August 12, 2022

Democrat Rep. Slotkin attacks Pelosi’s attempts to overturn contested House election

On regrettably rare occasions, the hypocrisy of a political leader becomes so blatant that even members of their own party have no choice but to take a stand against it.

This phenomenon is presenting itself as a growing crisis for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) thanks to the increasing unwillingness among moderate Democrats – including Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) — to go along with her plan to overturn the results of a narrowly-decided Iowa congressional race and unseat the certified Republican winner, as Breitbart reports.

Slotkin’s stance comes in response to a plot afoot among certain House Democrats to upend the outcome of the 2nd Congressional District contest between the GOP’s Marianette Miller-Meeks and Democrat Rita Hart. Miller-Meeks’ victory came via a razor-thin six-vote margin but was certified by a state board following a formal recount, and she was provisionally sworn in back in January.

Subsequently, Hart filed an appeal to the House Committee on Administration, which did not dismiss the petition as Miller-Meeks requested but instead tabled it pending determination of procedures for receiving evidence and adjudicating the dispute, as National Review noted.

When asked if she could envision circumstances in which Miller-Meeks could indeed be unseated in favor of the Democrat, Pelosi replied, “I respect the work of the committee…we’ll see where that takes us,” further opining that “there could be a scenario to that extent.”

Slotkin, for her part, wants nothing to do with such a scheme, telling the Skullduggery podcast:

I’m sorry, I cannot support overturning an election, especially given everything that’s gone on and what we’ve been hearing from the Republican side of the aisle.

I mean, that’s their whole schtick. They attempted to delegitimize the results of the election and not certify those elections…

…I can’t turn around and vote to decertify something that’s been stamped and approved in Iowa.

The Michigan congresswoman is not alone among Democrats standing in opposition to Pelosi’s power grab, with Blue Dog Coalition member Rep. Lou Correa (D-CA) saying earlier this week, according to The Hill:

I want to see what compelling reasons there are for the feds to get involved in this.

I think these are issues that right now are probably best left at the state level.

Rep. Chris Pappas (D-NH) joined the chorus of Democrat resistance to the effort, saying on Monday, according to Breitbart:

This election result was certified by the State of Iowa, and Rep. Miller-Meeks was sworn in nearly three months ago…it’s time to move on.

The removal of Rep. Miller-Meeks from Congress would constitute an act of the grossest hypocrisy from the same party that excoriated anyone who questioned the veracity of the 2020 presidential election, and for pushing back against it, Slotkin has – at least in this instance – done the commendable thing.

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Linda Rose (@guest_1185428)
1 year ago

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MICHAEL (@guest_1185577)
Reply to  Linda Rose
1 year ago

Piglosi is such a fraud. HOW DARE ANYONE QUESTION THE 2020 ELECTION yet its ok for her to do this??Democrats are such scumbags.

Drifter (@guest_1185581)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

awww u r being waaay to nice to the Dimorats.😃

DWB (@guest_1185603)
Reply to  Drifter
1 year ago

Drifter I agree Michael is being to polite to P.O.S. Pelosi. The drunk is one of the lowest of low life scum in DC.

MICHAEL (@guest_1186143)
Reply to  DWB
1 year ago

Unfortunately if you REALLY speak your mind this site won’t let you post it. I’m sure most of you know what I mean.

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1185597)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Hey! Mike,
She thinks she has the power to do anything she wants, but she is learning hat NOT all her collegues agree.

R.M. (@guest_1185634)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

The 2020 election is a fraud, except Iowa in this instance. Everyone knows the Dems stole the Presidential election. The videos of the cheating were enormous. Many of those videos were removed. Dem judges didn’t want to deal with the truth. Welcome to the Banana Republic of the US that is evidenced by barbed wire, something banana republics do. Pelosi fits right in with Venezuela and the other countries that steal elections.

gina (@guest_1187205)
Reply to  R.M.
1 year ago


Sandra (@guest_1186050)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Yes there are mud, nicely
Pigolsi only thinks of pigolsi
She should be asking what she can do for this country not what she wants this country to do for her
Think Kennedy said that in a different floor mat

Talltexan (@guest_1186126)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

Michael…….why not tell us how you really feel about it…??!

Claxson 68 (@guest_1186644)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

I think the will of the American people will be very clear after the 2022 elections!

