and burn will not be punished. Stupid leftists, haters, racists. Democrats are so corrupt.

        1. I had a good idea. Any money that’s appropriated for ‘reparations’ should go towards the repairs from their giant ‘temper tantrum’.

      3. We need to start shooting the rioters/looters. Not many would be killed because when the shooting starts, the rioting/looting will stop.

      4. We could order the looters and arsonists be shot on sight. This was the former tradition. Notify the public this will occur prior to the verdict and make everyone aware of it.

    2. Agree, but with a different out-of-state location away from BLM intimidations and a seuestered jury for length of re-trial!!!!!

    3. Agree, but with a different out-of-state location away from BLM intimidations and a sequestered jury for length of re-trial!!!!!

    4. I have no sympathy for Floyd at all. What Floyd did is nothing but a Junkie, wife beater etc. Chauvin is a good cop!

  5. The defense atty. is doing his job, but if you watched the trial the defense was poor and the prosecution brought testimony that had validity and made a mockery of the defense. Get serious, when policemen testify against their own, you know he was in the wrong.

    1. If a policeman’s partner testifies against him, the accused may be wrong. But if a policeman from someplace else who testifies again him as an expert witness, that police might can be bought. Just like a private autopsy can be bought and the doctor will put in his report what you want? To much room for error and corruption.

    2. Maybe, maybe not. Suppose the cop who testified against him had a vendetta against him or just wanted to get his name out there? There are many ways to look at this. Bottom line is….do what you’re told when you’re told by the police and you might not
      be harmed. Too many think they can get their way by bucking the law.

  6. MARTIN: and when a Congressperson – hateful Maxine Waters – encourages violence and basically threatens the jury it makes a miockery of the ridiculously short time the Jury was out. I’m not saying Chauvin was in the right but this trial was a joke as far as “fair” is concerned.

    1. Maxine Waters is representative and is getting paid as a representative . How is it she was not remove from her position after as conducting herself in such an undignified manner. This police Officer did not get a fair trial in many ways.

  7. Maxine waters n her big mouth inciting violence at the courthouse may have had a negative affect on the whole thing. She’s been inciting violence since she got elected. She needs censured n impeached… she’s nothing but a trouble maker… I’d like to get in her face the BLM loving bioch. Remove her now!!!!

  8. 4 times the drug overdose was the cause of death and yet all the prosecutors medical witnesses purgered themselves and said it was the neck hold that killed him.

    1. Try placing you hand on the side of you neck and push as hard as you can. Does it stop your breathing? No. Does it even cause you to have trouble breathing, No. You can breathe normally, I don’t care how hard you push. The cop never killed Floyd. The drugs did.

  9. You knew from the start that he was not going to have a fair trial the News media has so much bad publicity on the cob excuse me police officer we need to start standing up and protecting our police officers

  10. Anyone with half a brain knew that it was impossible for Derek Chauvin to obtain a fair trial in Minnesota, especially in Minneapolis!
    So, should he be granted another trial? If you believe in the American Justice system the only answer is “YES”, will he be found guilty? “Only time will tell!”

  11. It appears to be clearly an Unfair trial for a variety of reasons and now a tainted jury caps it off.
    I would let Chauvin out on bail, reschedule a new trial a year from now in some other state far from Minnesota. find a quality Judge of outstanding ability and record to preside.

  12. My thoughts are that she should be removed from Congress and tried for inciting criminal violence !! Her call for insurrection is criminal in and of itself , but was coupled with a plausable threat to JUROR’S , if the wrong verdict were rendered !!!! Try her , and ban her from participating in politics in any capacity what-so-ever for the rest of her miserable life !!!

    1. They tried to impeach Trump even after he left office because they said he caused the riot on the capitol. I listened to what he said and it was nothing about rioting. Maxine said they needed to cause rioting. Why isn’t she impeached?

  13. Other trial issues:
    Jury NOT sequestered
    Outside influences
    Rigged jurors
    Comments by alt juror.
    He walks

  14. I hope they will show the whole video of the CRIMINAL named Floyd and this attempt to flee. I hope the will show his rap sheet. All the people he robbed, and made threats, they are glad he is gone.

      1. Had he not resisted arrest the whole time he may have lived unless the drugs got him. Three officers could not hold him he resisted so much

  15. There are several significant grounds for appeal of this verdict against Derek Chauvin. In particular, the flagrant instigation of “bad behavior” by Maxine Waters and the clear bigotry of Brandon Mitchell are on display. There needs to be a NEW trial! And WHEN there is, the defense needs to do a little experiment. We get two volunteers. One is the duplicate of George Floyd and the other of Derek Chauvin. By “duplicate,” I mean same physical size, build, age and weight. Except the Floyd look-alike will not have illicit drugs in his system. Then, recreate the scene of Floyd’s death: Same pavement type, temperature and condition, same type of handcuffs restraining the Floyd actor, same time of day. Everything the same. The Chauvin look-alike will be positioned precisely as Derek Chauvin was in the videos of the actual event, including the amount of pressure on Mr. Floyd. Have medical personnel on-scene to monitor the Floyd actor’s vital signs and to stop the drama if he actually begins to lose consciousness or to otherwise fail. If the Floyd actor is alive and fine after the 9 minutes and some seconds of the actual event, then it was the drugs George Floyd took that killed him, not Derek Chauvin. Otherwise, it was Chauvin’s actions AND if he was following Minneapolis Police Department protocol, then the WORST he should be convicted of is accidental manslaughter.

    1. This is a great idea. Fair and unbiased.
      The problem is that the non-believers would say it was staged to benefit the winning side.

