August 12, 2022

Democrat calls to cancel presidential debates are rising

Predictably, the Democrat establishment has decided to kick off a campaign to end the practice of presidential debates in order to keep Joe Biden off the debate stage. Everyone should have seen this coming because everyone knows that Biden wouldn’t last one round with President Trump — and he is currently slated for three debates ahead of the election.

So, the media wing of the Democrat party is now sending up test balloons or arguments to get Biden off the hook, so to speak. Joe Lockhart, a spokesperson for former President Bill Clinton, urged Biden not to debate Trump on CNN because the Washington Post says Trump makes false statements.

Whatever you do, don’t debate Trump. Trump has made more than 20,000 misleading or false statements according to the Washington Post. It’s a fool’s errand to enter the ring with someone who can’t follow the rules or the truth. Biden will undoubtedly take heat from Republicans and the media for skipping the debates. But it’s worth the risk as trying to debate someone incapable of telling the truth is an impossible contest to win.

Apparently, Elizabeth Drew of the New York Times thought Lockhart’s argument was weak and she floated her own test balloon, calling for the abolition of presidential debates altogether. In an opinion piece titled Let’s Scrap the Presidential Debates published on Monday, Drew argued:

The debates have never made sense as a test for presidential leadership. In fact, one could argue that they reward precisely the opposite of what we want in a president. When we were serious about the presidency, we wanted intelligence, thoughtfulness, knowledge, empathy and, to be sure, likability. It should also go without saying, dignity. Yet the debates play an outsize role in campaigns and weigh more heavily on the verdict than their true value deserves.

Alex Shephard of the far-left  The New Republic argued along the same lines:

 The truth is that the debates have long since stopped serving the needs of voters and instead only exist to benefit television networks and cable news, in particular.

Drew and Shephard are lamenting the effects from which, the left, until now, has so greatly benefited. Cable TV news, of which the debates are a part. CNN, MSNBC, FOX and others run the debates, the same debates that helped their beloved President Obama win in 2008 and 2012. Even their fallen hero, Hillary Clinton, a formidable debater, earned her bona fides as she gave as good as she got. Debates are good when Democrats win them.

But it’s an undeniable fact at this point that Biden won’t do well against President Trump and so Democrats must try to provide a way to avoid certain disaster for him. Drew, Lockhart, and the DNC know that even one presidential debate will likely be catastrophic for the Biden campaign and will lead to another four years of Trump — a fate worse than death in their world.

If Biden can’t debate then he shouldn’t run for president. Watch for an increasing number of arguments and opinion pieces on why there shouldn’t be any presidential debates this fall.

Do you think presidential debates are important? Scroll down and tell us what you think.

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Robert W (@guest_1031687)
2 years ago


paw paw (@guest_1032797)
Reply to  Robert W
2 years ago


Joanne (@guest_1032969)
Reply to  Robert W
2 years ago

I agree. Debates are important they show a lot about the persons running for our White House before you make a decision on who to vote for.

Dennis O'Malley (@guest_1031690)
2 years ago

Well said Gary! The only entities we can trust less than the Democrats and their minions (the mainstream press) are the Chinese Communist Party and the Russian government.

P Hudson (@guest_1031695)
2 years ago

If Biden can’t do a debate, then he should not run for President. I’ve never seen an election like this one is going to be. He should not have run in the first place. What the hell is wrong with his wife and family for even letting him get involved. He’s out to lunch and has no idea of what’s going on.

ILoveEzell (@guest_1031698)
Reply to  P Hudson
2 years ago

I agree. It’s elder abuse. Maybe someone is getting paid lots of money to keep the puppet dancing. Plus, the New York Times people are idiots.

Esther (@guest_1031787)
Reply to  P Hudson
2 years ago

I can’t think understand why everybody treats him like he was a precious doll. He’s a fool and everyone knows it. If he is in the basement because of COVID 19 what is he going to do if it’s still around after the election? Is he planning to govern from his basement. Will foreign leaders have to meet him in his basement. Think how stupid his whole campaign has been. He’s a fool with a head full of mush. I think he arrogant enough to insist on debating. I hope. Nothing I’d like to see than Trump chew him up.

Troy Hardesty (@guest_1031699)
2 years ago

Americans deserve to see debates or then we can claim it is not valid . Demoncrats trying to steal and cheat for a win! B.S.

Roberta King (@guest_1031703)
2 years ago

First they send out millions of mail in ballots including to cats that have been dead for years and now no debates?! This president has done more for the PEOPLE of this country than the last four or five presidents put together. THAT is what the left is afraid of! One would think that even some of the smarter democrats might even be able to figure this out.

Daniel Jewell (@guest_1031706)
2 years ago

Democrats are aware that putting a man in Biden’s shape AKA a puppet is hard to pull the Strings with everybody watching. So they want to hide him in a room,where we can’t see them pulling the strings. They must really think that US the people are really really stupid.

old biker (@guest_1031707)
2 years ago


Gina (@guest_1031749)
Reply to  old biker
2 years ago

Need the debates we want to hear what Biden has to say to the public and face up to Trump. If he can’t don’t then he can’t be a good candidate for President. Can’t change all the rules to please one party. Its been this way a long time so they need a debate.. Let the chips fall where hey may. Why should Biden do the debate. In person .

