May 25, 2022

Democrats abandon plan to implement single-payer healthcare in California

California is a leftist paradise. That’s what makes a recent decision so shocking — and may give the rest of the nation hope.

The Golden State legislature has abandoned a massive bill that would have instituted single-payer healthcare, the Washington Examiner reported. The $391 billion cost was one of several factors that killed the bill.

The A.B. 1400 bill that would have created CalCare faced an uphill battle because of fears of government overreach and strong resistance from the insurance industry. It also would have guaranteed healthcare for illegal immigrants, though the new $268 billion state budget has created that benefit.

The legislation was not voted on but rather pulled at the eleventh hour, a move State GOP Sen. Melissa Melendez saw coming. “What Democrats in their right minds would want to bring it forward because they would be crucified?” she said. “The people of California were not for it,” Melendez added.

Despite being a proponent of single-payer healthcare, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom also expressed his doubts about getting such a bill passed. “I don’t know what they’re doing, I read about it in the newspaper, and it surprised everybody, including myself,” he said in an interview two weeks ago.

However, Melendez wasn’t buying that from Newsom, whom she suspected was “giving himself an exit door” knowing it was about to go down in flames. “He’s acting like he didn’t know about it โ€” they have been talking about this. It’s not like the first time they’re trying to put forward a single-payer healthcare bill,” she said. “The governor suggesting he was blindsided by it is laughable.”

Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley was eager to get the chance to vote down the bill, though Democrats will likely renew the effort. “I think there is a major desire for change in California right now,” Kiley said. “The fact that they could not corral the votes to pass this bill is a sign of that. People are not looking to continue failed policies and not looking to go in a radical direction. They are looking for sanity to get California back on track.”

It is heartening to see that even in a state like California, commonsense can occasionally break through the leftist rhetoric. Whether it will stay that way on this issue remains to be seen, however.

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