MICHAEL (@guest_1185579)
Reply to  Linda Rose
1 year ago


Marie (@guest_1185696)
Reply to  MICHAEL
1 year ago

100% agree

DD (@guest_1185646)
Reply to  Linda Rose
1 year ago

SIMPLE, IF she can OVERTURN and ELECTION then WHY CAN”T WE, THE PEOPLE, DO THE SAME THING? And we have “PROOF” and she has NOTHING! PIGLOSI, lets DO IT, we will be more than happy to trade you a House member for a NEW PRESIDENT TRUMP!

Patricia (@guest_1185981)
Reply to  DD
1 year ago

I agree this circus has to stop we will be taken over by Chinese if not and Biden has done nothing but lie and screw up and Harris will not answer a strait question she can only laugh she is not cabable of running a dollar store. I am so sick of this racism card which for 8 years was pushed by Biden. I am not a white supremist nor am I racist. There are good whites and black whites same as any other races. By den has not done one thing to help the Americans. We need to step up it is our money they are throwing away.

Kathy Van Clapdurp (@guest_1186022)
Reply to  DD
1 year ago

I thought the same thing!! What can we do to stop the insanity? I’m not sure I want to see this anymore. When people say you are going to hell, well I’m in hell right now with the spawns of satan.

gina (@guest_1187206)
Reply to  DD
1 year ago

OH YEA!!!!!

stuart nolting (@guest_1185569)
1 year ago

PISSLOSI is getting desparate! She knows that there will be indictments coming soon and she just keeps making more stupid moves to bring the dems out into the light concerning the rigged 2020 elections!

andrew (@guest_1185573)
Reply to  stuart nolting
1 year ago

why doesn’t someone give piglosi a bottle rocket and handful of d batteries and tell her to go have fun with herself

Miss Debra (@guest_1185968)
Reply to  andrew
1 year ago

We will not win the war that God is leading by becoming vulgar and rude. I don’t care for the unrighteous Democrats either, but lets express ourselves with respect for our fellow Patriots, especially the ladies.

polskasila (@guest_1185986)
Reply to  Miss Debra
1 year ago

You must fight fire with fire! Too long have the Republican Rinos sat on their tails and refused to honor the citizens of this country. It’s time to rid the people’s gov’t of the trash, perverts, and corrupt, useless pigs!
I want to see them all go to jail before that numbnut Biden totally destroys this country!!!

Kathy Van Clapdurp (@guest_1186024)
Reply to  andrew
1 year ago

Way too funny!!!! I’d like to put that “Hitler” hand in the same place.

Raymond Wyatt (@guest_1185570)
1 year ago

If they can turn over this race then Trump is back on the table so I’d gladly give up a seat in Congress to open up the door to the presidents race and the fraudulent votes let’s go Pislosi

Stephen Russell (@guest_1185574)
1 year ago

OK Mod Dems Unite & take her down.,
Revolt, rebel
Good to see division in the Dem ranks

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1185602)
Reply to  Stephen Russell
1 year ago

Maybe they’ll get enough nerve to throw her out. But then, I am probably only dreaming.

Kate (@guest_1185576)
1 year ago

Pelosi is drunk with power! How dare she change an election? She is disgusting and desperate.

Kay (@guest_1185621)
Reply to  Kate
1 year ago

There should be term limits on all elected officials–there is on the president & needs to be extended to all.

Ken (@guest_1185578)
1 year ago

Only sick power hungry people would do such a thing. Democrats already have a reputation for lying, stealing, and cheating, so there is really nothing to lose for them. They have no honest reputation to uphold.

Lynn (@guest_1185592)
Reply to  Ken
1 year ago

So true Kate!! What really gets me about all of this is that their not even trying to HIDE their crimes anymore! Their straight in your face, lying to the American People! Evil has no end in this party! They are willing to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL whatever it takes to REGAIN THEIR POWER! So IN YOUR FACE! Evil, evil People!!

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1185608)
Reply to  Lynn
1 year ago

Even Biden is lying in his last interview with the press when he blame Trump for his invitation to the fenceless border that he cancelled.

Kurt Wenzel (@guest_1185580)
1 year ago

Nancy pelosi who in the hell do you think you are you can’t overturn an election that’s wrong it’s been done deal. Some of the Democrats said you’re the most corrupt Democrat they saw in history that’s pretty bad man you need to go you need to be impeached.

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1185613)
Reply to  Kurt Wenzel
1 year ago

If she won’t go herself, we’ll just have to throw her out.

Jesse (@guest_1185587)
1 year ago

This is just the continuation of the election steal by the Democrats of the Presidential election and the Senate runoff in Georgia. They are criminals and belong in prison.

