February 27, 2021

Democrat control of Senate could usher Stacy Abrams’ sister onto the Supreme Court

In what could be seen as political payback, leftist activist and failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams’ sister, Federal Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, could replace liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer or could be added to the Supreme Court in the much-discussed Democrat court-packing scheme.

Democrats threatened to pack the court after President Trump appointed and the Senate approved Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court in October after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s death.

Because of Abrams’s work in Georgia, Democrats found themselves in a powerful position on January 6th with the power to do just that. Two Democrats, Raphael Warnock and Jon Osoff won their senate runoff elections in Georgia creating a 50-50 tie in the US Senate, making the Vice President the deciding vote. With a Biden/Harris administration, Kamala Harris would cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate for any judicial appointees.

Stacey Abrams is largely credited with Biden’s win in Georgia and the two Democrat wins for Senate. After losing her campaign for Georgia governor in 2018, Abrams blamed her loss on voter suppression. She then founded Fair Fight to change voting rules in Georgia and get out the vote for Democrat candidates.

Judge Abrams Gardner even played her part in the Georgia runoff election. According to Breitbart: “Gardner blocked challenges to voter eligibility in two Georgia counties — Muscogee County and Ben Hill County — ahead of Georgia’s runoff elections. The counties sought to require registered voters — about 4,000 in Muscogee and 125 in Ben Hill — to cast provisional ballots due to changes of address recorded with the U.S. Postal Service.”

With control of the Senate, Democrats have a clear path to packing the Supreme Court, a scheme President-elect Joe Biden refused to discuss before the November 3 election, knowing that it might reduce his chances of winning.

There is no Constitutional limit on how many justices can sit on the Supreme Court, and a number as high as  19 is floated as a possibility. Adding 10 more liberal justices would put the so-called conservative justices in a tiny minority on the court. An almost 3-1 liberal majority would permanently protect the Democrats’ precious 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, ending all hope of winning any challenges to the ruling that has authorized the death of tens of millions of pre-born children in the United States.

Now, with Democrats controlling the White House and the Senate beginning on January 20, nothing really stands in the way of Democrats adding liberal activist justices to the high court.

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63 Responses

      1. Looks like it won’t take long for our America to become another Third World Country…Where the Democrats are most comfortable…

    1. THIS “IS” THE DEMWITT PARTY IN ACTION, to pay back everyone like SOROS and his ANTIFA THUGS, ABRAMS for her ILLEGAL VOTE RULING, SILICONE VALLEY for their BIAS, Joe has a lot of people to PAY OFF and will run this country into the ground for 4 years to PAY THEM ALL OFF! After all. it was a HUGE PRICE he had to PAY!

      1. Actually DD, I don’t think Biden will have any say about anything because Harris is going to run the Gov with Obama’s advise and her own dim-witted mind. Biden will fall to the side and do whatever Soros, Obama and Harris want him to do. We all know Trump really did win the election but now we can all sit back and watch the idiots try and get out of the mess’s they are about to achieve.

      2. And is it any wonder where all his big donations came from? Hope all the rats pay thru the teeth for all their evil doings! Its going to come back to haunt them! Also all you rats who think this cheating will not affect you? Guess again unless they make all you rat supporters have a tattoo showing you are a supporter. YES, the nazi s did this BS and my cousins and aunt had them when the family finally got them home! 1 could not take all the teasing and killed himself! You ALL will be no better off!

    2. Why did people vote for this. They hate Trump more than they love their country. It is really sad. We tried to tell Democrats how bad it will be if Biden gets voted in, but they would not listen. Now they’ve done it.

      1. Yes, they have done it. Unfortunately they will not realize what they have done until it is way too late. The mainstream media certainly will be publishing false propaganda as they have for the past decade. This will be a communist nation within our children’s and grandchildren’s lifetime. I don’t think we can prevent this because elections will no longer be by the people but rather politicians.

        1. The fake news will not be happy with a [email protected] government. Under a [email protected] government there will be only one news agency, owned and controlled by the [email protected] government. They will not need all of the reporters, editors, journalists, hosts, or commentators. They will love being [email protected] just like the rest of us. They will be proud of what they have done.
          You know! come to think about it, they wont even need networks, or the owners, board of directors. the gov can take all of their money and they will be [email protected] too. From the tale of Riches to Rags.
          They will really get a shake down if the Dems win, because under a [email protected] regime all of the media will disappear. There will only be one government controlled media all others will be destroyed, and all news will be censored, no need for Acosta or most reporters, journalists, editors, news hosts, or commenters. So goodbye to you’al and your job. Hope you will like being [email protected]

      2. Joe Biden was not voted in! I’m putting it in my will to not let me vote Democrat when I’m dead!!! When someone has to cheat to win that is theft. Doesn’t that mean anything Biden and Kamala do is treason, isn’t it?

