October 5, 2022

Democrats file impeachment brief riddled with errors and false claims

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) forced impeachment through the House last month assuming that the Senate would respond in a similarly vengeful way — forgetting that evidence is required to convict in an impeachment trial.

With days to go until the Senate begins the trial, Democrats have released their legal brief — and it doesn’t look good. Democrats like Pelosi are desperate to convict Donald Trump, but their lack of planning is beginning to show. 

For instance, the mistake-laden brief claims that argues:

Since the dawn of the republic, no enemy — foreign or domestic — had ever obstructed Congress’s counting of the votes… no president had ever refused to accept an election result or defied the lawful processes for resolving electoral disputes. Until President Trump.

The National Pulse’s Raheem Kassam pointed out on Tuesday that the claim is patently false, as Democrats have objected to nearly every Republican candidate’s declaration of victory in the last several decades.

“In recent history Democrats have exclusively been the ones to challenge election victories for their political opponents,” Kassam wrote. “In 1969, in 2011, in 2005, and in 2017, Democrats objected.”

“The willingness of Democrat lawyers and impeachment managers to be so brazenly two-faced in their own legal brief will no doubt create an effective platform for President Trump and his lawyers to respond,” Kassam noted.

Even worse for Democrats hoping to bar Trump from running for office again by convicting him in the Senate, Trump’s lawyers will likely not waste an opportunity to present evidence of longtime Trump hater Hillary Clinton advising Joe Biden that he should “not concede under any circumstances” should Trump win the election.

With the impeachment trial happening over a month after the Capitol riots, most Americans have had plenty of time to cool down and look at the events objectively — Democrats’ worst nightmare.

Only five GOP Senators voted to proceed with the impeachment trial last week, well below the more than a dozen GOP votes required to convict the former president. Maybe cooler heads will prevail after all.


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