May 14, 2021

Democrats attack Amy Coney Barrett from all sides

Judge Amy Coney Barrett has led an exceptional life both personally and professionally. She’s eminently qualified for office, and in normal times, she’d be confirmed unanimously. But these are not normal times.

Democrats are pulling out all the stops to attack Barrett in Monday’s hearings. Politico reported on the Democrats strategy in a piece over the weekend, and the cynicism is stunning.

There’s not a word about her history and qualifications, and far too many words about how the Democrats have already made up their minds to reject Barrett without even hearing her.

Democrat Sen. Mazie Hirono had a typical approach: “This nominee poses a clear and present danger to everybody’s health care, that should be uppermost in everyone’s minds, but that’s only the start…She has a position on abortion.”

The horror. Does Hirono not have a position on abortion?

Politico also points out that radical leftist groups are pushing for even more aggressive tactics from Senate Dems:

With no procedural tools to stop Barrett from getting confirmed to the Supreme Court, the only weapon Democrats have is messaging. But Brian Fallon, executive director of the liberal Demand Justice group, says that Democrats on the Judiciary Committee have been “sleepwalking” so far.

“Dianne Feinstein, Chris Coons, Dick Durbin have been going around sulking about how the Republicans have the votes. And they ought to be convincing the country about what a partisan power grab this is,” said Fallon, whose group is spending millions against Barrett’s nomination. “Get passionate.”

We saw what getting “passionate” meant during the Kavanaugh hearings. Getting “passionate” for Democrats is about nasty personal attacks that demean the Senate and shock the nation’s conscience.

Amy Barrett and her family could use some prayers right now. They’re about to go through hell.

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71 Responses

  1. Durbin should be aware that whatever he dishes out he’s going to receive in turn 100 fold! He’d better make a serious attempt at being rational during these hearings, even though it’s something he’s totally unaccustomed to do! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020!

  2. After all they can’t attack her on what their real problem is.
    She just plain too conservative and constitution minded and won’t let politics interfere with her decisions.

  3. Are the Dems. going to accuse Judge Amy Coney Barrett of raping 4 boys at a party 20 years ago while she was drunk? Hold on to your hats folks.

      1. Conniving is one of the Dems prime attributes. They are known for their devious ways, so we can expect them to be their same sorry selves here too. It’s too bad they can’t find as many good things to do for the American people…what a really great thing that would be to see. If only they could channel that energy in a good way! God bless the Barrett family….praying they will not be traumatized by these desperate people. Stay strong in the Lord!!

  4. I stand with the nomination of Judge Barrett. This country desperately needs to be heading on the right track. Democrats are desperate to ruin this country and anything said by them is always tainted with lies and out of context accusations.

  5. these Dems on the Judicial committee better hope they would never be grilled like they aredoing to Judge Amy Barrett ….can you imagine what would be uncovered at that time? They had better count their lucky stars it does not work that way……

    1. My thoughts exactly! There’s this verse in the Bible: Matt.7:2-“For with what judgement you judge, you shall be judged and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.” King James Version

          1. He was Jewish. Many of them have a darker skin tone or Olive skin tone. He definitely was not black!

          2. The white devils have taken over the Jewish faith, Jews were Brown and Black skinned peoples 2000 years ago and before.
            Do your homework whiteys!

        1. Does it really matter what color JESUS was. HE is the SON of GOD. Color only applies to people with a very Narrow MIND.

      1. Hey Lebroom u should keep ur filthy mouth shut before the ball before the ball bounces back and into ur big mouth and chokes u. You are not invincible and so far quite lucky but luck doesn’t last forever as you will pay a heavy price either with u or someone whom u love. Just remember one thing…God cannot be Mocked..I rebuke u in the name of Jesus!

      2. U r nothing but a tall racist fool. Nobody even cares what I have to say
        And I hope that you lose every dime you have made and wind up on the streets. Ignorant fool

  6. I and most likely the major portion of our Great Country have gotten so absolutely sick about how the Democrats have been trying top take over control of our Country. Nothing is good enough for them unless it comes from them! BS Nothing they say is ever wrong! BS Nobody else can do anything good for our Country only them! BS They don’t like ACB’s thoughts or ideals because they can’t even come close to equaling her! NO BS
    Select ACB to be our next Supreme Court Justice, impeach Nancy Pelosi for her plan to use the 25th Amendment against Joe Biden IF he were to be elected in November and Get Rid of the USELESS Democrats by your VOTING!

