May 22, 2022

Democrat calls on White House to do more to fix gas price crisis

Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ) said on Thursday while speaking to reporters that he doesn’t believe the White House is doing enough to stem the tide of rising gas prices nationwide. 

According to a report in Breitbart News, Kelly stated that he has sent a letter to the White House, urging them to deal with the crippling problem: 

Kelly said, “I sent a letter to the White House just yesterday to ask the White House to address the rising cost of gasoline across the country, and there [are] things that they can do.”

When asked by CNN Chief Congressional Correspondent Manu Raju, “Are they not doing enough?”

According to a report in US News and World Report, the gas prices seen across the nation are only rising and the president has made some moves, including calling on the Federal Trade Commission to look into possible illegal conduct. 

In his Wednesday letter to Lina Khan, chair of the FTC, Biden called her attention to “mounting evidence of anti-consumer behavior by oil and gas companies.”

“The bottom line is this: gasoline prices at the pump remain high, even though oil and gas companies’ costs are declining,” Biden wrote.

“The Federal Trade Commission has the authority to consider whether illegal conduct is costing families at the pump. I believe you should do so immediately.”

The commission staff seems to have been given somewhat of a token responsibility to fix the problem, according to USNWR’s article where they stated that commission staffers were directed by Khan to strengthen oversight. 

Thus far there seems to be no indication that the White House is taking responsibility for their trade decisions and the shutdown of domestic oil production. 

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