May 23, 2022

Democrat Sen. Kaine admits Biden’s spending bill is ‘dead’

Virginia Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine admitted during a CBS interview on Sunday that President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill is “dead,” noting it will not pass in its current form.

“You’re right that it’s dead, the most recent version of it is not going to happen,” Kaine told “Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan.

“Even the White House economist is using the past tense when referring to Build Back Better. It’s dead. You don’t have the votes in the Senate,” he added.

Despite the bill’s lack of progress, Kaine noted some aspects of the bill will likely be broken up and pushed ahead in other forms.

“But if you look at the core of the bill – I think the core – is education and workforce, and things like reduce childcare and education expenses, workforce training, and then support for the workforce in areas like healthcare,” Kaine noted.

The confession will be celebrated by many conservatives, but the new approach may also be concerning as the left seeks to move forward with new bills to pass portions of Biden’s agenda.

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