May 13, 2021

Nadler threatens to remove Justice Department budget if Barr doesn’t comply with investigation

Democrat leaders have made it clear from virtually the day he was installed that they were out to get Attorney General Bill Barr. Now, they think they’ve found the ultimate gotcha after the abrupt firing of U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman at the request of Barr last weekend.

On Monday, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) confirmed that the committee is planning on issuing a subpoena for Barr’s testimony this week, and told MSNBC’s Rachael Maddow on Monday that if Barr doesn’t cooperate with the investigation, House Democrats will remove Barr’s office budget. 

Maddow first asked if reports that Nadler was preparing to issue a subpoena were true, to which Nadler replied that the reports were “very much true.” Maddow went on to question what Nadler’s contingency plan is if Barr refuses to comply. Nadler replied:

 Well, we don’t know that. Subpoenas are supposed to be respected, obviously, but the corruption of the Attorney General Barr may lead him to try to defy it. Let me say we have other remedies too, to try to force the attorney general. We can eliminate his office budget. There are a number of things we can do, which we will do.

Maddow appeared to be confused by Nadler’s threat, asking what he meant by “office budget,” asking, “like his paper clips budget? Or does he have some sort of large discretionary amount of funding that you could cut off? What do you mean by his office budget?”

Nadler declared cryptically, “we are talking about the budget in the Department of Justice.”

Democrats clearly aren’t willing to play games anymore when it comes to testimony that could make or break their case. It appears that Nadler learned his lesson by not subpoenaing former National Security Adviser John Bolton when he had the chance.

The Judiciary Committee is expected to issue the subpoena for Barr to testify about Berman’s firing within the week. The committee is also reportedly soliciting testimony from Berman himself as well.

Do you think Democrats will try to impeach Bill Barr? Scroll down to the comments section to let us know what you think!

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216 Responses

  1. Blackmail, murder, lies and anything else the Democrats have to use to get it their way. The day is coming, the day you will pay for everything you and your Brain dead, Soro babies have ruined over the years, every
    penny you have cost the home owners, or better yet, the tax payers. How would it feel, to be on the real side of Honesty……..

      1. George Soros is a very rich, evil man from overseas. He is paying for all the evil things that are happening in our Great USA right now. He and all the Dems and fat left will get theirs in the worse way one day.

          1. I agree with Shirley, God is with our Good President. I wonder if the left thinks they can beat God🙏 They haven’t been able to win against Trump so far, are they going to figure out why? No you can’t fix stupid. 🙏

          2. Yes, and hell is going to be hot for these people. They will not escape judgement.

      2. Soros, Dear. Read, study and listen. It’s slow, but it works well to help one learn what is going on, what has gone on (history) and what is being planned. One can learn who is who, who does what and who lies. A little psychology might help. What is right and wrong (yes, there is an absolute!) Hope you can use this info.

    1. YES!!!! I Agree with every word you just said! The DemocRats are scrambling…its just a matter of time before they are All Exposed for the TRAITORS they truly are. Pure Evil!!

  2. Another stupid thing Democrats want to do. If they get elected we are in trouble. Higher taxes, defund police riots, we will lose everything.

  3. Oops once again Nadler did not learn the whole story of Berman. Berman was offered a slew of promotions and he refused. Then Berman decided to leave a spectacle of a news memo how he was being forced out and asked to resign. There was no resignation letter. However after the idiotic spectacle of Berman he was fired by Barr. Berman was put in there by Trump not by some judges. Berman is also a Republican. So once again if Barr choose to go up to the house and testify Nadler will once again have egg on his face. Democrats so busy hating Trump and always missing the complete the story of an issue. Stop the hate vote democrats out of office.

    1. Nalder and Democratic Congress does NOT want Barr to fine out all the illegal, terrible things that Clinton, Obama & Biden did during their time in DC.!!! Corruption in that administration!!! Everyone knows Holder (attorney general under Obama’s) was the best of friend with Obama. Also, L. Lynch,(the last AG under Obama). Lynch met with Clinton in Arizona (AG should have never met with him during the Hillary Clinton’s investigation for classified emails)!! Trump isn’t perfect but he is absolutely more honest and concern with Americans than the previous mentioned people. Hope Barr fine all the cover-ups that occurred under those money hungry, corrupt democratic politicians.

    2. Amen to that. “Try” is the key word here. Demonrats “Try” this and that and it always leads to failure. Hopefully if we all just ignore them they’ll all crawl back under their rocks and leave us in peace.

  4. ROFLMAO…….Noodle Nadler accusing someone of corruption is the pot calling the kettle black and in this case it describes his whole party.

    1. Amen. The majority of the Dem. Socialist party should be removed from office and tried for Treason. Nadler is just one of many.

  5. Humpty Dumpty Nadler should fall off the wall he is sitting on!! That deformed and disgrace ugly all over moron should be held accountable for his corruption along with Piglousi and Suckumer, and lets throw in Shitthead and Maxie Pad Waters. The liberal dumbocraps are nothing but trash to our country. The sooner they are stopped and removed the better all our lives will be! All liberal governors and mayors should be included as well!

  6. Can you only emanation if we all loved the way God Loves us. I never thought we would see so much hate in our life time. But all these democrats think there in control but we really know who is in control.

