July 23, 2021

Dems rage at Justice Alito’s comments in defense of free speech, religious liberty

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito recently delivered an unbelievably awesome speech at the Federalist Society’s National Lawyers Convention in which he strongly defended conservative values and opined on his view of the state of partisan politics in America today.

According to Fox News, his speech was so aggressive in the eyes of Democrats that many immediately felt compelled to jump on Twitter to attack the High Court’s most conservative associate justice, even slinging insults like calling him “homophobic” and a “partisan hack.”

At the convention, Alito hit on several major conservative talking points, including the state of religious liberty, which seemed to be a trigger for Democrats who were paying attention.

“For many today, religious liberty is not a cherished freedom. It’s often just an excuse for bigotry and can’t be tolerated, even when there is no evidence that anybody has been harmed,” he said. “The question we face is whether our society will be inclusive enough to tolerate people with unpopular religious beliefs.”

Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA) especially took offense to Alito’s words on the matter, expressing his disappointment in a Sunday tweet.

“Homophobic rhetoric isn’t a matter of free speech. It’s a matter of hate speech. These are stunning, harmful words from Justice Alito,” Gomez wrote.

Not unexpectedly, Sen. Elizabeth Warren jumped on the bash-Alito bandwagon in a Sunday tweet in which she held nothing back in her criticism of the conservative justice.

“Supreme Court Justices aren’t supposed to be political hacks. This right-wing speech is nakedly partisan. My bill to #EndCorruptionNow restores some integrity to our Court by forcing Justices to follow the ethics rules other federal judges follow,” Warren wrote.

It’s rare for justices to delve into opinions while delivering such a speech, but obviously, Alito — a consummate professional at the highest level — felt compelled enough to do so, which really shouldn’t be a surprise given the current attacks by the left on a number of issues like free speech and religious liberty.

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60 Responses

    1. Absolutely we don’t want to live in a communist country if the left wants to live like that tell him to go to China

  1. Alito cant say anything w/o being bashed. Yet the Dems want tp pack the Supreme court so that nothing but their agenda gets handed down…..Heads, I win, Tails you lose, Whose side do you choose America?

  2. I am proud to have Justice Alito representing the country in the Supreme Court. God bless him and may he continue to support the people who believe in his positions.

    1. I totally agree with Justice Alto. their is nothing partisan about defending the Constitution. The left don’t want groups of people to come together for any reason. Information can be shared that way.

    2. May God Bless Justice Alito We should all say a prayer for all the Supreme Court Justice’s. It’s going to be a long four years for them no matter How they vote.

  3. Finally, at least we have one Supreme Court Justice that has some sense !!! Its time to see exactly which side the others are on, it’s about to come down to US against the liberal idiots, and WE will not allow them to win !!! This could very well be the beginning of the next CIVIL WAR, and the left is not going to like the outcome !!!

  4. Crybabies Democrats think they can keep making all the rules for every one is coming to a halt. with this fake criminal ection they think they just pulled off is coming back to them.they all work for the devil satan 24/7 and have been for years.but your satan rules are coming down. you never thought the country would stand and fight for their rights as voters for this country you were wrong they will fight to the end and win .so dont make any planes just because the stupid media said you won that dont make it so.the media and fox news is not worth the breath they use to report any thing and they too will be all looking for jobs soon when the ratings hit bottom and never return NFL GOOD EXAMPLE.you reap what you sow.

  5. The kinky left just cannot leave anything alone. Their left kink will not allow them to make proper right bend judgments. Why? because of their touchy feeling makeup prevents them from applying logical reasoning. They love whatever is bad. And whatever destroys. Whatever they identify with what is “good” they possess an uncontrollable urge to tear and pull apart. They never have matured enough to become full mentally matured adults. They are simply walking/talking two legged destroying humanoid machines. It doesn’t take much imagination to figure out who their master is.

  6. Biden in prison for treason not president!! Clinton same,, and anti American WHITE HOUSE Dems ,and Muslim
    IF this is not done and Dems take over ,we will have civil war, as GEORGE S, WANTS . THEN dems will really hate AMERICANS,, TRUMP NEEDS TO WIN if we are going to have a free AMERICA,, OR A CARL MARK DICTATOR GOV. MR ALITO.S HAS A VERY HONEST AGENDA,, I see why Dems hate it they want control ,power,,no GOD or free speech , a complete way to destroying of AMERICA THEY HATE!!!!

    1. So you want to put all Muslims in prison? Why not put them in concentration camps or gas chambers like the Germans did to the Jews during WW2?

  7. Gee, I don’t remember hearing anything from the left when Ginsberg would spew political views in her speeches to liberal groups and academics. More of the lefts patented hypocrisy.

  8. These two political hacks have no sense of dignity. Gomez and warren need to be jailed for treason and if found guilty need to spend the rest of their sorry lives in jail. Warren constantly lies. It is time for the courts to come to the aid of your beloved President and order a full and total manual recount of the votes cast in all 50 states, either that or order a new election. I WILL never states that Biden is my president nor will I support any of his hair brained ideas or policies.

    1. I see we’ve another so-called conservative abysmally ignorant of the Constitution and basic US laws on our hands.

      Please explicitly explain how the seditionists Gomez and Warren have committed treason as defined in the Constitution and US law. Please show where is says you can imprison them for treason before they’re found guilty. Please show what US law authorizes the courts to order recounts in ALL States or to order a new election.

      A conservative constitutionalist curmudgeon

  9. Just read that Rudy Giuliana has found that the vote-counting by Dominion is connected to Venezuela, Cuba and China. All countries that want to destroy America and own it.

  10. Thank you Justice Alito for your courage to go against this hateful media led by big tech controllers! My hat is off to you! Democrats need to be taught a lesson on truth and integrity especially elections no matter how much money they get paid! Biden will give our money to them as pay back or he will be held ransom… what a horrible position for America!

