August 1, 2021

Democrat senate candidate goes into hiding after sexting scandal EXPLODES

North Carolina Democrat Senate candidate Cal Cunningham abruptly dropped out of a planned town hall appearance on Monday after allegations of sexual misconduct exploded in his face. 

Cunningham was caught sending sexually inappropriate text messages to public relations strategist Arlene Guzman Todd. The text messages were published by the last week.

The Democrat Senate challenger has been married to wife Elizabeth for 20 years, but admitted on Friday to sending the messages to Guzman Todd and asked for privacy as his family works through the scandal.

Additionally, Erin Brinkman, a lawyer who served on Cunningham’s state Senate steering committee from 2009 to 2010, also accused Cunningham of carrying on an affair with one of her friends since 2012. Cunningham has not responded to these allegations.

Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) blasted Cunningham’s conduct, calling for him to issue a “full explanation” to constituents and said that as a military officer, Cunningham may be at risk for “disciplinary action.”

“Cal is trying to finesse it as an errant text, but we now have a second report,” Tillis told “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday. “Cal owes the people of North Carolina a full explanation. On the debate stage last week, Cal said it’s about integrity and I agree. His family should be kept private, he’s got teenage children but Cal owes North Carolinians, all of the voters a full and thorough explanation.”

This North Carolina Senate race is absolutely critical to the Democrat objective of overtaking the Senate in November. Cunningham has held a polling and fundraising lead over Tillis throughout the race, but this scandal could derail the plot with only weeks to go until election day.

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80 Responses

    1. NO wonder he dropped out. A very good reason I would say. He should not have been in to start with if this is who he is.

        1. Sure your offended you old Communist Fool. You belong right there in that boat with Communist Blabber Mouth Pelosi.

  1. Cunningham NEEDS TO DROP OUT, especially since he has run on INTEGRITY and HONESTY. This report is worse than originally reported, and WE THE PEOPLE OF NC DESERVE BETTER!!!! There are enough “CRIMINALS” in Congress now – we don’t need ANY MORE!!!

    My thoughts and prayers to his wife and family! THEY DESERVE BETTER, too!!

    1. Please realize he is totally innocent. Republicans are trying to throw the election. This is nothing but lies.

      1. Pelosi must be desperate!! She is attributing to the Republicans exactly what she has been actively doing since the night the polls closed in 2016. Nazi Nancy has met her match. Someone who is not intimidated by her B** S***!!!! I love it !!!!!

          1. Then why do you not give Our President Donald J Trump the same consideration. You have lost all credibility with “we the people.”

      2. Pelosi, your so full of BS your tongue is brown. Your the biggest liar in Wash. DC, you wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in your facial wrinkles. You are the epitome of liberal crooks and liars. It’ll be a happy day when you expire or retire. Good riddance to a RAT!

      3. Give us a break Nancy re: lieing . . .you are the Queen of Lies ! You lie about so many things & people you do not even the truth .

        Retire for a few years before you meet your Maker . . .you will probably burn !

        1. You have to be kidding right? I am the most honest hard working congress person there has ever been. Take that to the bank!


      5. Then why did he drop out…?
        Get your act together, Nancy. Could it be that YOU are the liar here…?

  2. This seems to be the norm of the Democratic Party, and he wants everyone to shut up why his family works through this, HELL NO

  3. I am not from NC, BUT I agree that NC deserves better, and they deserve an explanation. But being a Democrat, you probably won’t get one, other than to blame someone else for his behavior. He probably should drop out for the sake of his family!

    1. I lived in NC my entire life until Jan 2020. It’s a disgrace n shameful act. He owes everyone an explanation period. Not just NC but to the world. Same for Biden n his sniffing of women n children. Who wants or needs these kinds of people as leaders is beyond me. Just sick!

      1. What kind of a “fair shake” would that breaker of Gods Commandments give to a republican if the positions were reversed? NONE
        If you could remove all the hate from a communist democrat all you would have left is a empty pile of skin.


