September 29, 2022

Democrat insider reveals the truth about Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh accuser

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser was an unimpeachable figure on the left because she jeopardized his confirmation. However, the truth behind the scenes was quite different.

Democratic strategist Lis Smith reportedly called Christine Blasey Ford “looney tunes and the height of [#MeToo] overreach,” Fox News reported. Ford had made new accusations against Kavanaugh of a decades-old sexual assault just in time for his confirmation hearings.

“Christine Blasey Ford was looney tunes and the height of [#MeToo] overreach so this checks out,” Smith had texted staff for New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo back in March. At the time, the Democrat was embroiled in his own scandal over allegations of sexual misconduct.

The text was revealed by New York Attorney General Letitia James as part of the ongoing investigation into Cuomo’s action. Smith was reportedly responding to a tweet by New York Times reporter Jesse McKinley that was since deleted.

Previously, Smith was the senior communications director for Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg during his 2020 presidential bid. He was singing a different tune, calling Ford “a profile in courage” in a tweet at the time.

Buttigieg’s campaign even doubled down on support for Ford after it was revealed the then-candidate received donations from two of the attorneys who represented Kavanaugh during his hearing. They were forced to return the money after the media broke the story about the donations but added Kavanaugh “should have never been put on the Supreme Court.”

Like many who watched Ford during the hearings, Smith likely saw through her account that was shaky at best. According to The Hill, Ford couldn’t remember simple details like where the party was, how she got there, or even find one corroborating witness that the two were ever at a party at the same time.

Still, the media treated Ford with kid gloves and accepted her story unquestioningly. It was the perfect attack at the perfect time as Kavanaugh was set to become another appointee by former President Donald Trump and presumably a more originalist justice. Meanwhile, it seems those behind the scenes had exactly the same opinion of Ford all along.




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