September 30, 2022

Democrats advancing legislation to pack the Supreme Court

If Democrats can’t get something passed legislatively, they count on liberal justices to ram it through the U.S. Supreme Court. Now they don’t have enough leftist justices on the bench, they’re trying to finagle a way to tip the scales.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus advanced legislation Wednesday that would add four justices to the high court, Newsmax reported. Currently, the court is 6-3 in favor of originalist judges, so this would give liberals an upper hand.

“After thoughtful consideration, the Progressive Caucus membership has determined that the urgent work to restore American democracy must include expanding the Supreme Court,” caucus chairwoman Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said in a statement. “The current bench was filled by a partisan, right-wing effort to entrench a radical, anti-democratic faction and erode human rights that have been won over decades,” she claimed.

“In recent years, this court has gutted the Voting Rights Act and public sector unions, entrenched unconstitutional abortion bans, and failed to overturn the blatantly discriminatory Muslim Ban,” she continued. “As a co-equal governing body, Congress cannot sit by while this attack on the constitution continues unchecked. I am proud that our Caucus is joining the fight to expand the court and restore balance to the bench.”

Democrats had begun floating the idea in part because former President Donald Trump had three appointments to the Supreme Court in his term, according to the New York Post. The justices were confirmed by Republicans in the Senate much to the chagrin of the left.

President Joe Biden put together a commission to study the prospect of adding more justices but ultimately abandoned the idea citing concerns of weakening the power and prestige of the court. Instead, the commission suggested term limits for justices as a way to “advance our Constitution’s commitments to checks and balances and popular sovereignty.”

The commission also saw it as a solution that would “enhance the Court’s legitimacy in the eyes of the public,” even if it would not be “a panacea for polarization.” Still, packing the court with additional justices is a temptation too strong to resist when the court is the last stopgap against Democrats’ radical agenda.

Rather than accepting the will of the people, Democrats will stop at nothing to make their vision for the country a reality. The Supreme Court exists as another check and balance against tyranny, but Democrats want to make sure it’s always in their favor.




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