July 7, 2022

Democrats call for Cruz’s resignation over Mexico trip

Republican Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has come under fire for traveling to the Mexican travel destination Cancun amid his state’s ongoing weather crisis, and leftists are gleefully using the “scandal” to call for his resignation

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa said Cruz’s decision to fly to Mexico during a time when millions of Texans are stranded without power “disturbing and disappointing,” declaring that he should resign or be expelled from office for “jetting off to Mexico while Texans remain dying in the cold.”

Hinojosa wrote:

The Texas Democratic Party calls on Ted Cruz to resign or be expelled from office. Barring that, we will put all of the resources we have into defeating him and every Texas Republican who abandoned us in this disaster, including Governor [Greg] Abbott and Lieutenant Governor [Dan] Patrick, in 2022 and 2024. We are in a battle for the soul of our state. We must restore ethics, competence, and a government that works for the people.

Of course, the Democratic leader couldn’t resist the urge to reveal his real motive behind pouncing on Cruz’s lapse in judgment, attacking Cruz for challenging the election certification vote on January 6.

Leftists have been on the warpath against Cruz since early January for daring to stand up against the mob and object to the electoral vote certification, and the poor optics of Cruz’s trip to Cancun provide the perfect opportunity to revive calls to get him out of office for good.

Cruz, for his part, flew back to Houston just 24 hours after leaving for Mexico, admitting that it was a mistake to leave while his constituents suffered.

The mainstream media and Democrats continue to fixate on the gaffe, however, and Cruz is not likely to live this one down for quite some time.

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Robert Chalmers (@guest_1142744)
1 year ago

So Senator Cruz has a planed trip for his family and there is a snow storm coming his way, so as most humans what would you do ? Suffer in a snow storm or going to a beautiful place vacationing with your family. He went to Cancun. Good for him that’s what I would of done. We are humans and love our families. So he get’s on the plane with his family then realizes as the the weather reports come in that the storm got very strong . He realized then when he gets to Cancun he personally had to leave his family and head back. Which he did and now the left Democrat’s what him to step down. What is going on with our country and why is the press jumping all over this. Maybe because he is a Republican and he is a Trump supporter. The perfect setup to grab another seat for the Democrats. What is going on is noting but disgrace to this country this is so hateful it is just unbelievable. I really believe the American people can’t deal with this anymore and this hate needs to stop with both parties Democrat’s and Republicans.

Charlene Gibbons (@guest_1142774)
Reply to  Robert Chalmers
1 year ago

I don’t blame him a bit fir going to Cancun. The hateful Democrats have done a lot worse. Why should he stay here when there was nothing he could do? Anyone with com o. Sense would do the same thing. Get their family to a safe warm place. He’s not obligated to go stand in the cold because his neighbor doesn’t have heat.

JMac (@guest_1142786)
Reply to  Robert Chalmers
1 year ago

Very well stated!!

Joan Yanoscik (@guest_1142794)
Reply to  Robert Chalmers
1 year ago

Robert I agree with you wholeheartedly, never in my 82 yrs have I seen so much hatred against our fellow citizens, to see what this great country has fallen to is heartbreaking.

David DiBona (@guest_1142827)
Reply to  Joan Yanoscik
1 year ago

ITS THE MEDIA’S FAULT. A friend & business owner in Houston Texas told me today, things are warming up, Highways are clear, the grids are coming back to life and things are getting better, except for those who’s pipes froze due to shoddy installation, and a lack of insulation. And almost everyone has their power back.
The Media…. No Way… They only speak the TRUTH…. LOL

MSGT JOHN CORREA (@guest_1142813)
Reply to  Robert Chalmers
1 year ago

Leave it to the Godless Democratic Party to complain just about anything that enters their feeble brains. The Democrats can commit all forms of crimes, and you can bet their Godless members will be protective of their tyrants to the end. On behalf of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz, I say; to hell with the Godless Democratic Party!


pancho (@guest_1142849)
1 year ago

The hatred the Democrats spew out is because they have as Few active brain cells as their ‘Hero’ commie Biden.

Bebo (@guest_1142817)
Reply to  Robert Chalmers
1 year ago

Hey Robert – You are RIGHT ON ! … and let’s see the Dem’s stole the election and WE ALL KNOW IT NOW and will LEARN MORE OVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS. Plus Nutty Nancy has our TROOPS guarding her and her thieves. NOW they want Ted Cruz to resign. Can i LAUGH now or wait a day or two? Sick sick puppies are the democrap’s.

James (@guest_1142824)
Reply to  Robert Chalmers
1 year ago

Sorry Robert but to ask Democrats to stop the HATE, is like asking them to stop breathing!!

