August 7, 2022

Democrat Mike Quigley claims that gun crime needs to be treated as a public health concern

The coronavirus pandemic provided an excuse for unprecedented lockdowns and other restrictions in the name of public health. Now officials are going after guns using the same rationale.

Rep. Mike Quigley said it “makes all the sense in the world” to now treat gun crime as a public health concern, Breitbart reported. The Illinois Democrat, who serves on the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, made these remarks on MSNBC’s “Jose Díaz-Balart Reports” Friday.

“Look, treating gun violence as a public health issue — you had earlier segments on that — makes all the sense in the world. Identify the risk factors, tests, procedures that might work to reduce the gun violence that’s taking place in this country,” he told the host. “I go way out there.”

“Because ultimately, no single issue is going to solve this,” Quigley continued. “This is a cultural problem that goes well beyond just these efforts. But you have to try, and these efforts will make a difference,” he said.

“I suppose it’s impossible to talk about banning the manufacture and sale of assault weapons,” he said, floating an idea popular on the left. “But let’s just use common sense, if the Second Amendment people talk about is to defend your home, your business, yourself, do you really need a weapon designed for a theater of war?”

“You’re not really defending your home with that, no one would. You’re not hunting deer with that, no sportsman would,” Quigley claimed. “You’re hunting people. And we’ve seen it all too often.”

On Tuesday, an 18-year-old gunman entered a school in Uvalde, Texas, and opened fire, killing 19 children and two adults, CNN reported. Democrats are attempting to cash in on the tragedy before the victims have been buried, and Quigley is just the latest to do so.

However, it’s disturbing that the Illinois lawmaker would use the language of public health given the power grab it allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Democrats are wasting no time exploiting this tragedy for political gain through any avenue they can.

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anyone using a gun in any crime should be hanged .



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