May 12, 2021

Democrat leaders signal plan to block new coronavirus rescue package

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is set to unveil a $1 trillion phase 4 coronavirus rescue package on Thursday as many states retreat from reopening plans.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), has already made her move to block the long-awaited bill, even as the unemployment claims begin to rise after weeks of improvement.

ABC News reported:

McConnell’s $1 trillion package is an opening GOP bid in talks with top Capitol Hill Democrats – who back a $3.5 trillion House bill that passed two months ago.

Nancy Pelosi is still fuming that her outrageous House bill that included a bevy of Democrat wishes entirely unrelated to COVID-19 was rejected by McConnell, and she’s gearing up for another extensive and contentious fight — at the expense of the American people.

Pelosi said at a news conference on Thursday that “What we have seen so far falls very short of the challenge that we face in order to defeat the virus and to open our schools and to open our economy.”

“Republicans need to pull their head out of the sand, get their act together, sit down with Speaker Pelosi and me, and start negotiating a real package,” Schumer chimed in.

One of the most essential functions of the Phase 3 rescue bill included a $600 weekly unemployment insurance supplement to help Americans that lost their jobs to extended shutdowns. That provision is set to expire this week, and both Pelosi and Schumer are already refusing to consider an extension of the supplement while the legislature negotiates the terms of the Phase 4 bill.

Pelosi and Schumer know that causing economic pain to the American people will put the pressure on Republicans to cave to their demands, so it wouldn’t be politically expedient to offer quick economic relief while the politicians dither. “We cannot piecemeal this,” Pelosi said. Schumer added, “we have to address it as a totality.”

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115 Responses

    1. I see someone posted Pelosi’s address on the internet; along with Schummer’s. That’s different.

      1. WOW, they posted Nonsense Pelosi’s and Sheister Schumer’s addresses on line!? Well, yes that is different. Just what is Hell’s address? 🤣

    2. They have ran Congress into the ground..If Mitch M is ready and willing to dig deep and admit small businesses and stimulus money to the ppl and all the great things they will have in the funding for dem pawn charities. That’s what they are mad about.


      1. You are so right. She doesn’t fight for the American people, or her own constituents. She only cares about her Marxists agenda and destroying America. She is small minded, selfish, she is being paid off by China, and so is Biden. Why haven’t they gotten covid and died. Do the world a great big favor.

        1. Yea, and don’t forget Soros! He’s the main hog behind all this, and the one dishing it all(money) out!

    4. If Pelosi’s brain were put in my freezer then my freezer would suffer irepairable damage and overheat. The 34cc brain of Pelosi then would be cooked and charred in 3 seconds flat from corrosive content.

    5. Nancy and Chuck should be removed from discussions. They are treators of the Constiution of the USA. And all the harm they are doing to the people of the USA. They haven’t done their job since Trump got in.. They have wasted our tax payers money for their stupid games. END THE GAMES they play

  1. No more talk, no more voting starts killing the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks, we have been too ptint too long no more, kill them

      1. To hell with the vote thing, run them out of town on a rail straight to prison. These dumorats and those who follow are the real crooks of the United States. They hate President Trump because he gets the job done to spite the media and lying dumorats. Ever notice? They hate the president also because he cannot be bought like their kind.

  2. Liberals….take a look at what your leadership is trying to do…..I have never seem such outrageous actions and talks about Trump. And Pelosi is one of the worse. EVERYONE….try remembering 9/11, one of the worse days of our lives. Folks were calling on God for help and protection, helping each other, and caring for one another. Now they are acting the opposite and even doing vicious slander and actions. Shame on them….

  3. The American people suffer caused by 2 hate filled career politicians, pelosi & schumer!!!!!!!

    1. Perhaps it is time that the US of A splits into two separate, distinct countries. One, which would without doubt be run by democrats, would be the country of the free-loaders where the government was the be-all, end-all and would give their citizens whatever they wanted. The other half, composed of those who believed in working for what they received, would be presently composed of mostly republicans. I would predict it would not be long before the first group would be bankrupt and printing their money out of “thin-air” while the 2nd group would be doing quite well financially.

      1. Tennessee would be the first state to begin the new country of The United Republic of States. Sound good? What would be name of the first group? How about The Unhinged Democratic Californian Waste Dump? The name will be longer than the existence of it.

