May 24, 2022

Democrats demand President Biden focus on climate change agenda while Americans suffer at the pump

Inflation is out of control, gas prices are soaring, and the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could turn into the next world war. Still, Democrats think this is time time to act on combating climate change.

A group of 80 House Democrats has called on President Joe Biden to resume talks on the climate change portion of his Build Back Better agenda, the Washington Examiner reported. The legislation has come to an impasse while other more pressing problems arise. 

Reps. Sean Casten (D-IL), Jamaal Bowman (D-NY), and Nikema Williams (D-GA) made the group’s request in a letter to the president Monday. They expressed an urgency toward solving the issue despite the global instability bogging down the administration now.

“Leading the world in limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius will require a monumental effort, and the climate components of Build Back Better are an indispensable foundation,” the letter claimed. “Throughout 2021, we bore witness to the devastating impacts of the climate crisis, further illustrating why transformational action cannot wait,” the letter continued.

“Inaction now will mean irreversible consequences for our future generations,” the lawmakers warned. The letter went on to claim that there was an immediacy based on recent natural disasters.

“Damages have also included the loss of homes and the displacement of families across the country—the effects of which disproportionately impact communities of color,” the letter predictably claimed.”Restarting negotiations with climate action is the clearest if not the only path forward to deliver tangible results to the American people,” it later concluded.

Several lawmakers have urged Biden to press on with his agenda though the administration is currently trying to put out several fires at once. Biden has tried to piece out the behemoth legislation, including climate change, to ram through whatever they can, Fox News reported.

Unfortunately for this cohort, there are many global crises currently unfolding that are far more pressing. Democrats better get their priorities straight, or the American people will vote in other lawmakers who will.

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