    WE CAN SAVE OUR CHILDREN We all must Pray every day for are Country we have 128 days left
    PLEASE PLEASE V0TE Stand in line and make that vote count put in office who God put there the last 4 years he will again the next 4 years. We must all pray for are Country, President Trump and his family.
    God Bless America


  8. Nancy should try super glue on her teeth,, leftover glue should not be wasted… Put it on your lips…

  9. Sense when has it become a crime to fire someone that works for you? It is my position if I hire you I can fire you so long as my signature appears on your pay check. Is this not correct or have we become a socialist nation and only the government has the right to hire and fire.

  10. Of course they will try to impeach Barr, they are Terrified about his investigation into the origanal scam artist Biden and his crooked son Hunter . Their freaking out that dumb ass Obama is going to be remembered as the president that scammed the American people and tried to place the blame on Trump for showing us the real Dumbocrats and how Crooked they Really are.

  11. Of course they will try to impeach Barr, they are Terrified about his investigation into the origanal scam artist Biden and his crooked son Hunter . Their freaking out that dumb ass Obama is going to be remembered as the president that scammed the American people and tried to place the blame on Trump for showing us the real Dumbocrats and how Crooked they Really are.

  12. Sounds like a threat to me. Nadler is a disgrace, horrible human being who needs to get the hell out of Congress. I’m sick of his brother Adam Schiff and his cousin Chuck Schumer and also the wicked witch Nancy Pelosi. Get this disgraceful acts of treason on these people out of Congress.🇺🇸
    If they want communism go to another country we don’t, get out and take Obama and Biden with you.

  13. I hope everyone realizes that we are in the last days. Jesus is coming very soon. The lawlessness that we are seeing is another sign of the times. We as Christians must come together and stand. The anitchrists are all around us. The democrats and the demonstrators/rioter’s are posessed with demons. This is the devils last stand, but remember what the Bible says, He that is in us is greater than he that is in the World. The prayers of the righteous avail much. People of God we must pray and react to take back our country that was founded on Biblical values. This is the time to stand up for Christian values.

    1. Yes we are in the last days but we must take dominion over the powers of Satan and defeat him and his angels.

  14. Of course they will. He stands for law and order according to the constitution. DemoRats obviously don’t and never have. Sadly I also used to be one. I saw the light and will never ever align myself again with the Bigots who think they have the right to steal and BURN us out of our own country. They forget one thing that has kept our country strong and will always be the hidden enemy of the usurpers. We are strong and we know our our rights, DemoRats beware.

    1. I used to be a Democrat but these are not the Democrats I grew up with in the 50-s, 60’s and 70’s. They were conservative/moderate Democrats who cared for their constituents…. not anymore. The current Democrats are vile, venomous, treasonous, blackmailers, liars, thieves, etc. These socialist Democrats need to go ahead and eat the $20 a pint ice cream while their constituents are homeless, starving, jobless, with no end in sight….. Keep eating your $20 a pint ice cream, but in the end WE THE PEOPLE will join together and defeat them.

  15. Certainly they will try to get him out of office.
    I tell you I have never n my life seen such hatred thats going on with our democracy. I can’t believe the things the Democrats have coming it of their mouths. Really? They say they are Americans, no freaking way. Do they look in the mirror everyday and see them self’s or watch their own video clips? I mean it is just totally unreal. As far as I’m concerned they are helping Trump supporters because when watching and listening to these stupid, yes I mean stupid people they scare the heck out of me. I have always been a republican that’s be to Jesus. If people are looking at the Democratic states and the BS going on there how in the world can you want that in America ? If you do, you really need to go somewhere else to live where they fight constantly say, Iraq , Iran , Pakistan etc. go there have fun leave us deplorable alone. We may even give you a one way ticket. That would be cheaper.
    Just had to say my peace.
    Go TRUMP 2020 all the way….

  16. Nadler reminds me of the Mafia of the 1930’s! He will do anything to get his way; lie, cheat, anything short of murder!

  17. People, we must insist that Term Limit be put on the ballet this November! It would solve most of the problems. These corrupt politicians have been in office too long and have corrupted the whole system! Demand Term Limits Now!

  18. Nadler is the one who should be thrown out of office along with all the DemoRATS in Congress. These despicable pieces of garbage have done nothing except attempt to destroy the one President that puts the United States and the American People first. All the DemoRATS want to do is not only to destroy this President, but to destroy the country as well. How this President can withstand the onslaught against him 24/7 is because his love for this nation and its people are the reasons he can let it roll of his back like water does on a duck. As these miserable misfits continue their barrage against him, he more or less tell them to go straight to blazes. A place which I wish would be their domain directly.

  19. Many ways to sold the problems, these demo-whatever’s begin … sold the problem ‼️‼️‼️‼️ Vote them out of office & send them to their prior work … cutting grass,

    BUT … not mine ‼️‼️😎‼️😎🇺🇸


  21. Soro is an extremely rich man who reportedly has been funding the border mob, ANTIFA, etc. In other words, the destruction of America.

  22. During President Trump’s impeachment farce, Nadler shouted “He needs to be brought to heel”…. he feels the same way about AG Barr. Only trouble is neither man has done anything illegal. Poor Humpty Dumpty. The trouble is all the taxpayer’s money they are squandering with their foolish behaviour.

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