  16. Well, the murder conviction is questionable at best because for a murder conviction, the prostituting attorney must show intent and that didn’t happen. At best I’d say Chauvin was guilty of just reckless endangerment by using a technique the department had stopped using and had said officers couldn’t use . Floyd didn’t make it easier for the officers or himself by resisting so to be fair, Floyd would probably still be alive if he’d followed instructions from the officer.

  17. Obama’s puppy at DOJ already has charges drawn up against Chauvin. The liberal/leftists are going to see him in prison one way or another.

    I think true justice would be the pregnant woman Floyd robbed or tried to rob by sticking a gun in her stomach suing his family & getting all the money.

    The blm juror should get 5 years in prison for lying.

  18. It was a mistrial:

    I. It was held under permanent threat to jurors, judge, witnesses (one of the latter had his home ransacked by BLM; another one is now investigated for bringing forward matters unmentioned by others )

    II. Further pressure from “high up” (Congress and ex President) fired on mob siege. Let us be clear: Throwing your full political weight against a Court of Justice is worse than entering and demonstrating in a Capitol!

    III. Some witnesses testified to “please the mob” (Floyd had a wonderfully strong heart, etc – which cannot be true)

    IV. Perjury was committed by Black Police Chief who sacrificed his White officer to save his and the Dept’s skin: He claimed, Chauvin acted “against Minneapolis Police practice” BUT: Minneapoils Police used ‘kneechoke’ in last 5 years 237times!
    In 44 cases arestee became “limp” like Floyd, unconscious!

    V. One (#52) juror had been demonstrating for BLM in June 2020. That he did NOT reveal this but declared himself “unprejudiced” makes him another Perjuror!

    VI. George Floyd’s brother “testified” (what had nothing to do with case!) Floyd’s “impeccable past”(?) – when Floyd’s police notorious criminal past should have been presented. (I still wonder how he afforded a Mercedes 320SUV).

    In short: The “trial” was NOT A TRIAL!
    A fair trial by jury in Minneapolis (or the state) is not possible.
    Therefore, a Trial by Judges and far away! – Alaska?

    Another point of irregularity -or: Suppression of Evidence?- has just been added with the rejection of Mr. Floyd’s “friend and (allegedly) drug dealer as witness. – Here , I do not understand the judge at all: If Floyd’s brother is a “case related witness” (although he wasn’t), why is person who, indeed, was at the scene (and even involved!) not relevant? What comes to mind is, again, that expensive Mercedes SUV – and a question: Who of the two was the bigger drug-dealer. – Floyd’s “friend” does not have to answer this question, under the principle of ‘non-self-inclination’, but Mr. Floyd’s business and “earnings” might be asked and found out.

    And yet another point of Great Prejudicing -which, in my view, no Juror could have missed, as it was made to happen immediately before the trial, and intentionally so- was the Great Enrichment of the Floyd family with a “Compensation” that can only be explained as a “hostage payment for the whole city in captivity”. It was also a public Conviction-cum-Enforcement. And grossly undeserved!

    Nothing in Minneapolis served Justice – nor anything or any person that was not utterly racist.

    1. I have read many, many opinions about the trial, sir you are the only person who sees it like I do !!!!! I am no lawyer but, I was raised by the law. My dad started out as a patrolman, then investigator, and eventually Chief of Police. Most of my uncle’s were officers [not in same town], so as I read and watched what was happening, I knew without a doubt, what the verdict would be. It’s not JUSTICE, it’s a TRAVESTY !!!!!!!

    2. Other politicians put in their 2 cents as well, like Biden, walz, frey (governor of Minnesota) and other politicians

  19. I have one short sentence that summarizes the hypocrisy of the legal events of the past months.
    It is: Who shot Ashli Babbitt?

    1. I hope that question gets answered!! I don’t think it’s right that he or she has been shielded by the government !!!! Every other officer is named regardless of the circumstances !!!!!! I pray that her family gets a WIN, because she was a victim, unarmed and not presenting a danger to anyone, when shot!! I believe the officer panicked !!!!

  20. Screw the leftist media , they only want to protect their crimes . Sorry the jury was intiminated by the threat of riots.

  21. He will never get a fair trial…he has been sacrificed on the altar of fake racism for blm. Had George Floyd not resisted arrest, he might be alive. Personally, I think he was dying of an overdose from the first time he said he couldn’t breathe…and he was still standing upright.
    The maximum he should have been charged with was manslaughter…he did not murder George Floyd…but, he will most likely spend 40 years in prison for murder.

  22. Another guilty before innocent.. get rid of the criminals not the cops. Do not label everyone as one. We the people are seperate but come together when needed

  23. Obviously Chauvin will not get another trial for the wrong reason. A bunch of spooks will demonstrate, destroy, loot and perhaps even kill a few people if he does. I feel Chauvin, guilty or not, should have another trial with honest people in the jury. I also very strongly feel this BLM thing has gone on entirely too long and FEDERAL TROOPS IN FULL COMBAT GEAR WITH RIFLES LOCKED AND LOADED should be dispatched to any area where there’s any kind of disturbance. Bust a few heads and that bunch of trouble making morons, no matter what color they are, will no doubt go home. By Federal troops I mean U.S. Marines and U.S. Army. Start going after the wrong doers instead of we who try to do the right thing.

  24. As the Media is a Leftist venue they can not handle being told you screwed up . This trial was a farce from the start with only the media saying they knew the truth. Turns out the Jury was afraid of not convicting him that would start riots from the left(BLM/Antifa )members they still rioted any way . Time to corral these thugs with prison time . No VP interfering in the process, That includes Waters , AOC Pelosi, Schiff All of the leftist people in ,power. The Nation needs to tell them no more of this bull.

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