  4. Pelosi doing it again.anything to stop the economy. Use blmob spread virus and keep the chaos going in dem cities.use the virus for biden can stay in hiding ,no debates ,cheat mail in voting.

  5. I would give them a few things they are asking for. The last time they considered a win just made them look bad. After all, there is so much money being spent what could a few more million hurt if it helps the people who are still not working?

    1. What they want is criminal and they should go to jail because what they had nothing to do with the coronavirus and helping the people! If they get what they want it will not be enough and they will just ask for more!



    4. It wont help anyone but Pelosi and her crew. She is sticking funding to planned parenthood in it along with all the new green deal wish list, that’s what the Republicans are fighting to keep federal government spending down, especially with so many people unemployed and small businesses closing. People are losing their lively hood. Just remember out great grandchildren will be the ones stuck paying for it. Is that the legacy you want to leave them?

      1. it’s because Pelosi and Schumer and a lot of the other Democrats have stock invested in all the stuff they don’t want to lose their shirts there Brown t-shirts I should say.

  6. I am a Independent voter. I think we need to quarantine the whole Democratic Party. Put them somewhere in Mojave Desert. We are suffering. But they all there perks. Let’s stop this BS and hold them responsible. We Americans need to stand up and stop all that chaos going on in out beautiful cities.

    1. It’s not stop with the Democrats Pittsburgh BLM antifa and all the rest of their cronies with them. And no federal funding no State funding no funding whatsoever they have to back themselves

  7. I happen to live in a DemonRat controlled state of IL which is the most corrupt in America.
    I know firsthand what happens when DemonRats run/ruin your state.
    Downstate is Red but the Chicago machine controls the rest of the state.
    If my father’s farm wasn’t located here I would move.

    1. P.S. I’m a (former) lifelong Democrat who walked away from the party I no longer recognize.

      1. Good move move, the democrat party of your parents no longer exists ! The new democrat/socialist party is trying to destroy everything sacred in America ! SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. I quit when Billy boy get his famous little trick with the NAFTA.
        My whole life went upside down because of him. I had a really good job 401k the whole shot I had everything and I lost it all to Mexico because of a rat

    2. Remember their actions when y’all go to vote in November. I would hope that people in Pelosi and Schummer’s districts are more willing to open their eyes to all of the political BS and vote reputation this time around and knock these two plus Schiff out of office. When politicians allow American citizens to suffer due to playing politics, it’s time to vote them out!

      1. They have millions of prefilled ballots in their names. It is hard to win a ballgame when the umpire is crooked and will not let you. At that point, they have to be removed. Thousands of people need to turn up outside her house and play BLM on her house and dra!g her away to the closest tree

  8. The Democrats are trying to bankrupt our economy and ruin the Administration because they cannot impeach him. Don’t give in to their Bill of Trillions of dollars!

    1. It really is sad that they’re willing to go this far and damaged and hurt and destroy the American public you know what happens when you knock the backbone out the whole system gives

    2. I totally agree. Don’t let them add anything that is not related to the virus. Bunch of BS what they are trying to do. I hope people see right through this. They did this the last time.

  9. Pelosi and Schumer and the other Hateful , Marxist Leftist are at it again they are going to stop helping Americans. Democrats want to help illegals and Criminals why do they HATE America.

  10. Making jokes from the misguided or deliberate attempts to undermine or country are not what we need. We MUST drain the SWAMP. Those who do not love our country or its people must be removed from office. We once had term limits. These need to be restored. But th people who can do won’t because they will lose there job

    1. The fact is if you keep the 600$ plus what they get from state that 800$ week they mske.more staying unemployed and that makes not want to work im not unemployed and I don’t even make z800$ a week so they should let it expire or cot it down to 300$a week thats 500$ a week instead of 800$ thats enough

  11. These Liberals are a detriment to our whole society and it sickens me every day to hear and / or see the relentless bashing of our PRESIDENT Trump (out of spite nonetheless) who has done so much and cares so much about great country.

    These leftists (Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary, Obama, AOC, etc.) and their supportive terrorist groups like Antifa and God knows who else are disgusting human beings and it’s so time for them to go.

    With that being stated….many thoughts of support and prayers go to our President who’s knowledge, resiliency and determination to save OUR United States of America. I also pray for the innocent people who have been dying in the streets and in their houses at the hands of gang violence.