        1. It’s unfortunate that the demos had to cheat and commit fraud in order to win an election; and it’s unbelievable that the state legislatures and courts let it happen. All we can do now is pray that we only have to have 4 years of these morons.

          1. Linda i am afraid we are doomed, Trying to make a comeback in 4 yrs will be next to impossible, they will change all the rules for immigrants and all, Only a miracle will save us from all those corrupt politicans Repubs included, The media is the biggest cause of us losing, It was published that if the publin knew about Biden’s past 30% would not have voted for him. They did not know about his urge to feel up little girls or his stealing of Bribes. His whole family is rich because of him,

    3. The leftoids are providing us with a new sort of country, one that dictates, one that destroys, one that despises decent humans, one that despises everyone who refuses to OBEY them, those who can read and grasp what they are reading, those who know how to work and play peacefully. The left is a group of SICK, TRULY MENTALLY SICK “HUMANS”, AND NOTHING WILL STOP THEM. They do not grasp what reality is, what decency is, what goodness is, what Christianity is, what truth is. They are SICK AND I SUSPECT EVERY ONE OF THEM WILL BE SICK UNTIL THEY DIE…..AND GO TO HELL where they will never have to speak or meet one on the right.


  1. Her QUID PRO QUO for Not allowing any investigation, evidence to be presented, witness accounts to be allowed, independent annalysis of machines, voter registration investigation, signatures to be verified, etc…
    Totally Refused A Voter Fraud Claim to be Verified, especially Charges AND Proof Of Gov and Sec of State, overriding and Ignoring State Legislature Laws, Per Constitution..

  2. Grotesque comments as usual from The UnAmerican Digest fans. But how come no news about the anarchy advocates at the US capitol? Aren’t they your pals? Along with Putin?

    1. You should not bad mouth Putin, after all the things that he did to help his girl friend, he even wrote a book for her, called the RUSSIAN DOSSIER. Yes he really cares for her, they have been sweethearts for years, even Billy did not know, not that he cared. He was holding interviews in the Oval Office to replace her. He found she was running around Chinawood with the famous Weinstein. That is why Billy was holding interviews, they have had an open marriage for years, but Billy wasn’t getting, any so he had to have interviews in the Oval Office to replace her. I bet you don’t know who I am talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!……………….”HILLARY CLINTON”

  3. Democrats will do anything to destroy America. The constitution means nothing to these Unamerican Nazis. Civil war is coming. Democrats will lose. American people are done with big government. News outlets are going down along with big Tec. Enjoy your lies democrats its coming to a end soon.

  4. She should not even be there and the more Democrats talk about what happened at the Capital it looks more and more like a setup by them. All the stuff they have been doing the lst 4 years but never gets any press but when it looks like Republican they can not stop talking about it the ugly mayor was quick to call for help this weekend but not for the riots and ban guns when all the crooks in her city have and use them every day

  5. Like I wrote before, all prayers are now needed. Trump threw in the towel. The only option that he has left, is the Riot Act, to clean up the Swamp.
    Welcome to the land of Communism! Once installed, never goes away. And you will get to see many Chinese in Wash. D.C. They will be collecting what Joe owes them. IF they are in a fighting mood, well they will come down from Canada, and along our shorelines. The Chicoms are playing for keeps! Will you let them to invade our Nation?? Unless something is done pretty quickly you will be prostrating yourself in front of them? And don’t forget about the UN troops who are salivating to knock us down a few notches. This has become a no choice situation.

    1. It has gotten to the point that individuals will have to be squashed. group talk is not working. They support each other. It is time to get personal. Wish I was younger. I would pick several of these demorats.

  6. She has clearly shown how crooked/corrupted, that’s the kind of people the demorats in Hight places because they have no conscience, they have NO concern for we the people nor the country, their all about their self’s and those who back them…..

    1. Has she left her seat yet-? She’s holding in because nothing is written in stone. This isn’t over.

  7. The Democrat’s are truly showing their true colors now of being truly mentally incompetent and total moron imperils it all started before the illegal swearing in of what is now known as the squad and things are rapidly going down hill ever since this will not change until the American who made their huge mistake back in November finally ruralize that these Democrat’s are nothing more than two faced liers. Then maybe change will happen for the better

  8. I’d just like to know how the Supreme Court feels now that 5 people were killed during the Capital demonstrations? Now that the world has seen what such outrage can mean to America’s system of governance and to the American people? Now that the whole system of democracy has come into question before the eyes of the world?

    The Supreme Court could have prevented all of this current turmoil simply by accepting the case as submitted and hearing it on the basis of its own merits for the sake of America and America’s way of life. Instead they turned a deaf ear, a blind eye, a closed mouth, and let America be disgraced before the whole world.

    Why are they titled the “Supreme Court”? Just wonder what this nine will say when they come before the REAL Supreme Judge in answering for all the turmoil and the 5 lost lives their lack of fortitude caused.

    The shame on this group of nine will live long in the history of the Court.

