June 30, 2022

Scott: Democrat Debate Was Pandering, Pathetic, Embarrassing and Patronizing

Democrats were hoping the South Carolina debate would provide clarity and leadership from a frontrunner. However, the result was dreadful. The reviews, even from the left and Hollywood, claimed the debate was chaotic, out of control and lacked a winner.

Republican Senator Tim Scott said the debate “embarrassing” for the Democrats and a “hot mess.”

“I thought it was a hot mess,” Scott told Fox News. “It was so embarrassing for the Democrat Party. No one on that stage was presidential.”

The Democrat’s efforts to woo black voters was not amusing to Scott. “It was an embarrassing performance that was patronizing to African Americans, pandering to African Americans, and pathetic performance from my perspective,” Scott said.

“Listen to Amy Klobuchar’s praising of the First Step Act and then watch to how they denigrated each other.” Scott continued. “Steyer owned personal prisons — private prisons. They talked about Biden passing the 1990s climate bill. They talked about Bloomberg. They bombed Bloomberg on the stop-and-frisk policies.”

Scott did say, however, there was a clear victor at last night’s debate. “Frankly,” Scott said, “the winner of the debate last night was simply President Donald Trump.”

Scott based his comment on the fact that the Democrats praised many of the accomplishments of Trump’s administration. “They praised the First Step Act passed by President Trump,” Scott said. “They talked about African American homeownership up under President Trump. It was a really good night for Republicans.”

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