  12. This just goes to show how much contempt Nancy Pelosi thinks of you as an American. She is out to hurt every American and it doesn’t matter where you live. She needs to be removed and the Democratic Party needs to gwt busy getting it done.

  13. Biden Says Schools Should Teach About Islam, Quotes Muhammad During ‘Million Muslim Voters’ Summit

    Note God’s Word!

    “For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.”
    (Matthew 24:21)

    It’s alright to not teach
    God’s Word but ok to teach
    Other satanic stuff! Discrimination!!!

    Pelosi and her Evil followers should put on a ship to … No Return. They are Not Americans. They are Terrorists that should leave today or be killed tomorrow.

    1. Thank you Biden is part of a cult to want to push this mess and want to keep God out of schools, Obama is a Muslim Polosi is a Muslim, they all support them, this country was founded on In God We Trust if you don’t stand for that you shouldn’t be allowed to run for office in this country, it not discriminating in a person its should be part of the qualifications, we have Muslims in office that needs to be taken out now, Omar should have never been allowed to have ran for office she is a terrorist get her the hell out now too along with the rest of them they all need to be deported along with all these criminals that are terrorizing these cities and these mayor’s that have allowed all of this to happen they need to be impeached now

  14. I am a walk away from. I do not know this party anymore. They are evil people wanting only power and to destroy America . Wake up America. Vote. Trump/ Pence in Nov. 2020 or lose our country.

  15. I’m so sick of all this crap. I feel the Democratic Pary should be disbanded.
    Start fresh with a whole new group.
    People who don’t have hate filled hearts, and mines. People who are open, and honest.( like that will ever happen in DC). People who wants what’s best for our country, and the people who live here.

  16. Once again the Demon-crats show how little they care about the country. They only care about pandering to those who they think will vote for them.

  17. They are sick Demonrats. Need to be stopped. It’s not just the Demonrats way or no way. PILLOSI claims to be a Christian I WILL laugh in her face. She worship’s data

  18. They are sick Demonrats. Need to be stopped. It’s not just the Demonrats way or no way. PILLOSI claims to be a Christian I WILL laugh in her face. She worship’s SATAN


  20. Pelosi and Schumer should get a real job / be abusiness owner instead of sucking money from the tax payers . They would have a different attitude. They are a disgrace.

  21. Pelosi is going to be remembered as a
    Traitor to the USA and some day soon it is going to catch up to her, and when it does no one is going to care, they will probably laugh and say good enough

  22. Plain and simple get rid of all the anti American Democrats once and for all, anyone who votes for them is anti American too!

  23. Keep the phase 4 bill limited to strictly Covid-19 issues, not all the extra wish list of Pelosi. She is the reason bills don’t pass. I would like to see a bill passed that states that only one issue would involved, and never be able to add pork to any bill.

  24. So now the socialists want even more and bankrupt our country? That’s their intended goal you know!

  25. Traitors to America will be tried in military tribunals and executed for treason and crimes against humanity for their parts in human and drug trafficking worldwide

  26. I think that they all love china so well lets put them all on planes and move them to china. He”” i would by one a ticket. Trump is the best thing going in this country but he cant do it alone.When he wins in November they need to make limits that they can spend in office so they don’t get so rich off the people.

  27. Pelosi want’s her 20% kickback that the Democrats normally get from their funding packages. 20% off of 3 trillion dollars is a mountain of corrupt money for the Democrats. Pelosi will lie about anything and everything to get what she wants. Pelosi does not care about the people at all.

  28. Pelosi and her Democrates, should shut up and stop trying to turn this country into a Muslin country. We do not want it and they should be thrown out of the country. They think if American people become broke the will win in Nov.
    I sure hope not! She talks about the Republicans in the sand I think her and Joe Biden have lost their marbles and should stick their heads in the sand!

  29. Pisslosi and Schmukey are lie two spoiled children if they can’t get their way they are going to throw a t”temper tantrum” and piss on the citizens that need help. The only thing that should be in any stimulus package should be for “ONLY COVID-19 MATTERS” and nothing else!!!!!!

  30. The Rebulic party is not understanding how this is the worst economy a the most unemployed ever he has cost the American farmer more to than all the 44 Presidents before him

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