July 2, 2022

Democrat leaders signal plan to block new coronavirus rescue package

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is set to unveil a $1 trillion phase 4 coronavirus rescue package on Thursday as many states retreat from reopening plans.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), along with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), has already made her move to block the long-awaited bill, even as the unemployment claims begin to rise after weeks of improvement.

ABC News reported:

McConnell’s $1 trillion package is an opening GOP bid in talks with top Capitol Hill Democrats – who back a $3.5 trillion House bill that passed two months ago.

Nancy Pelosi is still fuming that her outrageous House bill that included a bevy of Democrat wishes entirely unrelated to COVID-19 was rejected by McConnell, and she’s gearing up for another extensive and contentious fight — at the expense of the American people.

Pelosi said at a news conference on Thursday that “What we have seen so far falls very short of the challenge that we face in order to defeat the virus and to open our schools and to open our economy.”

“Republicans need to pull their head out of the sand, get their act together, sit down with Speaker Pelosi and me, and start negotiating a real package,” Schumer chimed in.

One of the most essential functions of the Phase 3 rescue bill included a $600 weekly unemployment insurance supplement to help Americans that lost their jobs to extended shutdowns. That provision is set to expire this week, and both Pelosi and Schumer are already refusing to consider an extension of the supplement while the legislature negotiates the terms of the Phase 4 bill.

Pelosi and Schumer know that causing economic pain to the American people will put the pressure on Republicans to cave to their demands, so it wouldn’t be politically expedient to offer quick economic relief while the politicians dither. “We cannot piecemeal this,” Pelosi said. Schumer added, “we have to address it as a totality.”

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Karole Conaway (@guest_1026864)
1 year ago

Those of you who do Twitter, Facebook, etc. should let everyone who is planning on voting for democrats, that they are blocking President Trump’s new coronavirus package of 1 trillion dollars. They invented one for 3.1 trillion dollars in May that actually benefits the wealthy more than the one’s that are actually in need. Also, be sure they know if the democrats win the elections by vote, I mean cheat by mail, they plan aon making America a socialist nation and there is NOTHING good about that!

John Vieira (@guest_1026878)
1 year ago

Well, like their cohorts in antifa, blm and hollweird who would rather see the Republic crash and burn if their “demands” are not met, they might just get their way…it will be a long hard winter readjusting to the Afghanistan way of life these “entities” are seeking to bestow on the population at large !!!

Barbara Charis (@guest_1026887)
1 year ago

Pelosi looks like a witch and acts like one. I know she will get hers…sooner than later, I hope. She is a hazard to America as all she is interested in…getting her own way at the expense of all Americans; even the Democrats. One day the Democrat voters will wake up and see more clearly; how the Democratic Party is not working for their benefit.
It is amazing that so many Democrat voters want much higher taxes to support more bureaucracy with bigger government. Joe Biden wants to open doors for more immigrants to come in and get benefits. Even people who are receiving government aide will lose it, when this occurs as there is only so much money in the American piggy bank. There are thousands of Americans who are living on the street; and Joe Biden says that he will bring in more immigrants? Does he deliberately want to hurt the citizens he wants to vote for him?

mrp (@guest_1027046)
Reply to  Barbara Charis
1 year ago

Nancy is the poster girl for term limits. Proof positive of why they are so desperately needed. All together, she, Biden and Schumer have a total of 125 years in congress and all they have to show for that is self enrichment. We the people need to vote on term limits, not congress because congress will never vote for it.

Patsy (@guest_1027109)
Reply to  mrp
1 year ago

That is exactly right. That’s why the term limit issue should be put on the ballad for the American voters to decide.

russell d remmert (@guest_1027214)
Reply to  mrp
1 year ago

nancy needs to get the boot before she destroys America

Loretta Cogar (@guest_1028835)
Reply to  mrp
1 year ago

Agreed. They don’t care who gets hurt so long as their plans and agendas get to carry thru. They still act like a bunch of 2-year-olds who didn’t get their way. They need to grow up and do the job they were put in there by the people, not the companies & lobbyists, uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and the Law of the Land. None of which they’ve done. Term Limits for the lot of them. If the President has term limits and the Governors have term limits they should, their office appointments were not meant to be a career with lifetime pay & benefits but that’s what they made them.

Kurt Walker (@guest_1026916)
1 year ago

You can see the devil in that dried up ‘ol bats eyes. She and her goons don’t give a tinker’s dam about the people. It’s all power. If she and they can hold off on sensible support for the public and keep the economy down they can blame the president right up to the election. That’s what it’s all about. She and they get their paychecks so they don’t care about the rest of the country.

russell d remmert (@guest_1027217)
Reply to  Kurt Walker
1 year ago

Kurt you are spot on

Leann (@guest_1027241)
Reply to  Kurt Walker
1 year ago

I agree thats why we must do our best to get the. Out of office they are attempting to overthrow this country and it’s up to all American citizens to put a stop to it vote red. Trump 2020.