    1. Can you imagine a Country run by President Harris? No worries! Trump Will win with 330 Electoral College, and Biden will lose with only 228. See ya, Joe! See ya, Kamala! 4 more years and maybe a third term for trump!

  7. Somehow the Democrats forget it is House responsibility to send working laws/bills to Senate .
    The Judges interpret.

  8. The Democrats try to tell the public that the scotus was not in control of the Democrats .they see their power of the scotus going away..dont let the MSM lie to u ..

  9. Chair of the Senate Judicial Committee needs to shut them down. The “Hearings” ARE NOT MANDATORY! They’re simply a Procedural Courtesy. We already know the Democrats are going to vote NO regardless of ACB’s qualifications, so why even bother? Republicans hold the Senate, so tell Crybaby Schmuck Schumer and Diane Slimestein to pound sand.

  10. The Democrats just can’t stand it. Wait until Kamala is up she’ll show again how hateful she is. Amy Barret. Is going to be confirmed just get it over with. They say Republicans are doing this during covid we’ll slap me silly didn’t they have an impeachment trial going on. 😂😂😂😂

  11. The Democrats are so pathetic and morally devoid it defies explanation. Even Klobuchar delivered a rant that had nothing to with the task at hand but a tirade against a President that far exceeded any other president for over a century! They have lost the ability to govern, to think clearly, and to work in the best interests of Americans.

  12. Everyone, just take a chill pill. The Democrats want you to get distracted by their stupid actions. What I would be upset about is having our taxes got o the Democrats who are trying to destroy America. To me, that should be the definition of insanity. Who in their right mind would ever pay someone to destroy their future dreams and take their money away to spend as they want and not you?
    I promise you that Judge Amy Barrett will be confirmed for the Supreme Court. I also promise you that President Trump will also be re-elected by a landslide bigger than Hillary’s beating. All we need is for everyone to vote. In a fair election there should be no surprises. Please vote and pray and all will be okay! I promise. The day I am waiting for is when George Soros kicks the bucket. What the hell are all the fake news stations and reporters going to do when that money goes away. Hopefully, they will start rebuilding their credibility by report actual facts and not made up stories that spread their lies and theories like they do today. That should be considered to be a “Treasonous” act by the fake media and lying politicians.

  13. Wouldn’t expect anything less from establishment liberal democrats who have no shame.Their only goal is political posturing and trashing our President Trump.

  14. I think if the dems keep up their idiocy the republicans should stop the hearing to day and say the hell with you guys lets hold a vote .Confirm her today!!!!!!!

  15. The left wing communist party is only worried because there will be more justices on the court who will actually make their decisions based directly on how our constitution is intended and written by our great founding fathers! Nothing more, nothing less!!

  16. I won again, I want to thank my teammates, BLM, antifa, Biden and the entire Democratic Party for their support to allow me to show off my honed skills. It is too bad the racists refused to watch my 4th victory but that is the nature of being a white slave owner.
    Biden 2020

    1. Reading this gives the same horrific sensation of watching unstoppable
      vicious fiends perform unspeakable evil whilst you are just out of reach to intervene. Beyond sad. Shame on you.

    2. You mean you “lost” to your old or former Miami teammates don’t you?
      ✓. YOU walked off “before” the end of the game!!!

    3. It’s a pity you are wasting the talent(s) God has so generously given you on something beyond your own self-aggrandizement. Your fame and the money that goes along with it could have made such a HUGE impact on so many young people’s lives if only you had been capable of getting out of your own way . . . but sadly, so far it’s been all about YOU and your hatred for others who don’t “look like” you. Your mouth is toxic and honors NO ONE. Your eyes have been blinded by the false sense of security the money you have made off of basketball has given you. You have made yourself a “god” before your own eyes! I pray you will realize Who the real God of this universe is and will replace your self-worship with adoration of Him, alone.