MJ (@guest_1142847)
Reply to  Robert Chalmers
1 year ago

His going on a planned trip in no way says he doesn’t have feelings for people in Texas. If he stayed in Texas, it would not have solved your situation. Get a grip!

Gus (@guest_1142865)
Reply to  Robert Chalmers
1 year ago

I totally agree with you. Good for Senator Cruz. He probably had better communications outside of Texas since there was not electricity to charge phones and laptops. What the Demons expected him to do? Stay in Texas and started farting hot air to unfreeze the roads and the turbines? It is disgusting that there are so many hateful a-holes in the Democratic Party and the media. I hope and pray they all freeze in hell.

G Robert Jones (@guest_1142866)
Reply to  Robert Chalmers
1 year ago

“Of” is not a verb. Otherwise what you say is dead on.

Trudy (@guest_1142745)
1 year ago

The Democrats want to get rid of Cruz because he is a Thorn in their butt. They know he’ll be in their face every time they turn around. He is not God and can’t control the weather but hopefully he’ll keep those idiot Dems in FEAR!
Keep up the good work Ted Cruz!

CraigE (@guest_1142809)
Reply to  Trudy
1 year ago

Can’t wait for the Republicans to slap the Democrats down when they try to oust Cruz.

pancho (@guest_1142859)
Reply to  CraigE
1 year ago

They tried once with the IDIOT ‘Paddy, Le Phew’, AKA BETO, from El Paso, and failed.

Kathleen (@guest_1142746)
1 year ago

The America last Dumbocracks need to go away along with the Rinos. Ted Cruz is a true Patriot, and that is why he is despised by them. Kathleen

Rev4God (@guest_1142749)
1 year ago

Well I think that joe, nancy, harris. aoc, should all resign because of their extended vacation stay in la la land, (yes they are tripping), while our nation is in chaos. Put down the crack pipe left.

Betty (@guest_1142751)
1 year ago

Ted Cruz is an honorable man and a good representative of the people. The Democrats can go to he!!

Brian (@guest_1142781)
Reply to  Betty
1 year ago

Agreed. They are only trying to get rid of him because they are afraid of him. If Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Schiff for brains, were in the same situation they would have left immediately and would have anyone’s head on a platter for criticizing them. They are dirty hypocrites in all they do.

pancho villadeltren (@guest_1142864)
Reply to  Betty
1 year ago

The Demo-craps could never jump high enough to kiss Ted’s butt.

Diane Osborne (@guest_1142753)
1 year ago

Ted,it’s fine,your a very strong person.We have to stand our ground.Not only you in Calif.A excellent journalist David Daleiden is facing prison time on telling the truth about infanticide.Kamala Harris was govener at one time and had people go to his home the took his laptops,hard drives,recording equipment etc.He had recordings of laughing about selling baby body parts,and a lot more. PLEASE help him.Look it up !!!!!!!!!!!

GEORGE (@guest_1142755)
1 year ago

well !!! what else would you expect from the demom krapps ???

PATSY PRICE (@guest_1142764)
1 year ago

Ted Cruz was an avid supporter to President Trump. If I could have flown someplace warm, don’t think I would not have. The DEMORATS would like to see all of us freeze to death with their GREEN science, i.e. frozen wind turbines, and solar power crap. ERCOT needs to be taken out and hanged, every one of them. Oh yes, add Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Swalowell and all the rest of them. So take that crap and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. I hope true Americans will remember all this DEMORAT wrong doings at the polls. I surely will.

Gordon L Beaver (@guest_1142767)
1 year ago

This is to deflect from Cuomo scandal and all the democrats are doing to the cv-19 relief bill and immigration.

William Scott (@guest_1142768)
1 year ago

The Demons can all go to h..ll!!!. You are lower than human life.

Me (@guest_1142769)
1 year ago

I don’t blame him he has all rights to come and go as he pleases. You won’t to blame someone blame yourself. You were told a arctic blast was coming down from Canada. Well what does the Arctic blast mean. Ummmm COLD!!!!!!!! So that means prepare for it. Make sure you have everything you need. Ted Cruz isn’t your house keeper nor you bill sorter so that means it’s not his fault. As far as kicking him out or making him resign. That is plum dumb. Just because he went out of town. Well everyone in the state of Texas had the opportunity to leave themselves before the storm hit. So please stop blaming someone for your own doings. Come on people children act better then most adults.

Roy (@guest_1142785)
Reply to  Me
1 year ago

My wish is that Senator Cruz tells the sob sister candy azzas to pyss off.