Brenda (@guest_1031712)
2 years ago

Vote for Trump he is supporting our American Ideas and way of life. Biden is just a Democrats Puppet. Again No Debate No Votes.

John (@guest_1031720)
2 years ago

Let the Debates begin! Demonrats lie and cheat all the time. How do you think they all got voted into office this last time around. Yes they cheated just as they always do I am so glad I am not a demonrat no more I seen how they do us wrong they are all tyrants that should be hung for their high crimes of treason. TRUMP 2020 ALL THE WAY KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

southern proud (@guest_1031722)
2 years ago

if the American people cannot see the mental condition of one of their two choices for President of this great land, how do we know the individual is capable of cognitive actions? if he can’t debate, how in the h— is he going to be lucid enough to govern this great nation and keep her safe? the people should demand dementia Joe debate, or offer someone who is capable of forming a thought and putting it into a sentence. the silent majority needs to find its voice and declare this fiasco over. as the saying goes, s— or get off the pot. the demon rats are counting on us to remain silent and go along with whatever they shovel out. time for those of us who have a pair to act like it. we need to stop this mail in voting unless the person asks for an absentee ballot. then check signature, and if possible, require all to have a fingerprint on file for comparison. saw an article that some California men were sentenced to prison for paying Los Angeles street people for their signature on mail in ballots for the 2016 election. if they did that then, imagine what they are doing now??? google it for verification. vote red in November. MAGA. KAG.. VOTE TRUMP…..

chief1937 (@guest_1031725)
2 years ago

Debates good or bad at least gives the public an idea of how a candidate will react under pressure. It is evident democrats do not want their candidate on the stage under pressure. So the question is if Biden is incapable of debating Trump Do we want him holding the FOOTBALL as it is called. The controls to our nuclear weapons? That my friends is a serious question we should ask ourselves before considering him for the leader of our country. If Democrats are that afraid of Biden’s abilities they should throw in the towel and go home instead of placing him in a position to fail himself and us also. As for the claim of lieing that is not limited to either party blaming Trump then doing the same oneself isn’t cool.

Micala (@guest_1031734)
Reply to  chief1937
2 years ago

I believe Biden is the Trojan Horse for the Democrats. Once he is in office, his “PuppetMaster” will be running the show. Who could that be? Obama? Clinton? Soros? Who?
Biden was never meant to actually lead our country. He was just to get a Democrat in the Presidency, but Biden wouldn’t be running our Nation. That job would be up to the person behind the curtain.

The Dems will do anything to get President Trump out of the W.H., including lying, manipulating, bribing, etc., even putting a man in our a Presidency that is completely incapable of performing any Presidential duties. Again, the Democrat Party has lost it, gone over the edge, etc. and it has shown Americans these past COVID months across the U.S. how very incapable they really are of making good choices, following through with curbing violence and destruction, and RESPECTING OUR U.S. CONSTITUTION AND FLAG. These are people we DO NOT WANT IN ANY FEDERAL GOVT POSITION, NOT NOW NOR EVER! Vote out Dems in November! And know who your enemy is — the Democrat Party and BiddyBoy!

Gina (@guest_1031751)
Reply to  Micala
2 years ago


Esther (@guest_1031796)
Reply to  Micala
2 years ago

I so agree!!

Loudean (@guest_1031728)
2 years ago

Let the debates begin. Democrats know how smart President Trump is and he would put Biden to shame.
Yes we need the debates

Micala (@guest_1031731)
2 years ago

The Presidential Debates are crucial because the American Public needs to see how well a Presidential candidate can articulate a discussion. AND HERE IS WHERE THE DEMOCRATS ARE SCRAMBLING TO END THESE DEBATES. WHY? Because “old Biddy Biden” will trip over his tongue, possibly drool and utter complete nonsense as a reply. Then “every American” watching the debates will know for sure that Biden isn’t even close to Presidential material, perhaps custodian of the White House latrine, but NEVER PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!

And this is where this gets really worrisome. If the democrats already know BiddyBoy is senile and dementia ridden, why would they keep pushing his election to put him in the highest position in our nation? He is completely incapable of conducting a decent discussion with anyone. How could he communicate to those leaders of the world without making the U.S. look weak and incapable?

But Dems don’t care how our Country looks, as long as they can remove P.T. from power so they can open our borders, bend over to our enemies and remove every American’s FREEDOMS! THAT is why we Americans must demand there be debates, no matter what! Three to start, but after the first, BiddyBoy will have shown the World he is incapable of running anything except a garbage disposal. End of debates. End of BiddyBoy’s campaign. End of Democrat’s dream of destroying our Nation. Sounds like the perfect ending to me!

Sandy Padlo (@guest_1031745)
2 years ago

We don’t personally know anyone running for office. The debates give us a good idea of their character and what they stand for as well become familiar with their face. The debates definitely should continue. Two men can debate on the same stage very well even with “social distancing”.