    1. This is how the Republicans are cheating and lying to win the election. Pull back the curtain and you will see the Republican wizard manipulating this.
      We are not in Kansas anymore Toto.

      1. What planet are you On, Jerk??? Your (alleged) mind needs a anti-viral shampoo! Or, alternatively, a good swift kick where the sun doesn’t shine.

  5. He must be a hero to in the gutter dems. This is business as usual for most of the libtard leftists. Surely they will erect a statue to this fine upstanding pos for showing them the way.

      1. Did you mean “smear” campaign Biden? You are so pissed off at losing – you are losing it and can’t talk OR type you scumbag. Crawl back in your Covid proof bunker and stay there. Maybe one of your security detail will lock you in for good.

        1. Hey, that was not me that typed that, my account has been hacked. I gotta look into this. I know Trump was involved in this bull crap.

  6. Must be a pattern I commented but no post??? The Bible speaks of someone wanting to help another by removing the sawdust from their eyes while having a 2×4 protruding from their eyes. The Democrats created lies and Fraud against the President while they were creating more slaves to vote for them illegally . They have lined their pockets from pork added to stimulus packages designed to help those affected by the dirty bomb made by Bill Gates.

    1. This dumb retard can’t figure out how to respond with a message? Has to be a Republican. Vote blue and you know who?

  7. The party of Marx, Mohammed and Malcolm X will certainly not drop Cunningham as a candidate, because he is simply following in the footsteps of the democrat standard-bearer and the stoneyhearted adulterous Lady Macbeth who wants to be the real president.

  8. With the MSM covering for Democrat’s, lay low for a while and the Country will never know 🤣🤣 A$$wipe

  9. What happened to background checks and drug tests?
    ✓ NC needs the integrity it once had back.
    Hard working farmers deserve better than con men and women in public offices.

      1. It appears the Biden has come unglued. Who at this point is dumb enough to vote for him or any other Demoncrat?
        Trump is our President!

      2. Is Biden now responding to himself? I guess being locked in that bunker made him even loopier that before. He is totally whacked out now. Bye Biden!
        🔔🔔 Trump 2020+++ 🔔🔔

  10. He is absolutely innocent. This is a scam the Republicans are trying to pull to throw the election. Keep your minds on voting all blue on the ballots and do not fall for these lies.

    1. Your a a$$$s; you dont have in mind what is coming if biden takes over, you will be i a stick of wood for a fire place.

    1. Get Covid voting in person
      or mail in your ballot votes?
      I win either way!
      I am Joe Biden and
      I approve this message.

    1. There is no other Joe Biden sweetie, just me the one snd only. I will be your president elect in a few short months and then we will see who is creepy!
      I am Joe Biden an I approve this message.

  11. I can hear them now. The Republicans made him pull down his pants and stuff that women. It’s all their fault. Time to clean house.
    VOTING STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN 11/3/20 in person!

  12. Cunningham should drop out of the race! I feel sorry for his family having to deal with HIS indiscretions, they are the ones bieng hurt. The decent thing for him to do is admit what he did, and drop out. No one should expect to be elected after doing something like this, it sends a bad message to everyone in the country. I know this goes on all the time, he isn’t the only one, he just got caught! People of North Carolina deserve better, vote for his Republican opponent, and show the Dems this will not be tolerated. People in government are supposed to be GOOD examples to the rest of us. This clearly is NOT setting a good example!

  13. Pelosi says she is a Christian..come judgment day .and all the lies and putting people in lives in jeopardy..good luck getting thru the pearly gates..

  14. You are the worst person on this earth you lie and twist everything for yourself. You dont care about Americans

  15. Not only should Cunningham’s request for privacy be denied. If his children are teens, they know enough about what’s going on; but Cunningham should be removed from holding public office too. His moral turpitude, and decision making skills are not desirable character traits for someone seeking any public office.

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