Kenneth (@guest_1142776)
1 year ago

The demorats will make a issue out of anything and everything to attack republican in attempt to turn the House/Senet 100% dems, even thou they commit all kinds of violations but feel their above the law believe they ARE the law. How much clearer do they need to make it that they are in it only for wealth/power, don’t give a damn about you or are country….

DD (@guest_1142779)
1 year ago

I am with CRUZ on this 100%, there are more than enough REPUBLICANS in the STATE HOUSE that can handle the problems at HOME and let CRUZ handle the OTHER HEADACHES IN DC, and he has done that VERY WELL compared to ANY DEMWITT in the SENATE!!!

judith (@guest_1142780)
1 year ago

I do hope he doesn’t resign. He is strong enough to go thru this and remember he made a promise to his kids before all the bad weather happened. A promise is a promise and He also wanted to make sure they got there safely. Good DAD. Stay with us sir we NEED Your strengthen and wisdom.

Roy (@guest_1142789)
Reply to  judith
1 year ago

Judith, well said.

James B Jacobs (@guest_1142788)
1 year ago

Cruz should have known better. Does he think he is a democrat? Or does he think just because they do it, he can?
Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Ted. Only the Democrats can do things like that. You are not a Democrat, you are a republican. Remember that next time.

Hate communism (@guest_1142800)
Reply to  James B Jacobs
1 year ago

Hey James get a grip. Ted Cruz can go on vacation anytime he wants. You want the liberals telling you when to go on vacation? Just stop the whinny crap. It was planned way ahead of the storm. Our lives are supposed to be schedule by liberals. No! Start asking the democrats to resign for all the damage they have done to America.

William Smith (@guest_1142790)
1 year ago

Hey guys, did you all know that we, the American taxpayer, actually paid China for the Covid19 outbreak. That’s right, to the tune of 200 million dollars a year. Once Trump found out about it, he stopped those payments to WHO.

However, the Pretender President Biden has reinstated the US in WHO and is subsidizing the Wuhan labs once again. No wonder he knows for sure that another corona virus strain is coming.

From Conservative Direct News Site—
The Wuhan Institute of Virology is authorized to receive taxpayer funding for animal research until January 2024, the National Institute of Health told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

The WIV is at the center of widespread speculation that COVID-19 could have entered the human population in China due to an accidental lab leak. Researchers at the lab were studying bat-based coronaviruses prior to the outbreak, a project partially backed by $600,000 in U.S. taxpayer funds routed to the lab through the nonprofit group EcoHealth Alliance.

Daniel R Smith Sr (@guest_1142791)
1 year ago


Hate communism (@guest_1142792)
1 year ago

Blame the democrats for what is happening in Texas. Their green deal crap is what causing all the trouble.Democrats didn’t think about anything but what they want. Screw the people but give them a lot of money for stupid green deal. Ted Cruz has nothing to do with the green deal made years ago. Shouldn’t of Nancy Pelosi resign for her hair cut?Liberals give it a break. How about you get a job and shut up. You do nothing for America. Useless subhuman creatures with no life. Take your miserableness and shove it.

Carole (@guest_1142796)
1 year ago

Good for you. You are a senator you have governors and mayors that can take care of these problems. The only reasons the dumbo rats are complaining is to take attention off the Puppet and how he is screwing everything up. You are doing a great job,and the morons know that.

Linda S (@guest_1142797)
1 year ago

Well, Senator Cruz is allowed to take vacation with his family. I’m sure this was planned long before the storm. Just what could he do to change what has happened. Well, at least he’s not a pedophile, he’s not taking billions from China, he doesn’t go to countries and threaten them to fire someone or no billions released. He’s not spreading misinformation about this Covid crap. Ted Cruz is good for Texas and we need to keep Texas Red at all costs. Looks like the Green deal is not so good and everyone can thank Texas for pointing that out. I happen to be in Texas and proud of it. We are tough and Patriots!!

Pamela Thaxton (@guest_1142805)
1 year ago

Ted Cruz I know your not about to give those demons their way don’t you dare quit we need descent people like you who really cares for the people. We have your back we may not live in Texas that shouldn’t matter all God’s people stuck together my prayers are with you just like everyone one else who has a heart and needs people like you, January, Carlson, Tru no, Hawley all t the other great Republicans all over this world. God has your back. Keep Smiling.

Suzanne S (@guest_1142806)
1 year ago

Exactly – and he lost electricity at home too. This is a hateful attack on a dedicated, accomplished and brilliant senator. He should be allowed to be human.

JACK BECKHAM (@guest_1142810)
1 year ago


Linda Gail Hobson (@guest_1142825)
1 year ago

Agree and agree again

Patrick and Kristine Secor (@guest_1142811)
1 year ago

He should not step down. He has indicated that he did take care of his family FIRST, and then reported in for duty…What more can we ask ! Keep doing what you do best, by taking care for your loved ones and then step back up to the plate and keep hitting Home Runs!!

