May 24, 2022

Democrats distancing themselves from Biden for safety ahead of midterms

Democrats appear to be distancing themselves from President Joe Biden ahead of a hotly contested midterm election in the fall of this year. 

According to Breitbart News, the Democrats with the toughest races to win are putting a buffer between themselves and the party leader due to his plummeting approval rating amongst the swing voters. 

Two Senate republicans are in real danger of losing their seats in swing states, and the president’s low approval rating among their constituents have caused Sen. Raphael Warnock of Georgia and Sen. Mark Kelly of Arizona to put the breaks on calling for the president’s help on the campaign trail. 

According to the Washington Post, Mark Kelly was asked if he wanted Biden to campaign on his behalf, and he avoided the question, seeming to indicate that he wasn’t interested in White House help. 

“I’m focused on, right now, on things Arizonans care about, like the price of gasoline and groceries,” said Kelly, hitting on two issues many blame on Biden’s miscarriage of duties in the White House. 

The Arizona senator also made note of Biden’s work, or lack thereof, at the southern border, something crucial to border states like his, saying that “What’s going on on our southern border, at least in Arizona — no, it’s not been effective.”

Warnock seemed equally reluctant when asked if he wanted the president’s help on the campaign trail: “I know that the pundits are focused on the campaign. I really am focused on serving the people of Georgia,” Warnock told the Post. 

Others have weighed in on the issue, seeming to indicate that association with the president could be bad for their image, such as Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV), who was hesitant to call herself a “Biden Democrat.”

“Over the course of the spring and the summer, we’d love to see President Biden at 47 or 49 or 50 percent — and that will make all the difference in those elections,” said Beyer, who oversees fundraising for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “He’s still a very likable, understandable human being. The people loved or hated Donald Trump, but they don’t hate Joe Biden.”

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