  11. What is wrong with the DEMs??? They are so angry and so hateful, you never see any joy or sunshine on their faces. Bless their little hearts, we have something they want, but they do not know how to get it!!!. All they have to do to get it (We do not have a monopoly on it!!) is turn their hearts and lives over to Jesus, sincerely turn to Him, and He will direct their paths and make their way safe. He will give them that joy, that we Christians unconsciously wear!!. We are so proud and happy to be a part of His Kingdom!!! They can have it, too. Jesus excludes no one, as long as they humbly invite His presence into their hearts and lives, REPENT OF THEIR SINS, and be forgiven!!! They would be so blessed if they followed after HIM. Thank you Jesus that you invited me to be a part of the family of God, and thank you, that I humbly accepted.

    1. What do you mean, what’s wrong with them? Read Revelations and you’ll understand how hard satan’s followers are working. But when it’s too late for them, they’ll realize that God is in control, not the devil and his followers!

  12. E warren do us all a favor and shut your mouth you communist cheating b. H your just like Obama’s wife always talking garbage. We don’t need your kind in our government

  13. Freedom of speech is homophobic? What did I miss? Oh, that’s right, the democrats have overused the epitaphs of racism, xenophobic,… and are now moving on to their next irrational spewing of hate.
    It says it all that Warren states that right wing speech is partisan because the democrats are in lock step think and don’t believe in expressing an opinion that is not in the realm of their belief system, aka group think. Its obvious the democrats don’t believe in freedom of speech! What has our country come to that two democratic hacks would attach a Supreme Court Justice for expressing his opinion. The democrats really do want to control our every thought and action. God help America.

  14. They have all committed fraud. Biden votes should be thrown out and Trump awarded the win! The Dems who threaten Republicans should be arrested and imprisoned or deported or exiled. If they try to harm or kill others then they should be the receivers of that ultimatum.

      1. I think it’s time we all go after him .. he is trying to have President Trumps distribution plan for the Pfizer Vaccine changed so that Biden will get the credit for it no matter how many people die in the meantime

  15. I so agree with the judge the left spews their venom at us but we are not suppose to fight back, is that democracy I think not, Warren needs to go and climb in some hole and stay there. Let’s hold the Senate and you know it’s going to get dirty.. Thank you Judge Alito…

  16. The Justice stated true facts during his speech. The radical new Communist Democrat Party, the Media and Big Tech want to take away all of our freedoms. They have become the party of evil. They fear truth and anyone who opposes their ideology. You notice that their rioting and looting went away as soon as Joe Biden won the presidential election. Suprise, suprise!!! But we must remember, good will over come over time!!!

  17. Don’t let the left intimidate you or your beliefs. They throw words we do by actions. They can only yell and destroy and if that is the type of life and leadership that you want then you will suffer. Take this country back by standing up for law and order, faith in God, and belief in the American Constitution. If there was nothing wrong with the election then they should come out and say we need a fair election and we have nothing to hide. WAKE UP AMERICA OR YOU WILL LOSE IT.

  18. Stand your ground Justice Alito. There are more of us then them, it’s your right to have your own opinion.
    Stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.
    I’m proud of you

  19. Feinsteins religion is very telling, it is hard to believe in nothing, but she tries very hard to keep her faith. The DOG LIVES IN HER AND IT IS QUITE VICIOUS.

    Feinsteins religion is very telling, it is hard to believe in nothing, but she tries very hard to keep her faith. The DOG LIVES IN HER AND IT IS QUITE VICIOUS.
    Fartstein thought that she was being smart with that comment, but it bit her in the a$$.

    1. Is it a requirement, that to be a member of the demonicrat party that you must be an atheist, so much for inclusion. If it is then why is Biden a demonicrat, and Pelosi.
      You can not be anti-life, and be a Christian. To be a true demonicrat ( communist ) you have to be a practicing atheist. Totally on board with killing babies even after birth. you even have to be willing to kill your best friend if they lean a little right.

      1. Just replace Feinstein with one of the following names. Rep. Jimmy Gomez (D-CA), Sen. Elizabeth Warren from some Indian reservation out west??? some where.

  20. Atheisms is a religion of it’s own, and has it’s own dogma. So Fartstein can keep it to herself, I do not like her trying to force her dogma on to me. She definitely uses her dog(ma) to push her agenda, so she does not need to accuse someone else. She is more guilty than most.

  21. Justice Alto is a leader we need right now ethics, integrity……….. Hard to believe BIDEN would run for President
    knowing his son would be exposed who would do this to their child unless they were insane……. also he put himself at risk and his brother not caring. Mosr IMPORTANTLY he put the COUNTRY at risk………

    Please we need more honest turstworthy people like Justice Alto…Justice Barret and Donald TRUMP……

    NEVERFOXER…… FOX is putting the Country at risk as well Follow NEWMAX, Epoch times and Bill Oreilly

  22. Seems tho ag barr and Durham are now in the dems pocket also otherwise biden would have been disqualified from even running. The dems have the upper echelon of the doj, cia, fbi and whoever else they have to threaten to ruin there families included. clintons get away with murder and so do these agencies. Cia did pres. Kennedy.

  23. Why should the Democrats ….put up a negative comment on Alito….when the the Elite Democrates were Impeaching Trump ….they gathered all the Liberal professors(law) together before the their …declaration to impeach Trump…..now this was entirely “sequestored”….no Republicans……Guess What …one law professor disagreed with them and said it was ..”.unconstitional” My consrvative web page reported that they ….”threatened to Kill his wife and a special….breed dog he had”……Now …you tell me was this “free’ speech..negated! The Democrats want no rebuttal to their Plans! C.K. Vet and Christian

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