May 26, 2022

Democrats nationwide falling victim to legal troubles ahead of 2022 midterm elections

Democrats face several political challenges heading into the 2022 midterm elections. However, some are having legal troubles that far outweigh their electoral hurdles.

Over the last six months, several Democratic lawmakers have resigned or faced legal troubles for an array of alleged crimes, Just the News reported. Crimes range from serious sexual misconduct to corruption, embezzlement, and other white-collar crimes.

In New York, the former Erie County Democratic Committee Chair Steven Pigeon was slapped with “five felony counts of rape and predatory sexual assault involving a child,” the news outlet reported. He also allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse with the minor who was below age 11 at the time.

Arizona Democratic state Senator Otoniel “Tony” Navarrete resigned last August over similar allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor. He has denied the charges despite an apology phone call he made to the alleged victim and faces nearly half a century in prison if convicted.

Other lawmakers are accused of serious crimes of a different nature. State Rep. Margo Davidson, who represents Upper Darby as the first black woman elected for Delaware County, resigned after allegedly fraudulently collecting payments for expenses for hoteling. Similarly, Chantia Lewis, Milwaukee alderwoman and U.S. Senate candidate, allegedly collected $21,000 by double-dipping from both the city and her campaign for the same expenses.

Democrats accused of corruption include Marilyn Mosby, state attorney for Baltimore, who was indicted on charges related to lies she allegedly told on a mortgage application. Citing COVID-19 financial hardships, Mosbly improperly withdrew thousands of dollars from her retirement account.

The former House Majority Leader for New Mexico, Sheryl Williams Stapleton, was indicted for fraud, money laundering, and racketeering charges. The Democrat apparently arranged a system to use her position in the Albuquerque Public Schools to collect ill-gotten gains.

Democrats are in trouble, both in the political the legal arenas. Though some Republicans have also been caught up in corruption, Democrats are the party known to be soft on crime — and with so many alleged criminals in their ranks, it’s becoming clear why.

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