Brian F Duchscherer (@guest_1026922)
1 year ago

It’s a shame that these people who are supposed to represent us, the working people, hold these things while they continue to collect all of their pay and benefits. They use us like pawns to fight their petty crap between the parties rather than work together, they should both be thrown out of the system !

sb (@guest_1026924)
1 year ago

is it possibly a coincidence that all of the cities in chaos are democratic?
for 2 months in an election year.
is it possible that the democrats have a united plan to create disorder?
orders from the top.
is it possible the dems knew what would happen injecting the plague into nursing homes?
old people tend to be conservative.
is it possible that Dr. Fauchi is a dem?
is it possible that the dems know unhappy people vote for change? of course it is.

Marlene (@guest_1026929)
Reply to  sb
1 year ago

Fauchi is a Democrat. He professed his love of Hillary Clinton and supported her in the last election. Fauchi also praised Cuomo’s handling of the virus in NY. What part did he like best? The infecting and death of those in nursing homes? More people died in NY than any other state, and dimocrat Fauchi supports Cuomo’s handling of the virus?

Jim (@guest_1026936)
1 year ago

Kurt Walker, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head! That is exactly what the Democrats are wanting. They want rioting, unemployment, dissatisfaction with a Government that is deadlocked, etc.. They hope that this will lead to a change in the leadership, not theirs of course, but the Republican. What is needed is to get rid of the Democratic leadership and vote out all of those Democrats who have been there for so long like Pelosi, Schumer, Shift, etc. etc..

Karen Tanner (@guest_1027062)
1 year ago

I don’t understand why Pelosi, Schumer and those in cahoots with them have not been relieved of their positions and charged with treason. They DEFINITELY Don’t have the care for the American people they should have. They fight EVERYTHING the Republicans try to pass FOR the people. Biden can’t string two sentences together unless written for him nor does he do news Conference. He can’t answer just plain questions and ANYONE who votes for these Democrats are FOOLS. The same can be said about the Republicans that have turned on the other Republicans and gone over to the Democrats side. What a pity people have to play politics instead of putting personal feelings aside about the president and do what’s best for the people instead of their petty pride. I say, “You Go President Trump” I’m voting for you.

Betty (@guest_1027070)
1 year ago

I do not think we need another bill in the first place. We are already in over our heads in debt. The dollar is only worth about 8 cents now.
When are the voters going to wake up and vote for real conservatives like Rand Paul, Mike Lee and Justin Amash Ky.

Marion Kellogg (@guest_1027079)
1 year ago

I have filled out and mailed out more surveys
Than I can count, on term limits, planned
Parenthood funded by hard working American tax dollars and what has been
Accomplished?? Not a damn thing!!
I know the government works slow but let’s
Get this resolved!!!! It has been said ,”working in government is great money and you do not have to do anything” !!!!

Kay Willson (@guest_1027088)
1 year ago

I haven’t seen any attempt @ bipartisan work. Pelosi has her own ball & if you’r not going to play my way I’ll take my ball & go home. It is so sad what this country has come too. I feel sorry for the generations yet to come!

Deb (@guest_1027129)
1 year ago

Poisonous Pelosi will ruin Our lives to try and get her way. I have been praying that God will put Pelosi where she belongs, not making our lives miserable!
Trump 2020

Karen (@guest_1027394)
Reply to  Deb
1 year ago

YES, MAY SHE ROT IN HELL !!! Cannot believe
what she has caused this country and it’s people to endure !!

Patty (@guest_1027491)
1 year ago

Piglosi is an idiot, so is screwmer! The American people better wake up, stop voting for them and their ilk and tell the demonrats to get out of our government! Biden is NOT what this country needs, but he wouldn’t be president if the demonrats win, Obutthead will. That is the plan, get one of the Obamas on the ticket as Vice President, then boot Biden and take over. Biden is a pawn, not a viable candidate, but can be manipulated, that is why they made sure all of the dem candidates dropped out of the race, they knew Biden wouldn’t get the nomination if anyone else was still in the race, so—- they pressured everyone to drop out so he would be the only demonrat running! Obama made sure of that! HE wants to be back in control, so he can destroy our country, and yes, he can be Vice President! And when Biden can’t fulfill the office of President, Obama would take over! Come on people, wake up, vote to re elect President Trump, we cannot hand our country to the anti American factions working to take us over!



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