May 24, 2022

Democrats begging Biden admin to retain Trump-era immigration restrictions

It’s no secret that President Joe Biden has essentially encouraged open borders. What is shocking is that his fellow Democrats are beginning to call for a return to the policies of former President Donald Trump.

A group of border-state lawmakers is pleading with the administration to retain Trump-era restrictions to protect their states from the influx of illegal aliens, Breitbart reported. Biden is considering eliminating the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Title 42 deportation order.

The rule allows a quick turnaround of illegal immigrants back to their home countries based on public health concerns. The Associated Press reported that Biden officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the administration wants to do away with the provision.

Border states are facing unprecedented numbers of illegal aliens, and it looks as though the administration is poised to simply allow them all in. It’s estimated that 500,000 people will show up at the southern border each month.

To stem the tide, Reps. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) and Vicente Gonzalez (D-TX) joined members of the Texas Congressional Delegation in a letter Tuesday urging Biden to keep Title 42 in force. “Since January 2021 DHS has eliminated measures designed to deter migrants from undertaking the dangerous journey to the southwest border,” the letter noted.

“We strongly urge that DHS retain Title 42 authority until appropriate deterrent measures are put in place to ensure that Federal government facilities and local communities will not be overwhelmed by a sudden increase in migrant apprehensions,” they pleaded. The lawmakers noted the challenges with housing and processing so many people.

The immigration system is being taxed by all of these people, and they feel that a proper level of deterrence and practical rules to turn others away is necessary. “We urge that the CDC’s Title 42 order remain in place and that DHS continue to use it until such time as the number of apprehensions along the southwest border drops to a manageable level,” they appealed.

Illegal immigration is hurting border states in the immediate future and will tax the entire federal system in the long run. Biden needs to get a handle on this now before more Democrats turn against him.

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cozycalico (@guest_1285252)
1 month ago

Interesting that some Democraps are waking up and trying to put a little sense into Biden but he is too far gone to listen.



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