  17. I really hope the democrats get as good as they give. They are the nastiest, most hateful, spiteful heathens in the world. They do not know that God is in control and He knows what they are doing. You cannot hide from God. His eye is fixed on you. They will have to answer to God on judgement day for what they are doing. The golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” applies to them as well as everyone else. Donald Trump is trying his best to fix the mess they left us in. If they continue to act as they are, they will have to suffer the consequences as well as we conservatives. I can’t believe they don’t see that. There must be something seriously wrong with their brains. What ever caused them to get the way they are?

  18. Senators need to skip the nonsense by Demacrats, So what it they won’t hold hearings.
    ✓. Just hold a confirmation vote then and get the job done.
    ✓. Use the “refusals” to do their job as “CONSENT TO MOVE ON”. They were given the opportunity to conduct interviews and “Chose” not to.
    It’s all about choices.

  19. I think it is great. It is about time the Republicans did some pay back to the Libs. There is no doubt that if this was a Democ. judge appointed to the supreme court they would do the same thing. That is rush to vote and approve.
    First of all; in my opinion, no supreme court judge should have a political role. The first question I would ask an appointed judge for the supreme court is: ( do you base your decisions on your political views). It is imperative in my opinion that all supreme court judges are not aloud to have any political opinions. All their decisions have to come from the constitution and they have to show where in the constitution the decision comes from.

  20. Choosing between two political systems, Republican or Democrat, is no longer relevant. What the public is faced with now is the choice between good and evil. If you can’t decide which is which from the policies each of them promote you haven’t been paying attention.

  21. Or Le Bron and 50 cent, keep your thoughts to yourself, we are tired of listening to losers. Take Moosecell (Big Mike) with you, The Democraps need to be taken down. They are so hateful. Killers, Mike, and all the Democraps should be in jail for what they have done to the president. We are praying real hard that DJTrump get in again for another 4yrs. Good Bless Trump and the Beautiful First Lady. She is the most beautiful
    First ever. Much better First Lady than the last one. Go Trump Go.

  22. That’s what you think! If you vote for Biden you are voting against GOD. Human life is in jeopardy when the Democrats vote. A baby is a human upon conception.

  23. The democrats are still hurt because they have not gotten over their 2016 defeat, but they seem to forget is that they will get what is coming to them the sooner the better, I am really enjoying listening to them wine and put way to go President Trump, great choice for the Supreme Court

  24. For the Democrats to put this fine Judge and Family through What they put Judge Kavanaugh through is Horrendous, Just let it soak in what would they think is someone did that to their family, They would cry out loud, Think of her qualifications, Not criticize her family or faith, The last couple of years of Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer ,Durbin, And many others that have overstepped their right to hold office with what they have tried to do to Trump, Their hatred is the worst I have seen in any Political field By Hurting Trump, Do not forget you are also hurting all who voted for Trump to start with, I am an 82 year old Veteran, I VOW to NEVER AGAIN HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE DEMOCRATS AGAIN, I have even lost democratic Friends who you have taught to hate Trump, Hillary, Obama, Biden , Pelosi,Brennen, Comey, And a Few Higher up FBI Personal had a hand in providing false information to get Trump Impeached, Now they got caught, Give them what they deserve, Jail, Treason for trying to manufacturer a COUP to overthrow the Government of the United States by all of the High Democratic Folks from the President down, GIVE THEM JAIL, INDITE THEM MR BARR ! PLEASE !

  25. The Senate needs to confirm Judge Barrett. As for Nancy Pelosi and her henchpeople, I would care less if I picked up the morning paper and read that they caught the coronavirus with a terminal result. Revelation is on the way…

  26. Michigan:…I have been listening to the ramblings of this idiot Gov. Whitmer, and if you hear what is really going on it is plain to see that, she hatch this plan with Antifa. The ring leader of the group of kidnappers is a member of Antifa. A group that she supports. I think that she planned this to target Trump with another smear campaign. And to use it to avoid the Michigan legislatures ruling that she was overstepping her authority. The legislature needs to take immediate steps to remove her from office, needs to be done before she does any more harm. Do not allow her to enable any more of destructive measures in the name of stopping the convid-19. It is a scam anyway that the left uses to break the people.

  27. The Democrats are the worst DOMESTIC TERRORISTS that I can think of! I don’t know how any sane, loyal American can even tolerate their existence.

  28. Guess my comments are not worth publishing on this site…. too bad. I won’t waste my comments and/or test your commitment to free speech.

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