May 23, 2022

Dems send Obama out to call for increased regulation of social media platforms

Claiming to be a champion of free speech, former President Barack Obama, in virtually the same breath, also called for increased regulation of Big Tech social media platforms, conveniently at about the same time that it appears as if billionaire free speech champion Elon Musk is set to acquire Twitter.

According to Breitbart, it was during a Standford University speech on Thursday that Obama laid out a number of reasons why he believes the “misinformation” on social media needs to be tightly controlled. 

“The First Amendment is a check on the power of the state. It doesn’t apply to private companies like Facebook and Twitter,” Obama explained to the audience. “While content moderation can limit the distribution of clearly dangerous content, it doesn’t go far enough.”

Obama went on to say that “Over time we lose our capacity to distinguish between fact, opinion, and wholesale fiction. Or maybe we just stop caring.” Apparently, an expert in all things neuroscience, the former president added, “Our brains aren’t accustomed to taking in this much information this fast, and a lot of us are experiencing overload.”

Parroting a popular and exhausting Democratic narrative that became popular after Jan. 6, Obama warned the audience that unless something is done with regard to controlling speech on social media, Democracy is at risk.

“People like Putin and Steve Bannon for that matter understand it’s not necessary for people to believe disinformation in order to weaken democratic institutions, you just have to flood the public square with enough raw sewage,” Obama said.

The former president was dragged on social media over his comments, with many noting that it appears as if the Democratic establishment is in full freak-out mode over the growing likelihood that Musk will take over Twitter sooner than later.

It’s a good thing Republicans are set to win majority control in the House and maybe the Senate later this year because if Musk takes over Twitter, there’s no telling what Democrats might try as far as radical free speech regulation legislation.

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Laura Richardson (@guest_1286277)
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Claire Barnes (@guest_1286280)
27 days ago

Seriously? He wants to re-write the Constitution which has been the backbone of our great country for over 200 years. He is the one who said citizens aren’t intelligent to make their own decisions. HE is the one who said “America is the greatest nation in the world. Help me fundamentally transform it.” And look what he did and did not do. Keep him in his basement, in his sweats, and OUT of anything having to do with the rights of individuals. PERIOD!

Jim (@guest_1286281)
27 days ago

Obama is a double-speaking snake…not the type of person anyone should trust…simply an Anti-Christ.



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