  9. Good luck and thanks to all the that voted for Biden/Harris. They will have control of everything and will destroy everything. I hope you enjoy everything you get. Biden in office for 47 years and did nothing except get his son Hunter and himself millions and millions of dollars. Enjoy when he lets the illegals in our country and gives them everything free. Don’t cry when the MS-13 come back in our country. It is all over now.

    1. It would be all over except for one huge thing.
      The All Wise, all Knowing, all Powerful, Sovereign
      God is in His Holy Temple. Meaning He is in absolute control of what happens. what we have to do is to
      make sure we are walking in the Spirit, and praying
      fervently for righteousness to reign. Biden and the wrecking ball Harris, can only do what God allows
      them to do.

  10. Fortunately, I just received notice that an american freedom group is in the process of eliminating BLM/Antifa AND imprison many communists!!!!

    1. Why imprison them Biden will turn them loose again. Does not make sense to put them in a jail which is run by you enemy.

  11. Stopping an invalid election is not the same as over turning an election. This election was so fraught with corruption that it cannot stand, and for the congress to vote on this is the same as legitimizing a fraudulent election. This is enough to anger many Americans, who are tired of the BS we get from our employees. We need to stop this election crap and investigate all of it.

    We need to treat our employees like they do in the military, when they act badly we should punish them by giving them a job that they can do, ( “latrine duty” ). All politicians are good at using a scrub brush, to scrape the crap under the rug.

    We need to stop the unelected idiot from taking office until a full investigation can be completed. Before you give him any nuke balls to play with. We don’t know what his state of mind is. He can’t even answer simple questions, neither can his headboard.

    It was the DNCs doing in collaboration with China.
    [email protected][email protected]
    All you DEMOCRATS welcome to the COTTON FIELDS.

    It wasn’t him that started the riots, It was Biden’s Antifuka that attacked. It was the mayors police that k!lled “Peaceful Protestors”. She ordered them there to attack the “Peaceful Protestors” just so she could say they started it, but it was her spewing of hateful vile. She had the police @[email protected], beat, [email protected], and k!ll innocent “Peaceful Protestors”, the mayor should be arrested tried and hung for her hate crimes, and Biden should be hung beside her.

  12. They will expand the court for their party . Leaving the rest of us under their control for the next 4 years I think not but they will try to remove our rights one by one. Think Germany in 1939 and after. Watch your backs.

  13. I will NOT accept that S* O* B* as my president. HELL NO and OVER my EFFIN DEAD body. The MOST CORRUPT, PATHOLOGICAL, a THIEVES ANIMAL ever exist on earth and it’s a SHAME!!!!
    Yes he has to win in order not to be prosecuted from corruption him and his druggy loser son Hunter and among other culprits who’s doing the same thing as McConnell, Rand Paul, Pelosi, Schumer, Pencil Nick, FACEBOOK LOW LIFE SCUMBAG SUCKERBURGER, Dorsey all of them can go to HELL!!!!

  14. They ran Raffensberger out of Ga. capitol, need to run him out of the state. Then they can go back and get governor Kemp. He is just as guilty as Raffensberger, and should suffer the same fate.

  15. “Peaceful Protesters” infiltrated by Antifa and BLM communists in DC protests, caused much damage, murdered “Peaceful Protesters”. The mayor sends police to attack “Peaceful Protesters”. to [email protected] on them, [email protected]@ss them, [email protected] them. The police killed a 14 year Air Force Veteran who was there to protest the certification of the fraudulent election. This mayor needs to be arrested and hung, she would not have done this if Antifa or BLM had a so called peaceful protest. She would have allow them to burn the city down. So the Peaceful Protesters should tell the judge that they are members of Antifa or BLM, they will be released. This mayor is a disgrace and should be removed from office, after she is hung of course.


  17. The most hypocritical groups l know, msm and establishment politicans! We are a free country and we will stay a free country come hell or high water. I want pelosi and her sycophants to go… wanting ain’t getting sadly! I don’t want President Trump to go before he finishes his duly earned second term. Remember, in time these people will be gone but their policies will be left for us to still deal with!

    1. The most hypocritical groups l know, msm and establishment politicans! We are a free country and we will stay a free country come hell or high water. I want pelosi and her sycophants to go… wanting ain’t getting sadly! I don’t want President Trump to go before he finishes his duly earned second term. Remember, in time these people will be gone but their policies will be left for us to still deal with!

  18. 74 million of us need to ask Trump, what do we need to do to save this country, while he’s still President?
    ANTIFA was the ones responsible for what happened, at the Capital.
    They broke in, wearing Trump clothing, because that’s what they were paid to do!
    Plus they were promised free lawyers, if they should caught, just like in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, LA, and NY City, so they could go Riot, Loot and Steal some more!

    In the 2022 or 2024 elections, it will be to late, to save this country!
    The Pelosi, and the Squad Dems will have already destroyed everything it took working Americans, like my great great grandparents, and your great great grandparents, to build!

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