Barbara Charis (@guest_1031775)
2 years ago

The Democrats are using Joe Biden as a figurehead-puppet…to slip in a radical Vice-President who would take America down. Focus should be on the Democrat choice of Vice President. Biden himself said that on his first day in office he would turn over the job of presidency to his Vice-President.
Most of his potential choices thus far, have even more radical Democrat agendas than any sensible American would want; like turning America into a Third Word Country.
Biden wont last, but his Vice President will. Voting for Biden would guarantee “changes” that the majority of Americans would have voted against. Many Americans are waking up to what is happening in America. The Democrat-run States and members of Congress like Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, etc. encourage anarchy. Doing nothing to stop the carnage, but have their hands out for all taxpayers to pay for it. These rabble-rousing, mentally-challenged, political “sickos” can’t bring back all the lives that have been lost, because of these “peaceful” protestors. I hope everyone will remember this, when it’s time to vote.

Robert Bates (@guest_1031785)
2 years ago

Yes the debates should go on, then we can really see if Joe Biden has what it takes to be president, from what I have seen so far he does not.

kathleen batchelor (@guest_1031786)
2 years ago


Elias Ramos (@guest_1031804)
2 years ago

Here is the demon rat plan:
1. Do everything possible to get that old, dimentia ridden crook into the Whitehouse. Even if it means breaking the law (and they have broken many).
2. Once he’s in, then boom, he’ll be removed via the 25th ammendment and install their VP to continue their agenda of corruption and destruction of our Country. I still think these commies will find a way to get their Jezebel/Hillary inserted into the mix.

Ernest S Fenner (@guest_1031821)
2 years ago

Presidential debates are a must so the American people can see and listen to both candidates, so as to make up our mind without interference from the media. But never forget after each debate the main stream media will always be out to destroy President Trump and the American people and this Great Country.

Michael Cone (@guest_1031824)
2 years ago

He’s an empty hat.

Wayne (@guest_1031832)
2 years ago

If he isn’t able to debate, he doesn’t have what is needed to run this country. Hey Joe, maybe Venezuela will take you.

Mike Siegfried (@guest_1031843)
2 years ago

Schedule the debates if Biden is a no show it will just make the demorats look like the pos they are

FrankAboutIt (@guest_1031845)
2 years ago

Anyone who would vote for someone for the Top Job in the United States; perhaps, the World, who spends the year leading up to the Election hiding in his basement, is a full fledged moron !
All anyone is seeing of Biden are Studio Produced Videos, enhanced, touched-up, edited, scripted, phony representations of the candidate. Who knows if he’s even alive and these videos were produced at an earlier time. And who knows what his position on issues might presently be.
There is absolutely NO sensible, intelligent reason why Biden can’t participate in debates with President Trump.

Skovgaard (@guest_1031847)
2 years ago

If you won’t debate your opponent, you will fail to be able to negotiate with the enemies of the United States. That will lead to the destruction of our country.

Gordon Deitz (@guest_1031850)
2 years ago

The Dems know BIDEN will make a fool of himself and the DNC.
This is all they got and everything to loose.

Bernadette Frank (@guest_1031860)
2 years ago

Biden is a looser. He is a sick man. The Dems are using him to get into the white house. People wake up. The Dems don’t care about you. They are power hungry. There should be a debate. Than the people will see how he is not worthy to lead our great country.

Ron Smith (@guest_1031862)
2 years ago

Hopefully, all the weak-kneed, and the traitorous, Republicans and RINO’S will not join the Dems to try and cancel the debates. Time for them to grow a spine and stand up for the party they chose.

Marie Castillo (@guest_1032061)
Reply to  Ron Smith
2 years ago

I agree!

Wyatt Earp (@guest_1031871)
2 years ago

Debate has been part of the president elect for years! So why now do the Democrat party want to stop it? Is it because they don’t have any candidate who qualify for the seat? Hope they didn’t forget THE CHEATING THEY DID DURING OBAMA FIRST RUN. AND SECOND! Rule are not supposed to be broken! But only the DEMOCRAT will break them. With the help of the MAINSTREAM MEDIA LYING!

Marie Castillo (@guest_1032060)
2 years ago

Debates should go on!! Americans should hear and see what each candidate has to offer. I can’t believe the accusations that Democrats implore that Biden is a saint of not lying or even practicing plagiarism 🤦‍♀️. Every American should see the demise of their elected DNC candidate… I pray it’s truly dementia and not a pathetic act to stay out of PRISON!!!

Alan Dale Rhoads (@guest_1032182)
2 years ago

I think that everyone of us, instead of commenting here in, send at least one letter or email to one of the main stream media outlets (CBS, MSNBC, ABC, CNN, etc.). Let’s fill up their emailboxes. We demand that Biden debate live on TV this fall. If the debates go on, it will be the first time that I will watch any of the shows on TV in the past two years.

Lisa Collette (@guest_1032707)
2 years ago

I believe that the debates are very important. I feel that they should be happening in the fall. And the real reason their not is because Mr Biden isn’t capable of going up against President Trump.



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