June 29, 2022

Democrat strategist blows the whistle on potential midterm trouble for Dems

A Democratic strategist has noted on Sunday that Republicans may be on track to take back power in the House and Senate following the 2022 midterm elections.

Douglas Schoen, who has served on multiple campaigns including for former President Bill Clinton, shared in an Op-Ed for The Hill that the numbers point toward bad news for Democrats in the short term.

“The marked decline in support for President Joe Biden and his administration nationally and in key swing states indicates that the Democratic Party could endure a blowout defeat in the 2022 midterm elections,” Schoen wrote.

“Moreover, Biden is in a significantly weaker position now than both of his most recent Democratic predecessors — Bill Clinton and Barack Obama — at this point in their presidencies, which suggests that Democrats could suffer even more substantial losses in 2022 than the party did in 1994 and 2010,” he added.

“While nearly 86 percent of Democrat voters approved of Biden’s performance 2 weeks ago, 77 percent now approve of his work, marking a nine percent drop in only a week,” Breitbart News reported.

“Moreover, 39 percent of independents disapprove of Biden while 9% of Republicans approve. Forty-five percent of Americans place the responsibility for economic instability on Biden’s shoulders, while only 26 percent believe former President Donald Trump is responsible for the economic turmoil,” it added.

Schoen noted Democrats will need radical change to prevent the coming disaster, while conservatives hope his prediction will come true, offering a comeback for those seeking to slow the left’s radical policies.

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