Annette (@guest_1142812)
1 year ago

Tell the Commie party to take a flying leap in to HELL. They wood love for every one they think should resign yo do it so how many of their low lives are on the way out the first should be the fool in the white house

PAMELA GETCHELL (@guest_1142814)
1 year ago

Honestly, they need to get a life. Obviously, Ted Cruz has one – I hope he doesn’t bow down to these idiots!

Richard Hennessy (@guest_1142818)
1 year ago

Time for these snowflakes and liberal haters to grow up. Sen. Cruz had NO responsibilities in the State of Texas. He’s not a state official and the state officials are certainly competent to handle anything Cruz could have done if he had stayed here. This is complete nonsense, and I doubt that Texans will fall for it.

JIM (@guest_1142829)
1 year ago

I would like to see all the liberal idiots go somewhere Really Warm.

Come on man! (@guest_1142830)
1 year ago

So, have the Democrats DONE anything for Texas as they hide in congress? I call for them to resign! Cruz did nothing wrong, so sick of these hate mongering divisive dems and rhinos! The only ones I know that I still respect are Cruz, Paul and the woman from Colorado that Carrys a gun! There may be more but we know the ones who switched sides, vote them out!

Virginia Decker (@guest_1142832)
1 year ago

Remember when the Democrats all flocked to Puerto Rico when the pandemic was in the bad stage. They should keep their mouths shut, as their actions were very bad. They should have been in US doing legislation to help American’s. A bunch of hypocrites.

Robert Paggen (@guest_1142833)
1 year ago

United we stand, divided we fall, divide and conquer, the mainstream and leftists strategy to defeat America and control us all.

Bruce (@guest_1142834)
1 year ago

All Texans could have done the same thing and drive to A z or Ca .

Dan Miller (@guest_1142836)
1 year ago

Dems are looking for any excuse to get the Republicans to step down so they can take over. They are one sorry people (I am being polite) who can’t stand President Trump and/or his followers. We Republicans want President Trump to return to office and wipe out the Dems from ruining this country with their B.S. All the Dems should be locked up for several different crimes including being totally stupid and uninformed of what is really going on in this country!

Chuck (@guest_1142839)
1 year ago

Where were the Democrats during the riots. It would have been nice to see some ethics, competence, and a government that works for the people when the rioters were burning business and hurting people.

Brent (@guest_1142843)
1 year ago


Patricia Perdue (@guest_1142848)
1 year ago

Yeah, it’ the DemonRats’ new mantra: ‘Identify and destroy every known Trump supporter in Government’….these people are evil personified and need to be deported from Government and America – go for the head of the snake, the seriously disturbed Jew who hates Jews, George Soros, his kids and his entourage. If you’d sell your soul to the Devil, you do not belong here. America cannot heal so long as Soros is here funding the Left.

norma Lancaster (@guest_1142850)
1 year ago

Why is it the Democrats want him to resign but say nothing of Biden goes to Camp David and plays games and doesn’t contact the Governor of Texas and other states hit by the weather. Trump always did. Biden also skipped a town hall meeting in Michigan because of weather. The media of course didn’t cover this and only attacked Cruz. But we all know they are for Biden. Senator Cruz do NOT resign. You are too important a man and the US needs you and all others like you. The Democrats are well on the way to destroying the US. The senators who voted for aye for impeachment should never be elected again.

Frank Parks (@guest_1142851)
1 year ago

So sad when this site leads a person to believe Ted Cruz is resigning just to get a person to open and go to site. Please just report the news as it is!!! NO HYPE!!! Amen.


NAOMI CAMPBELL (@guest_1142853)
1 year ago

Ted Cruz did not break the law. Nancy Pelosi breaks so many laws/rules. Resign her!
She goes and have her hair done when no one else could do and to top it off, she does not wear a mask. She goes around a metal detector, you know the story… come on!
Ted Cruz has done nothing wrong. REACHING!! REACHING!!

Joe (@guest_1142861)
1 year ago

First of all, Senator Cruz had every right to take a vacation. Best of all, he paid for the trip with HIS money not taxpayer money like Pelosi and her cronies scheduling trips to Europe, Middle East, or California. President Trump made the ethical decision to put a stop to politicians traveling at a whim on the taxpayers dime. MAGA-2024! Furthermore, all the Democrat/Marxists in the House and Senate need to resign!

Gus (@guest_1143343)
Reply to  Joe
1 year ago

Besides Ted Cruz is not the Governor of Texas!!!



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