DWB (@guest_1185611)
Reply to  Jesse
1 year ago

Jesse a firing squad for treason would be better.

Janice (@guest_1185591)
1 year ago

This election was a valid one, certified, and double counted, un like the presidential election where it was stolen right out from under us. Don’t do this to this to Miller-Meeks or you will have this whole country down on you and all your minions.

Roy Fredrichsen (@guest_1185616)
Reply to  Janice
1 year ago

What you said is just openers. The rest of the country is fed up with all their B.S.

Katydid (@guest_1185620)
1 year ago

Good for thee, but not for me. That is the Dem mantra and they intend to stick to it.

Charles Veirs (@guest_1185629)
1 year ago

I really don’t know where this country is going to know that Pelosi wants the Democrats to have control I know Biden will take these illegal immigrants and put them in red states so when the next election comes they’ll all become Democrats and US citizens and vote democratically this is wrong wrong wrong what about the other phone people coming to this country that I have to wait for years to become a US citizen and go in front of a judge and answer the questions of history. I don’t know what happens to these reports if it ever gets read or printed. The American people need to come up with a solution about limited terms for a congress to me it seems like once they get into office they become instant millionaires I’m sure that the lobbyist paying them big bucks to vote certain ways and this is not right they should be voting for what their state wants them to vote for inland not pocket illegal monies from lobbyist I hate the way our government has to take bribes to get what they want. So American people will need to stand up for their rights and not let the leftist take over this country. It seems like we just sit back and let everything happen without taking a stance

Janyce Spikes-Myers (@guest_1185691)
Reply to  Charles Veirs
1 year ago

Convention of states!

Deplorable Lanie (@guest_1185648)
1 year ago

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, that doesn’t mean it isn’t broken! The Democrat Party is broken. They are throwing out hundreds of years of precedent just to gain a few small victories. It really is mind boggling how they manage to look at themselves in the mirror and not see the fraud they are! Plus the damage to this country will be very difficult to undo. Simply the financial burden they have saddled taxpayers with is so extraordinary. Between the “covid relief” bill that has less than 9% to do with covid, and now they want to raise taxes? Oh and guess what else they lied about? The fact that no one who made less than $400,000 would see a tax increase under their plan. Now, they say “oh you misunderstood, we meant HOUSEHOLDs making less than $400,000 would not see a tax increase.” Talk about a bait and switch! Almost as bad as the Biden lie “if you vote in a Senate majority, you will get a $2000 check from us!” Now??? “Oh you misunderstood, we mean $2000 minus the $600 you got earlier this year.” SO let’s examine which administration gave us a bigger check? President Trump gave us $1200 + $600 = $1800. Biden? gave us $1,400. Which is $400 LESS than the Trump Administration. Now who cares more about everyday, average Americans?

Pollty (@guest_1185687)
1 year ago

If there are any democrat leaders who stand for truth ,righteousness and justice now is the time to stand up to.your evil.leaders in your party

Jesse (@guest_1185789)
1 year ago

Pelosi needs to get out of our government. She has caused more problems than she has ever fixed or even will fix. Tomorrow would be a good day for her to resign.

Lauren Lindberg (@guest_1185804)
1 year ago

Please choose a conservative social media site to publish correspondence. Leave Twitter, Instagram and Facebook please.
Sadly we have arrived as becoming the United States of communist China

Mad as Hell (@guest_1185901)
1 year ago

First of all Nutty Nancy are you having difficulty keeping your mind in focus, you have never become dictator, queen, all knowing all powerful or President of the USA!! Why do you think you have authority to do what ever you want & make up all sorts of rules that you do not have to follow!! Either you have dementia or your brain is pickled with all the booze you drink or your bat crap crazy & need to be removed for ABUSE OF POWER!

Kenneth (@guest_1186135)
1 year ago

Term limits. Put the cow to pasture.

Patty (@guest_1186184)
1 year ago

Agree with all posts! Piglosi has overstepped her bounds, abused her power, usurped the presidential power, cheated the American people and needs to be kicked out of congress! She is unfit to be speaker!

Marlene (@guest_1186458)
1 year ago

Pelosi thinks she is a queen. Remember this evil old hag is third in line to the presidency and she has made sure that those that are before her are easily removed. Biden is mentally unfit from dementia, and Harris has some nasty scandals in her recent past, and is unpopular with the majority, so she can be tossed out. Then you will have Pelosi.

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1 year ago

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